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Grand Master Merrick and the Illuminati Order

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Grand Master Merrick and the Illuminati Order

illuminati orderIn the early days of when we founded this blog, I discovered an obscure website that touted itself as the home of the real Illuminati.

Since the publication of that article almost a year ago, I contacted the owner of that website and asked him if he’d be willing to entertain an interview so that we could better understand the goals and objectives of his group, as well as to get a better sense of whether the website – well designed or not – truly represents a connection to the Illuminati founded by Adam Weishaupt in the 1700’s.

As a parallel line of research, I’ve been tracing through the history of the true Bavarian Illuminati founded by Adam, and the splinter groups that formed years later after Adam was essentially exiled from Bavaria.

Making Contact With Grandmaster Merrick

Not too long after my initial contact email, I received a polite response from a man calling himself “Grandmaster Merrick.” Here was his response.

illuminati order

Ryan Dube,

Thank you for writing.

I apologize for taking so long to reply. We have been carefully considering your proposal.

I have seen your site. I like your honesty and reporting style.

I agree to be interviewed through email. However, please understand that even though I will be completely honest with you, I will not be completely open with you…but I will not intentionally mislead you, either. It is just that there are some things I will not reveal. For example, I will not divulge the names of any members. In other words, I will tell you the truth, but it might not be the whole truth. Is this agreeable to you?

Kind regards,

Grandmaster Merrick

Of course, having had interactions before with folks from the U.S. Intelligence community, I understood how the security game worked. However, this email essentially told me that I’m dealing with an underground group attempting to maintain some semblance of “security” through its own amateur intelligence infrastructure. Each email was sent utilizing the GnuPG Privacy Guard software for Mozilla.

Emails Reveal a Clue

GnuPG is a free Open PGP application for email privacy and security. The use of free open-source software hints that we’re dealing with tech-savvy folks, possibly hacker-types, that don’t have a lot of cash lying around. Ultimately the best security software applications on the market are expensive, and the use of GnuPG reveals more about the group than I suspect “Grandmaster Merrick” wanted to reveal.

I responded as follows.

Grandmaster Merrick,

Thank you for your response. I wasn’t expecting one – so I appreciate your openness and willingness to have a dialog. Yes – I try to report fairly and honestly in all matters, so I appreciate your kind words about the blog and that you’ve noticed that.

Yes – I completely understand about how you need to answer. I’ve interviewed folks before who hold secret or top secret clearances and many times they need to answer in much the same way – answering honestly but at times incompletely. It’s just the nature of this sort of thing. I understand that there is a certain degree of security and privacy you’re trying to maintain for your organization, and I can completely respect that.

I will do my best to try to frame my questions so that they don’t put you in that position.

Thanks again for your response – I will be in touch again in just a few days with a short list of questions via email. I will not overwhelm you with questions! In fact, I think you may enjoy answering them – I don’t plan to pull any punches.

I’ll be in touch again soon…and thanks again!

Best Regards,

With the hope that we might gain some insight about this underground group, I forged ahead, coming up with a list of both easy and difficult questions that would best provide readers with the most information. Basically – I asked questions that I believed readers of this blog would ask. After drafting nine questions and sending them off to Grandmaster Merrick, he responded as follows.

These questions are fine…not too many. In fact, they are very good questions.

Question #2 was somewhat surprising. Very few people know about the split after Weishaupt died. We refer to it as The Great Schism. You have done your homework.

It will take me a few days to respond in full. I am moving this weekend, so things are a little hectic right now. But I wanted to let you know that I received your questions and that I have to problem answering all of them.

I will write again soon.

Best regards,

Grandmaster Merrick

This was the last email I ever received from “Grandmaster Merrick.” Alas, I did not expect any answers, because the email above provided important clues that reveal our friend Merrick is not authentic Bavarian Illuminati.

The Smoking Gun

Take another look at his statement:

“Very few people know about the split after Weishaupt died. We refer to it as The Great Schism. You have done your homework.”

His statement was in response to this question:

“2. History does show that the early Illuminati Order was split by 1830 into Dr. Schwartch’s efforts in Moscow, Jean-Baptiste Willermoz and Adam’s group in France, and Baron von Knigge in Germany. Does your group associate its heritage with one of those particular historic branches of the early Illuminati, and if so which one?”

Do you see his mistake?

If you read my article that covered the early history of the Illuminati and the split-up of the organization he founded, you’ll see that the split occurred prior to Adam’s exile from Bavaria – and it further happened again (France & Moscow) upon Dr. Schwartch’s move to Moscow and Adam joining up with the group in France.

It did not occur after he died. In fact, it had nothing to do with his death.

In other words, Grandmaster Merrick doesn’t know anything about the original Illuminati.

More than likely his website, the “Illuminati-Order” is an Internet scam set up to collect email addresses of unwitting seekers who believe in the real Illuminati. What purpose harvesting these email addresses serves is not entirely clear. It could be to distribute cult propaganda, it could be to play a con against people to eventually get people to send them money, or it could simply be a collection of emails for sale to spammers. It’s impossible to say.

