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The WikiLeaks Secret Iraq War Records

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The WikiLeaks Secret Iraq War Records

wiki leaksIf you might ask what the single most fearful thing U.S. military intelligence fears, it’s a massive leak from the inside and no way to prevent the release of hundreds of thousands of pages of classified information to the public.

That intelligence nightmare is about to come true as Wiki-Leaks plans to release 392,000 classified documents covering U.S. military actions in Iraq. The last release of about 90,000 documents concerning Afghanistan war actions from 2004 through 2010 led to the arrest of Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, a U.S. Army Intelligence Analyst.

The Fallout of the Release

The true effects of the first release of documents likely won’t be felt until foreign intelligence operatives scour through the released documents and use the information to alter military plans. Meanwhile, expect U.S. intelligence to respond accordingly in an effort to reduce the damage caused by the release of information by altering plans and even utilizing the released information in a way that may serve as a valuable counter-intelligence move.

wiki leaks

Military intelligence likely knows exactly what documents are being disclosed, including the nearly 400,000 documents planned for release in October related to Iraq. While the release of any strategic information related to any future military actions by the U.S. would surely cause significant damage, it’s much more likely that the released documents will only serve as a more thorough historic accounting of events during the conflict over the last six years.

How Much Released Information is Too Much?

If you’ve read our past articles on American Civil War Intelligence and the part that intelligence played in the outcome of the war, then you know that it’s the position of Top Secret Writers that proper handling of secrets is critical during any military conflict. The enemy needs to remain oblivious to your plans, and you need to obtain access to your enemies plans. That’s the bottom line.

On the other hand, we value open access to information related to our government agencies and to the historic actions of our government and our military. Obama’s efforts in removing some of the veil of secrecy that U.S. Intelligence Agencies are so entrenched in is a commendable thing.

However, any action by a reporter, investigator or researcher that provides foreign intelligence operatives with insight into the nation’s ongoing war-planning efforts or strategic direction is, without a doubt, a significant threat to national security. Unfortunately, the recent release of a chat between WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and Domscheit-Berg, a key member of the Wiki-Leaks staff, reveals that Julian’s efforts may now be more driven by ego and power than by the desire to do what is right. Some members of the Wiki-Leaks team are starting to jump ship.

The following is an especially revealing segment from that chat:

Domscheit-Berg: stop shooting at messengers

Assange: I?ve had it.

Domscheit-Berg: likewise, and that doesnt go just for me

Assange: If you do not answer the question, you will be removed.

Domscheit-Berg: you are not anyones king or god

Domscheit-Berg: and you?re not even fulfilling your role as a leader right now

Domscheit-Berg: a leader communicates and cultivates trust in himself

Domscheit-Berg: you are doing the exact opposite

Domscheit-Berg: you behave like some kind of emporer or slave trader

Assange: You are suspended for one month, effective immediately.

Domscheit-Berg: haha

Domscheit-Berg: right

Domscheit-Berg: because of what?

Domscheit-Berg: and who even says that?

Domscheit-Berg: you? another adhoc decision?

Assange: If you wish to appeal, you will be heard on Tuesday.

Released Transcripts Provide the IC With Dangerous Insight

The United States intelligence community is a force to be reckoned with. If they can identify any weakness within the Wiki-Leaks organization, you can be certain that they will exploit that weakness to the fullest extent. Unfortunately, Julian’s demeanor in this chat reveals a sense of panic and paranoia. Apparent leaks from the inside of any organization cause a psychological reaction among the leadership.

Additionally, the owner of a website called “Wiki-Leaks” attacking his staff for “leaking” internal information is a bit ironic. It also reveals that the motives of the organization may not simply be opening up access of information to the public, but potentially something far more sinister directed toward attacking and disrupting the military and intelligence efforts of the United States.

While the opening of the Wiki-Leaks story had a David-and-Goliath feel to it, with Wiki-Leaks facing off against the big, bad U.S. IC community, as more information comes out about Julian Assange and his growing ego and power-hungry approach within the organization, the picture is changing. The U.S. intelligence community may not be the “bad guy” after all.

Either way – brace yourselves for the release of the Iraq documents this month.

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“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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