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DOE Documents Reveal Radiation Human Experiments

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DOE Documents Reveal Radiation Human Experiments

human radiation experimentsThe DOE Openness Project was established in March of 1994 to tell the public the complete, documented story behind human radiation experimentation from the 1940s and throughout the Cold War.

I should warn you that if you are unaware that the U.S. government took part in these activities, the following information may be very disturbing.

The hypocrisy of this story is that at the time the United States was conducting radiological and biological experimentation on unwitting humans, German and Japanese medical scientists were facing the Nuremberg trials for the unethical experiments performed on Jews and others.

The following list details some of the human radiation experiments conducted by the U.S. Government from 1940 through the 1970s, until the social climate changed and government scientists were forced to re-think their research methods and strategies, or be faced with being labeled as the same sort of criminals as the German or Japanese scientists.

human radiation experiments

Department of Energy Radiation Experiments

The following list represent only a very small sampling of the unethical (yet socially accepted at the time) experimentation on human subjects, many of whom had no idea the true extent or nature of the procedures being performed on them.

One example took place in 1964, when prison inmates that volunteered for a vasectomy were intentionally exposed to radiation.

A Nuclear Vasectomy

In 1964, Dr. Carl Heller received $1.12 million worth of grants from the Atomic Energy Commission over ten years to study the “effect of ionizing radiation on the human body.” Specifically, the experiments were to determine the effects of radiation on male reproductive function.

According to witness statements, NASA was interested in the results as related to radiation effects upon Astronauts in space.

Subjects were male prison inmates from Oregon State Penitentiary who had agreed to a vasectomy, but many were unaware that such an agreement was also an agreement to become a subject of these experiments.

Upon deposition in 1976, Dr. Heller admitted that he wasn’t forthright with subjects about the strong possibility that exposures might cause cancer, instead telling him the chances were “one chance in a million” and referring to the side effect as “tumor” rather than cancer.

Inmates were paid $25 for each biopsy performed and a “bonus” of $25 after the vasectomy at the end of the study.

Other Prison Human Guinea Pigs

The following cases are a few more examples of the volumes of experiments that took place from 1940 through 1975.

-> In the 1960s, about 10 prisoners at a Utah prison had blood extracted, irradiated and then re-injected. Inmates reported, “They told us nothing about the tests. They just said it wouldn’t bother us.”
->In the 1950s, the Army sponsored experiments at the Medical College of Virginia where radioactive tracers were used in State Penitentiary inmates to study red blood cell life cycle.
-> During the 1960s, Colorado State Penitentiary “volunteers” were infused with red blood cells that contained either radioactive iron or radioactive phosphorus in order to test red blood cell survival and characteristics.

Throughout the same time period, the U.S. government approved and sponsored related “prison volunteer” experiments at the following prisons.

-> Holmesburg State Prison in Pennsylvania
-> Oklahoma State Penitentiary
-> Stateville Prison in Illinois
-> San Quentin in California

It wasn’t until the infamous Tuskegee syphilis study was revealed in the media in 1972 when public sentiment toward prisoner experimentation took a nose dive.

However, the fact that such experimentation escalated primarily in the United States immediately following the end of WWII in 1946 is significant.

The 1946 Nuremberg Medical Trial delivered seven death sentences to Nazi scientists that conducted “murders, tortures and other atrocities committed in the name of medical science.”

Given the actions of U.S. scientists in the 1940s and 1950s, as revealed in these declassified documents, can you really be certain that U.S. scientists were not also guilty of human rights abuses?

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“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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