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Six Recent Cases of Crime by Vampires

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Six Recent Cases of Crime by Vampires

vampire crimeAfter we published our take on the news story last week about runaway Shelby Ellis and how both her parents and the private investigator implied to the media that Shelby’s disappearance could be related to some sort of Vampire cult, the public outcry from the vampire community was immediate and loud.

There were several things that surprised me the most about the comments from self-described “vampires.” The first was the intelligence level.

I’ve been writing and blogging for many years, and the Internet and blogosphere is filled with flamers – commentators that seem to just scour the web for blog comment areas where they can attack writers and toss insults.

The concern from these “vampires” were intelligently laid out, sincere and straightforward, and most importantly they made sense.

Shelby Ellis ran away from home, and because her parents reported that the girl had an “obsession” with vampires and everything “dark”, that’s what the media reported. However, no one knew why she’d ran away from home, who lured her into running away (if she was lured at all), and of course whether her involvement in vampirism even had any part to play in the disappearance.

vampire crime

Now, the second thing that surprised me about the Internet comments from self-described vampires was the level of defensiveness. It is clear that this is a subculture that is accustomed to receiving scorn from media or frowned upon by the general public. The frustration about that social rejection was very apparent.

Cases of Violent Vampirism

To determine whether these social knee-jerk reactions toward vampirism are justified, I decided to take a closer look at the recent history of dangerous vampire groups around the world.

So without further ado, here are six examples of recent dangerous vampire groups in the news.

-> In 2009, a witness named Jessica wrote a piece for the “Girl Talk” section of Dolly Magazine, where she described meeting a boy named James (a.k.a. Corvus), who convinced her to run away from home. She writes:

“James seemed so wise and so sure of himself it was hard not to take his advice and believe his every word. He eventually convinced me to run away from home to be with him in Hobart. He paid for my flight down and my family didn’t know where I was for months.”

Once she unwittingly moved into the “vampire house” with James, Jessica was introduced to the subculture of vampirism, where members of James’ group would stay up all night, perform various ceremonies and even “regularly drink blood from each other.” She eventually escaped from her ordeal, but still bears scars on her arms from sharing her own blood.

-> In 2007, there were several media accounts of a young 15 year old girl in Springfield, Missouri named LaCallia Wiggins, who was lured into a group of vampires. Led by a 20 year old man, the group drank blood from each other’s wounds and performed “awakening” ceremonies at the local cemetery.

-> In 2003, the Guardian reported how 22 year old Allan Menzies murdered his lifelong friend Thomas McKendrick in order to become a vampire and earn immortality. He stabbed Thomas 42 times, and struck him with a hammer 10 times, before eating part of the head and sucking on the blood that was coming from a wound in Thomas’ neck.

Another case reported by the Guardian was the murder of Mabel Leyshon just a year earlier. Matthew Hardman, a self-proclaimed vampire on his own quest for immortality, stabbed Mabel 22 times and even removed her heart and placed it on a platter near her body.

The Guardian interviewed a forensic psychologist from Edinburgh named Ian Stephen, who stated:

“The cult of vampirism is to do with power and dominance, using blood to give you energy and immortality. If someone had ridiculed him, he may have needed to compensate for this – something like vampirism may have given him what he was looking for.”

-> In March of 2010, the German Herald reported a story about a 150 member “cult of blood drinkers” in Germany. According to the story, one of the members, a 39 year old computer technician named Rafael, was arrested for attacking a 15 year old boy in 2004 for the purpose of sucking his blood.

-> In 2009, the Edmonton Sun reported a story about 20 year old “Buffy.” The woman had become involved with a local vampire group and eventually took part in the brutal murder of 13 year old Nina Courtepatte. According to court records, Courtepatte was lured with stories that she was the “chosen one”, only to be raped twice before the group, including Joseph Laboucan and Michael Williams, as well as Buffy, beat and stabbed the girl to death.

Looking Beyond the Media

Because of the collection of stories that any parent can find about such “vampires” online, anyone could be forgiven for assuming that these groups are made up of delusional, psychologically deranged or impaired individuals with an unhealthy and warped sense of reality. However, speaking with some of the leadership of some of these groups paints a slightly different story.

After covering the Shelby case and digging a bit more into the existence of this apparently large community (particularly online), I have had the pleasure of meeting Sappho Wolf of Sappho agreed to an open interview to discuss some of these matters and this subculture in general, and for that I am grateful. On the issue of stories like these, where violence and crime is directly connected to the vampire culture, Sappho had this to say:

Anyone can call themselves a vampire, even if their intentions are brutal or criminal or otherwise harmful. Of course the vampire community is not alone in this–how many groups in the world make the news when a few fringe individuals act in the name of the group but in opposition to the accepted principles of the majority?

