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Illuminati Research Progress Status

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Illuminati Research Progress Status

illuminati research As I mentioned in my earlier post on the authentic history of the Illuminati , my goal is to start a new thread of research beginning with the earliest, documented origins of the real Illuminati, and then trace those historic clues through time and space in order to locate and identify the true Illuminati today.

The goal here is twofold and very important. Throughout the years, shoddy research and mentally ill researchers have muddied the waters so much that there is very little about the Illuminati that’s based in any sort of reality.

These researchers have filled in the blanks with their own imagination and turned the secret society into some sort of finely tuned, well organized global political and occult powerhouse that controls all of the worlds finacial and government institutions of power. That’s the myth and the legend. Somewhere in there – there is a true story.

The Historic Clues About the Illuminati

In my post about the historic origins (please read that early history linked above), we can confirm through historical records and documents that all of the following facts are true.

->Adam Weishaupt, a Bolivian professor, read ancient texts which led him to an interest into the occult. He believed that through the occult, the human race could elevate to a greater awareness. This began the start of his secret society of students at the University of Ingolstadt allegedly on May 1, 1776. This is a rumored date repeated by many "researchers." I will work on confirming that date with credible sources. If you know of a good source, please contact me .

illuminati research

-> The name of this order, made of professor and students, was "The Order of Perfectibilisen"

-> Adam’s fascination with the Pyramid of Giza led to the use of the Pyramid as the Illuminati symbol.

-> The goals of the early Bavarian Illluminati were (1) abolish all government, (2) Abolish private property or private ownership, (3) Abolish all forms of nationalism, (4) Abolish all religion, (5) Abolish the Institution of marriage and (6) Institute a system where the community educates the children.

-> This early Illuminati system was based on Occult beliefs that say that "good" and "evil" do not actually exist, but that if the outcome is positive then the deed was what people might call "good". Essentially, the ends justify the means.

-> The first Illuminati order in the U.S. was the Columbian Lodge in NYC.

-> By 1780, the Order of the Illuminati was global, and then in 1784, the early structure split as leaders struggled for power. Baron Von Knigge, who merged Freemasonry with Illuminati quit the Illuminati. German political activities and Baron Von Knigge’s direction did not merge with the original Illuminati principles, particularly the anti-nationalist rule. Therefore, a new "Illuminati" branch started in Germany in 1784.

-> In 1784, betrayed by followers, Adam was forced to live in exile with a friend named Dr. Schwartz

-> 1784 marked the first split of the Illuminati power structure (the top of the Pyramid). Now, one in Germany and one in Bolivia.

-> Dr. Schwartz eventually helped to found the Illuminati movement in Moscow.

-> Adam joined with Jean-Baptiste Willermoz where the French Illuminati movement influenced the French Revolution.

This gives us four early Illuminati power structures to follow, founded and operated by four distinct leaders and very likely leading to four distinct global power structures that, today, probably compete. This is speculation – because right now all we know as "fact" is that these four "pyramids" of the Illuminati existed by 1800, or at least by 1830 when Adam died.

Moving Forward

The path of this investigation is now to track down documentation from each of those four early branches and follow the history of those activities. Regardless how "secret" a human society considers itself – its activities always leave a trail of litter, disagreement and discontent throughout the landscape. We will follow this trail through the shadows of today’s myth and legends in order to discover the truth about the order of the Illuminati.

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  • Anonymous

    Hi Terry – Yes, I’d be more than willing to offer sources (actually, I should have listed them in this article). I will do that, but I would be very interested in your own documents and elaboration. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Terry – Yes, I’d be more than willing to offer sources (actually, I should have listed them in this article). I will do that when I have a bit more time, but meanwhile I would be very interested in your own documents and elaboration. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Terry – that is just amazing/impressive background. I didn’t realize you were an author on the subject – wonderful! Much of what I’d found in my preliminary research (a term I use loosely because it consisted of two historians) did not match what you’ve listed here. With that said, I’m now fascinated and *very* interested in reading your book. I’d love to follow your 4 years of research!

  • Glad you appreciate the material. I saw that you were interested in the topic, having written a couple of articles already, and I had to comment.

    The book is really intended for someone like you in the first place, who is already familiar with the topic and wants to get to the bottom of the real history (and is sick and tired of the endless contradictions and myths on the internet). I have described it to people before as the “everything you ever wanted to know about the Illuminati but didn’t that the information even existed” book.

  • S3rgi865

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    Bay Sergio Morando.

  • Chad Cogdill

    Do you have an email i could possible contact you at i am VERY interested in the topic of the illuminati but am just getting into it. I dont expect a reply but id like to devote alot of time and effort into this. its been 3 weeks of straight reading and i find your information most beneficial than any other ive found, Terry seems to be innactive as of now but if he reads this id love his email as well. Thank you for your time.

  • Josh

    This is all good, but I want to know, do they still exist or are they just a spec of dust that failed to succeed

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