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Historic FBI Letter Describes The Doors As Vulgar Trash

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Historic FBI Letter Describes The Doors As Vulgar Trash

jim morrisonFrom past articles, we know that the FBI has a long history of investigating writers, artists, and musicians of American mainstream pop culture. It seems as though that any attempt made by any entertainer to go against the societal norms of the times brought the FBI to their doorstep.

It did not matter if their subject matter was politics, sex or violence. This fact is definitely the case when the FBI was called upon to not only censor, but also to dissolve the band The Doors, and Jim Morrison in particular.

The Doors was an American rock band formed in 1965 in Los Angeles, California. They were among the most controversial rock bands of the 1960s. This was because of frontman, Jim Morrison’s, sometimes offensive lyrics coupled with his always unpredictable stage persona.

jim morrison

During the band’s hayday, self-proclaimed concern citizens began to write the FBI to prevent the band from “peddling such filth.” They had plenty of ammunition to use against The Doors. There were many instances of obscenity in their lyrics and at their concerts. One such instance happened in March 1969 at a Dade County, Florida concert. When the curtains were pulled back, Jim Morrison came out on stage, exposed himself to the crowd, and began to masturbate.

After the appearance, an arrest was attempted, but Jim Morrison and the rest of the band were out of town and on their way to the Caribbean. This was not the first time, nor was it the last time that The Doors had a run-in with local law enforcement. These various run-ins gained the attention of the FBI.

Though the various declassified documents that have been released do not go into too much detail on the investigation itself, it is obvious that it did not gain much ground. The band continued to perform through most of the 1960s and early 1970s. The band ultimately disbanded in 1973, a couple years after Jim Morrison’s death.

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  • Best Band Ever

    “Jim Morrison came out on stage, exposed himself to the crowd, and began to masturbate.” I dont think it should be written this way. Jim Morrison was accused to do that but most of people including me think thats just a prevarication.

    Because of that and some other ambiguitis i dont like this article.

  • Whether you agree with the way it is written or believe that the statemant is a perversion of the truth is irrelavant to the overall thesis of the article; which is that the FBI was investigatingThe Doors based on reports of lewd conduct and lyrics. Furthermore, the band did not help themselves by the way they behaved on and off stage. The sentence you do not agree with derived from the band’s FBI file at:

  • Navyride

    There’s no doubt the FBI had it in for the Doors. They wanted to make an example of them through the right wing society but for the record, a friend of mine was there at the Dinner Key and Jim did NOT expose himself at the concert at anytime.

“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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