This powerful statement holds a lot of truth. Almost every one of the world’s largest and most popular religions – Christian, Muslim or Hindu for example – fed the formation of fringe sub-groups which, in the name of the larger religion, conducted criminal, unethical or otherwise questionable acts.

Ultimately, the question comes down to those accepted principles of the majority.

Here at TopSecretWriters, we’ll be digging further into the subculture of vampirism to learn more about what this community is really all about, the truth about the belief system, and the reality about those that call themselves “vampire” in this day and age.

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  • Niki

    Thank you for proving to every one of your readers that not only are you a bigot and a hypocrite, but you lack even a single ounce of journalistic integrity. The next time a goth kid is bullied or murdered because of your hate and petty sensationalism, that blood will be on your hands.

    (And I guess all of the mythical vampire cults running around just would not manifest themselves so you had to come up with this canon fodder, good job! You have proved our point for us, check and mate, thank you very much.)

  • Anonymous

    Just curious – who do you feel has blood on their hands for the deaths detailed in the news accounts?

  • The person who committed the crime. Vampires had no more to do with any of this than did the Amish.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly right. Which is why Niki’s statement above is so hypocritical.

  • Niki

    And what, pray tell, is hypocritical about it. You are the one with an obvious chip on your shoulder purposely seeking to malign a community that you know nothing about by throwing in sensationalist garbage like this which has nothing to do with vampires but you are still trying to feed on people’s paranoia and hysteria knowing that you are attacking innocent people.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll make it as simple as possible so hopefully you can see it. You propose that *information* published here would be responsible for someone going out and committing crime against vampires. Yet – when people who’ve read (and profess to believe) information vampire groups publish, you hold the people responsible, not the vampires. Do you see your hypocrisy yet or is that not simple enough for you to grasp?Personally, I agree with the last poster who said the vampires aren’t the blame, the people who commit the crimes are. Therefore, common sense forces you to admit that I would not be to blame for the stupidity of others who chose to commit whatever crime you’ve imagined they might. Bringing true events in front of the public eye is called publishing truth. Simple as that.

  • Niki

    Your attempts to justify your own bigotry does not erase your guilt. They also fall short because your argument is plain false. The vampire community has never published anything that tells people to be violent or that they can gain inmmortality by killing someone else. So for you to claim that they are even connected in anyway is just a complete lie. But you know that already, you published this, as you threatened to, out of pure hate and everyone knows that.

  • Anonymous

    You’re an idiot….that’s pretty clear at this point. You can’t even see your own hypocrisy. This effort is to seek out the truth – not to pick and choose what’s the most comfortable to believe, as you appear to do. What do you want to do, ignore the information that doesn’t confirm what you believe?You don’t even know anything about the group you’re talking about. I think Robert over at Skeptic’s Dictionary said it best:“Apparently, role playing and masquerading as vampires is not enough to satisfy the bloodlust of some people, and covens or cults of “vampires” have emerged among some occultists. They seek blood to give them power, a sexual rush, or to establish a unique and special fictional persona based on creating fear and mystery in others. Unlike our ancient ancestors, their power is not sought because of fear based on ignorance and misunderstanding of nature, but on ignorance and misunderstanding of themselves. Like other occult cults these vampire covens are attractive to the young and the weak”””5 vampire cultists nabbed in killings,” reads the headline of a story in the Sacramento Bee (November 29, 1996, p. A28). The five are all teenagers from a self-described “Vampire Clan” in Kentucky. They’re wanted for the murders of Richard and Naomi Wendorf of Eustis, Florida. The 15-year-old daughter of the victims is one of the suspects, along with her boyfriend who was described by schoolmates as having boasted of immortality as a vampire.”

  • Anonymous

    “The vampire community has never published anything that tells people to be violent or that they can gain inmortality by killing someone else. “By the way – this comment is irrelevant as a response unless you can show, as a comparison, where I’ve told people to be violent toward vampires. Go ahead, I’m waiting.Once again, you completely miss the point…all of this appears to be way over your head. And I’m no longer publishing your spam comments until you can provide such an example.

  • TheodosiusD


    You yourself just proved clear and distinct bias in quoting the above comment, then accuse Niki of being hypocritical? On top of that, you proceed to (on the one hand) argue to be acting out of some sort of journalistic integrity and obligation of seeking the “truth”, yet you seem utterly blind to the distorted presentation your one-sided “reporting”, and I use the term very loosely, creates, and your comments to Niki reveal that any appearance of impartiality is an illusion.

