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Signs of Foreign Intel in Canadian Government

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Signs of Foreign Intel in Canadian Government

canadian security intelligence serviceEarlier in the year, according to The Star, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) caused a stir when the head of the agency implied that more than one cabinet minister along with several B.C. municipal politicians were acting as influential agents for foreign entities.

Even though CSIS head Richard Fadden did not necessarily name any names, he did seem to imply that one of these foreign entities might be China.

Fadden’s comments did not just cause a stir, but they also sparked several investigations into the matter. Fadden himself was apparently grilled for hours about the evidence that led to these comments voiced in his July 2010 speech.

These investigations have been going on for months and the Canadian government released a statement on their findings. It’s very similar to statements heard in fender benders around the country; Move along folks nothing to see here!

canadian security intelligence service

According to officials, the recent investigations reveal that there was no real substance to the claims. When asked, most officials simply have the same answer or one similar to, “We assume the matter closed and any further questions should go to the CSIS.” This is not the answer neither many officials nor the general public is looking for.

The press, as on can imagine, is already asking questions.

Were the allegations of foreign influence actually investigated and evidence proved them false? Were the comments just a slip of the tongue and no allegations were ever present? Does the federal government even take such allegations seriously?

If there is nothing to it, then why did Fadden bring it up in the first place? Will Fadden be reprimanded? These questions and many others are simply answered with, “I have nothing further to add.”

I am sure we have not heard the end of this story. This sort of hush-hush answer is perfect fodder for the press and conspiracy theorists alike.

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