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A Brief History of the CIA

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A Brief History of the CIA

ciahqThe Central Intelligence agency (CIA) was created in 1947 as a result of the National Security Act signed into law by President Harry Truman. The CIA is a civilian intelligence agency responsible for intelligence on matters of national security.

However, the intelligence gathered by this civilian agency is predominately used by our nation?s military. The CIA also performs covert operations under the authority of the president. Due to these covert operations, the CIA has always been a favorite subject for conspiracy theorists.

The CIA actually evolved from a similar government organization known as the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). The OSS was actually created during World War II to conduct various types of spy missions behind enemy lines.

office of strategic services

The OSS was established by a Presidential military order issued by President Roosevelt on June, 13,1942. The organization was responsible for the collection and analyzation of strategic information that was required by the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The OSS was also responsible for conducting “special operations” that were not normally assigned to other agencies. Though the OSS supplied similar information during WWII as the CIA does today, the OSS never had jurisdiction over all foreign intelligence activities. It was not until the inception of the CIA that jurisdiction existed.

The CIA describes its present day function as:

“The function of the Central Intelligence Agency is to assist the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency in carrying out the responsibilities outlined above.

To accomplish its mission, the CIA engages in research, development, and deployment of high-leverage technology for intelligence purposes. As a separate agency, CIA serves as an independent source of analysis on topics of concern and also works closely with the other organizations in the Intelligence Community to ensure that the intelligence consumer?whether Washington policymaker or battlefield commander?receives the best intelligence possible.”

Therefore, as long as there is war or even the threat of war, our country will always utilize the services of the Central Intelligence Agency or some other intelligence gathering organization. In this age of information, the ability to gather intelligence could be the deciding factor in whether a war is won or lost.

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