    Just how does your “recent cases of violent vampirism” prove anything other than the fact that there happen to be violent people who happen to consider themselves (or just happen to resemble) “vampires”? Unless, of course, you’re making the argument that they are not, in fact, isolated incidents, a case you most assuredly have not laid down any evidence for whatsoever. I can list far more than six cases of supposed members of any group engaging in violent or criminal behavior, but that is not proof that all members of the group do so OR that what those individuals claim truly represents the group that they claim to be a part of.

    Here’s a hint- maybe you should consider that, when a community doesn’t acknowledge certain people as part of it, there may be a good reason for it.

    Yeah… it’s pretty clear where your “journalism” falls on the spectrum of truth to propaganda.

  • Anonymous

    Theodosius – this is a fair comment. The reason this particular post was written is related to a claim from someone in our last vampire-related post, that such cases do not exist. This post simply points out several cases of self-proclaimed vampires committing such crimes. I’ve previously covered cases of Christian cults committing crimes as well – we cover cult crimes here, it’s part of what we research and reveal to the public.

    I’m sure you could list more cases of other groups that have committed similar crimes, but we wouldn’t be in any disagreement. You see, I never claimed that such people don’t exist.

    As far as my “bias” on the topic – I most certainly hold a preliminary view about such cults and the community (as a separate entity) as a whole. This is why I’m entering into a 1-on-1 dialogue with folks within that community in order to establish a better understanding – to better gauge whether my current beliefs about it are accurate or not. That’s called being open-minded and unbiased. But being unbiased doesn’t mean a person can not hold a current position on the matter…it just means a person is willing to change his or her mind when better evidence arises. I actually hope the upcoming interview successfully changes my mind. My mind is open to accept that vampirism may be something completely different than what the general public perceives it to be. Is YOUR mind open enough to accept that maybe it isn’t?

  • Proud OVC Member

    Quite frankly, YOU’RE A MORON. You have no apparent ability to discern the difference between the vampire community, and mentally disturbed individuals looking for a convenient outlet unto which to vent their anger, or you wouldnt even mention us in this shit.
    Vampires, be it energy vamps, blood vamps, or hybrids, all accept one simple and undeniable rule, among all others, as a general community rule: We DO NOT attack others. We have willing, consenting adult donors, and use safe practices of bloodletting with lancets, alcohol swabs, ect. We don’t feed from minors, we don’t attack people, we don’t go around claiming we’re immortal, because we’re not. We all know we’re not. Something inside of us is different and causes us to be this way, not some mental disease. We’re still human, not some damn other speicies from a distant galaxy.
    The people you describe however all seem to be disturbed individuals who just want to cause pain. And after all, what mythological beast caused more pain or terror then the vampire? Drinker of blood, immortal darkness, demon filled? When the mythology paints them as unstoppable blood-drinking sex machines, is it any suprise that some people would take on calling themselves this as if to justify thier own actions to themselves?
    Most likely, if not completely, anyone you see in the news for shit like this is NOT an actual “vampire”, but rather someone who uses the TERM vampire.
    And its people like you with your scare stories that the OVC hasnt come out to the public yet and remains secretive.

  • Anonymous

    Hey OVC Member,Actually – you’re exactly right. I currently have no way to determine the difference between the vampire community and these mentally disturbed individuals. Is there some global organization or registration for “real” vampires? In fact, much of what you describe – bloodletting, feeding from adults, etc – strikes me as a behavior that only a mentally disturbed person would take part in. Given – that belief comes from a certain understanding of science and human biology…I’m pretty sure most medical doctors would agree with me? However, in an effort to understand how such behavior could be normal (because hey – just because the majority calls something abnormal doesn’t make it so, right?), I am currently interviewing a member of the community, and I’m hoping to get a better understanding of what differentiates these sort of mentally disturbed individuals from the greater community.It’s certainly very interesting, and I’m fascinated by it. Thanks for offering your insight and your perspective – it’s appreciated.

  • Signora Rosa

    Swipple’s Rule of Order: He who shouts the loudest has the floor.

    The biggest problem the vampire community faces isn’t scorn, but misrepresentation. Vampires are still a moneymaker, so the media wants to inject vampirism into news stories about runaway teens, reality shows want hot 18-year-olds with fangs, and blog writers want to poke the community with a stick to increase their web traffic and ad revenue. It’s not a case of social rejection. It’s the media wanting a certain “look” and it’s the misguided folks willing to abase their morals and common sense for a little bit of fame, with both sides trying to take the most advantage of one another.

    Bringing up cases involving minors is pointless: the real, honest to goodness, didn’t-base-it-off-a-roleplaying-game vampire community watch participants like hawks for those not only underage but those who take advantage of the underaged.

