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Holocaust Documents Reveal German Hero and a Coverup

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Holocaust Documents Reveal German Hero and a Coverup

Fritz KolbeDue to a recent changes in the declassification of older Top Secret classified records, thousands of records related to intelligence from the OSS and other military groups in Germany are now finally being released to the public.

One of the most significant Secret declassified documents reveals that in 1943, the OSS discovered that the Germans were taking 8,000 Jews out of Rome “to be liquidated.”

The Heroic Espionage of Fritz Kolbe

The records also finally reveal more of the story behind a famous German Foreign Office informant named Fritz Kolbe. Fritz and his covert “Inner Circle” actually represent a group of top German insiders that represented the “good guys” who did not agree with the political policies or the domestic actions of the Hitler and his government.

During the war, Kolbe’s code name was “George Wood.” From 1944 through 1945, he would transport hundreds of sensitive documents and information from the German Foreign Office to the OSS in Switzerland. Much of the intelligence documents recently released only landed into the hands of the OSS thanks to bravery and efforts of Fritz and his small ring of anti-Nazi insiders.

Fritz Kolbe

In his debriefing after the war, Kolbe revealed to the OSS that he had twenty German insiders working with him, including Schreiber, the head of the Catholic Ottobeuern monastery at the time, as well as additional German resistance heros Fraeulein von Heimerdinger, Dumont and Pohle (full names not revealed in the docs). Most researchers expect to learn more about the history of these men and this inner group as more documents get declassified.

The Order to Liquidate 8,000 Jews

On October 6th, 1943, Kappler received orders from Kaltenbrunner that were eventually handed over to the OSS. This order surfaced in this recent release of documents, and is shown here.

Fritz Kolbe

The shocking document reads as follows (in part):

“Orders have been received from Berlin by xx Kappler to seize and to take to Northern Italy the 8,000 Jews living in Rome. They are to be liquidated.”

One German official suggests that instead the Jews should be used to work on fortifications. However, Kaltenbrunner would not hear of it, and at 9 a.m. on October 18th, over 1000 Jews were shipped by train to Auschwitz.

Wernher Von Braun’s File Conspicuously Empty

Aside from the many files that do exist in the latest batch of released historical documents, including countless records that detail the actions of U.S. officials immediately following the war to shelter Nazi scientists and gain access to German research, what is most revealing is the lack of any of the records regarding one of the more famous former Nazi scientists by the name of Wernher Von Braun.

Record Group 330 from the Office of the Secretary of Defense provides a great deal of information on over 1,000 German scientists and engineers brought into the U.S. under Project Paperclip and other operations. Most of these scientists conducted research for Germany on rocket technologies (such as the V-2 rocket or terrible medical experimentation).

However, these were mostly terrible scientists that did not deserve the protection that U.S. Intelligence provided them. For example, as late as 1984, the Department of Justice discovered that former German engineer Arthur Rudolph, one of those brought over to the U.S. and sheltered, had played a role in murdering Jewish prisoners at Nordhausen.

National Archives researchers did notice the missing dossier, and commented on it by writing, “Not included among the dossiers is one for rocket scientist Wernher von Braun. It was never transferred to NARA.”

Von Braun’s name is one of conspiracy theory legend and he is celebrated among some circles as some sort of national hero, but as with most elaborate legends and myths, there’s often an element of truth that is far more terrible and shocking than the myths and rumors could ever be. Could it be that the story of Wernher Von Braun is one that is too humiliating and damaging to the credibility, or even the morality of not only Von Braun but also U.S. Intelligence? Could it be a story so terrible that even half a century later they refuse to tell the American people the truth?

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“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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