One thing I can conclude with almost perfect certainty is that the Illuminati-Order at that particular website is nothing of the sort. Meanwhile, I intend to return to my historical study to trace the true path of the real Illuminati through the ages – and cut through all of the madness and scam artists.

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  • Johnnywalkerblue42

    Thank You for this, you saved me from giving away my info. i too am interested in joining, but, by the sound of it, it is impossible to join unless you are related or have a harvard degree.

  • Anonymous

    Yes – and it seems that half of the problem is even finding which group has a legitimate connection to the real Bavarian Illuminati. Far too many groups are now claiming that they have that connection. Thankfully, I just met an author who conducted years of research tracing through those historic connections (a project I was thinking of taking on myself).

    I’m hoping to interview him and get his insight – maybe there’s hope yet for identifying the “real” group that holds authentic historic links. Stay tuned!

  • Mason

    The O.T.O. has a couple of degrees with the word illuminati in the title.

  • Jason

    Thanks Ryan. I’ve been checking out the site myself tonight and felt I should do a little more research. Glad I found your site!!

  • Oversight

    Or, if you have someone infiltrate the ranks, like me. Haha

  • let me know too. thank you.

  • Zodus

    Enjoyable read, would like read more of your views on the topic.

  • Anonymous

    If you know anything about Weishapt then we already have the details of how they took over the US economy, media, and branches of government.  They already have had control even though they don’t use that name.
    This is my first time to your site, so I haven’t read much yet, but Myron C. Fagan gave specifics.  Maybe you already have that, but just thought I d mention it.

  • Duivelsjoch2007

    there is no real illuminati on earth (yet)
    enlightenment itself makes intelligence share ALL INFORMATION!!!
    Sow the seeds of Knowledge and it will return to you with infinite growth
    sow the seeds of bullshit and it will return to you in great numbers.
    but truth grows infinitely ,bullshit does NOT!
    So ask any Real Illuminati ANYTHING and they will answer everything. (GOOD OR BAD)
    The real Illuminati need nothing from anyone.
    the Real Illuminati will get what they need by spreading their knowledge and not by keeping DATA from You!
    So , KNOWING that you will all now know that ANYBODY on earth keeping data for themselves is absolutely NOT!!! Illuminati.
    you see Real Knowledge can never be taken away.
    give it away for free and it comes back bigger than ever.
    Logic dictates that.
    So in other words You GROW by making others Grow.
    make others small and you will not grow.
    Does the fake Illuminati want to rule a world of MORONS?
    I would be embarrased unto eternity if i were to be remembered for being KING of the IDIOTS.
    I would be pleased if i were known to be leader of Highly intelligent species.
    But then again a REAL Illuminati would never seek leadership because No Being in existence anywhere in the known universe with INTELLIGENCE would ever in their right minds strive for leadership.
    Leadership and leaders ALWAYS!!! cause the downfall of the species.
    i hope you all have some intelligence left in you to grow into Highly evolved Intelligent Human species.
    as it stands right now your race is in the progress of Devolution by letting others think for you.
    How do you know that the thinkers of this earth are alive today or even maybe a computer program.

  • triplo

    your all soo fucking dumb its a trick in a trick dumbasses rappers are the real ones acting the part of a deadly famous thugs so everyone will want to follow in there foot steps but only to get caught in the web. the rappers dont even touch the web. Just like this  you are all falling like fools

  • Poisondarts

    Thank you for writing this. I definetly enjoyed reading it. But, there was only one thing about this that kind of bothered me.
    From my own personal research there are multiple groups that call themselves the Illuminati, as they do so believe that they have “enlightened” knowledge. By definition it is correct for them to call themselves this.
    But the Illuminati that everyone’s in a buzz about (the puppetteers behind the government that see all) are not even related to the Bavarian Illuminati. The original Bavarian Iluminati supposedly died fairly long ago. The modern day Illuminati really have no relation apart from name. Please correct me if i’m wrong on all of this, but this is just what my research and personal infrences left me with.

  • Zackclementd

    So, my grandfather is a freemason, I know not his rank or what have you, but I wish I could join. Do you have any idea how to join?

  • Foxx

    Could it possible that he said that and did the things he did, to throw you off for some reason?

  • TruthSeeker

    I was silly enough to apply on that site and had my email address hacked within a day or two from China I believe it was. So, yes, it is a scam x

  • Qterry

    Ryan Im not sure why this topic unrest me but this was a good read. Have you found out anything more?

  • Hi Qterry – Unfortunately, no. “Merrick” stopped answering emails, and everyone I know that attempts to sign up is only led along to a certain point until the subject of money comes up. It appears to be nothing more than a scam to get people to give up money.

  • Can’t wait to read anything new on the subject keep up good work ^.^

  • Hi Ryan, you may be very rite, coz my buddy happened to apply and somehow they are demanding him to pay for membership before he begins initiatory levels

  • dontworryaboutit

    check this out dumdumbass youtube illumi-corp

  • nate

    I wish you luck wisdom and strength as you search for the divine light the group is peaceful and i know once you see you will help keep the vow.

  • Ryan Hart

    not true it ia very possible to join if you meet the right people for help

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