    The owner of the group I moderate once said that there are two types of vampires: those who liken their condition to vampires and vampirism as portrayed in myth and legend, and those who believe that they are exactly like the vampires of myth and legend. These two groups are not the same.

  • Contesa Yelizaveta Zboril

    I Am A Sanguinary Consumearian Classical Vampire I Am 47 Years Old, And Have Been In The Community Since The 70’s. I Am Co-Founder And Elder Of The “Vampire Nation Concord” We Are Always Here To Discuss Vampirisim Of Any Kind. ~ Contesa


  • Taris

    I personally find the comments that I skimmed through hilarious. People are arguing with an author who is pointing out cases of negativity within the media related to the online community but not to be malicious. He is simply adding it to show that there are many cases of media misrepresentation of the Vampire/Vampyre community.

    He/She originally stated that they were not looked into to any great extent which is very true. They did not see how those groups or individuals were actually tied into the community. Another problem is that the groups that are currently public and media related WITHIN the community dont always notice these media misrepresentations and bring to light whether or not the individuals were or were not related to the community.

    The fact of the matter is that those of you posting your hate comments here are simply “flaming” an author who isnt being malicious to the community hence being morons in my opinion.

    Kudos to you author.

    If you wished to find any more information about the community and still have contact with Sappho I am sure she can give you information on contacting the VVC(Voices of the Vampire Community if im not mistaken), AVA, or a number of other leading groups within the community.

    Personally, I have to say dont let the other comments get to you. If you have good intentions in seeking out the truth behind it all then enjoy the search and what you may get from the community.Though I would probably avoid the lovely “Strigoi Vii” Section of the community. Elitist is the word that comes to mind in relation to them.

  • Anonymous

    I am the Sappho mentioned in this article, and I am absolutely dismayed that anyone would fling the words bigot or hypocrite at Ryan. Here’s an opportunity in the mainstream media to show what being a vampire is about and we appear to be squandering it. Like it or not, these violent images and ideas are what occur to the average person. It’s up to us to show how we are different from this, because if we go on with the assumption that people should just get that there’s a difference, we’re going to be holding a dim candle in a dark cavern for a very long time.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Sappho – if you are any indication of what the majority of those who call themselves “vampire” are like, then I think it’s very clear that the movement is grossly misunderstood by the mainstream. I’m looking forward to publishing our recent interview. I really appreciated your frankness, honesty and openness. I definitely learned a great deal about vampirism as a sort of a religious/spiritual movement of sorts – not a dangerous cult of folks sitting around sucking eachother’s blood – which is what I think the general public image is. Fascinating stuff. Thanks again!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your comment Jerry. Just based on our review here, I think you’re right that there are some members of the community that claim certain “powers” which can affect our natural world. There also do appear to be a fair number of “blood drinkers” – which is a serious question to explore. How many – realistically? I think media tends to focus on the blood drinkers, but what if 60 to 80 percent of those who follow the belief system only do so on a spiritual/metaphysical level?

    My own opinion when it comes down to the difference between cults and religions is that a cult has a majority of members that take action based on erroneous beliefs and misunderstanding of science. A religion, on the other hand, is focused on supernatural/metaphysical beliefs concerning matters of spirit and soul. I’m not sure we can group them all together. My impression at this point is that there is no hard and fast rule as to what a “real” vampire really is – even among vampires themselves.

    But understanding the “principles of the majority” is important. Hopefully the upcoming interviews will help in that regard. Stay tuned – it’ll be published today.


  • Anonymous

    Thank you Taris! I am certainly interested in understanding the reality of the movement, vs. the media’s version. It’s good to get truth out there rather than fiction. Do you know if there are any similar organized groups in the Northeastern U.S.? Where is VVC or AVA located? I would be interested in doing an in-person interview with some of these local groups.

  • Deacongray

    I think the real point to explore here is not Vampirism at all, but the culture of fear and sensationalism that the media brings to the table.

    Sophie Lancaster who was beaten to death for being a Goth, she was a 15 year old girl just walking home and got kicked to death for dressing goth. Yes I do blame the media and their so called “Dark Cults” Sensationalism for this type of hate crime.

    Brian David Mitchell and Wanda Ileen Barzee kidnapped and brutalize a young woman claiming to have been told by god the girl was to be his wife. No one jumpped up screaming about Christian Cultists. For the most part people chalked it up to what it really was, some wack job child molester that needed to go away, not the fault of the general Christian Community.

    I think you are right, the Vampire/ pagen/goth community is Defensive to some extent, I think they have a right to be.

    Jerry you might be right about the tests. Wonderful but apply the same analytical knife to Christianity…Apply the same to say…Vegatarians. People have a lot of beliefs, not all of which can be proven, but what we can prove is that media sensationalism is harmful. I might not be able to prove to your standards that I am a Vampire. But I can prove that a 15 year old girl got kicked to death because people refuse to allow others to be who they are, with out sensationalism, bias and contempt.

    People with in the community DO explore why they do what they do, indeed with in the community there has been many survays, many research projects developed and a lot of people exploring those exact questions. Your response about crying on the internet about being understood to me indicates a refusal to even try to explore the subject enough to speak on it intelligently, or you would know such efforts have been underway in the community a long time.
    You would also know we have to deal with people attacking us physically, and like most people we do tend to voice concern over that.

  • Vamp
  • Taris

    I see there is another I know on here. Greetings Deacon :). Well said. Those part of the community do suffer a large amount of physical as well as media attacks due to fear, misunderstanding, and lack of information.

    I think the author is doing a great job dont you?

  • D, ,

    Not all vampires are going to agree this is not something that should be viewed as a religious or even a spiritual movement, some vampires chose to make it that way, but, there are still many vampires who are catholic, and Christian and some of these new agers have mulled it or tried to pull it off in their direction.
    and shes not actually some one who should speak for a sang Sorry Sappho though shes been on my friends listings for forever and a day it seems, but, regardless of past issues it is best to let the psi talk about them and sangs about sangs hybrid are not quite qualified as they are a product that used both forms of feeding. so one might say they have different or slanted in psi directions
    D, ,

  • Dr490nw4rri0r

    You know, It’s funny to me.
    I’ve been aware of the labels “psychic vampirism” and “sanguine vampirism” for what I’ve needed to do for the last 5 and a half years of my life, and I’m often frustrated and dismayed at the accounts of “vampirism” in the news media, when it’s often just some asshole with a serious need for psychiatric help.
    I’m even more dismayed that many of these people are aware of the terminology that the vampire community has developed over the years and that they use it for their heinous victimization of others. Hell, when the hunger really hits, sometimes yeah, you do want to attack someone, but not in that way and it’s something you can resist.
    The truth will eventually come out, and eventually it’ll be more or less accepted, but not for a long time yet.

  • Delusionfreaks27

    Vampire = Demons thats all you all are EVIL and disgusting

  • Rayne

    I would have to agree that if one out of a thousand within a misunderstood like vamps or say a SKINHEAD group does something illegal and or violent the public as well as the news jumps on this and all at once the group is to blame and everyone within the group is guilty in the eyes of the public..
    Case and point skinheads and Revara show, the public sees neonazi skins which means were all nazis and hate anyone not white or prod in religon, but we started as dock workers who shaved our heads because of lice outbreaks (historicly speaking) and we would hang with other likeminded and party to ska music which is based from traditionaly black music so how could we be haters of race? We are of all colors and religons I am catholic and my best mate is native american as well as a police officer we both served in the army and do not believe in race wars but class wars we are workingclass to the core and that’s what we all have in commin ..but if you see a skinhead in the news is something being done to hurt someone never is it the good work that SHARP is doing to help people (skinheads against racial predudice) so I would in closing this long winded rant of mine say that if you are differant organized and missunderstood by the public and one of your many mimbers does something seen as negative you will be judged by the public in a way much like corp. Punisment were all guilty for the sins of the father…
    Rant done

  • Mi

    I’ve wasted 5 mins of my life that I’ll never get back reading all this bollox!

  • Paul

    Sappho, Why would one hide behind an image which has always been seen to do evil to commit acts of evil. Defeats the whole object.
    So that just tells me that your statement is a very poor excuse or complete ignorance or your extremely naive or both.  

  • Vampires are not always evil and disgusting. There’s good and bad in everything.
    Most of the people mentioned here are probably not actually vampires; they are just a bunch of vampire fans and believers that took it all a bit too far. Even if they were actually vampires, this would not mean that all vampires are the same as them.
    Watch Tim Burton’s new movie “Dark Shadows”. Although the vampire in that did have to kill a few people as well, he also protected his family from an evil witch and saved a young girl who was falling off of a cliff by biting her to give her at least some of his abilities.
    Watch “The Little Vampire”. This is only a children’s movie, but it has appealed to some adults and teenagers as well. One of the vampires in this saves a human character from being hit by a truck.
    If vampires do exist, there are probably at least some out there that are like this. Please at least watch these films, do your research and think about the phrase “there is good and bad in everything” before you come back on here, saying about all vampires being evil and disgusting.

  • The date is displayed in the URL.

  • Asia Montgomery

    I want to me a real vampire to be with for eternity…

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