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The Real Story Behind Indigo Children

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The Real Story Behind Indigo Children

indigo childrenThe Internet and new age spiritual writings are full of descriptions of alleged Indigo children. Wikipedia describes the Indigo child as: “A label given to children who are claimed to possess special, unusual or supernatural abilities.”

These stories describe what many feel is a new generation of enlightened child – a new epoch in the development of man.

To be honest, I don’t know about any of this. I, myself was a psychic child. I was lucky enough to have been bought up in an environment whereby the intuitive and creativity was encouraged. I think this is the key, this is the Indigo child. Its a child that hasn’t had the usual social labels thrust upon them by societies constant need to label and box everything into neat little packages.

All children are intuitive. Intuition is a remnant – a skill that lingers from our deep past, where a greater need for survival skills existed for us all. When caught early, encouraged and nurtured, that psychic ability blossoms in children, just like any other skill.

Why are there so few? I hear you ask. Well this is because not many make it past the countless layers of labels from all corners of society. It’s rare to find a healthy and developmental attitude and environment toward anyone showing intuitive talent and interest.

indigo children

Every part of society looks down its nose and discourages against “this nonsense”. Thankfully, some fall between the cracks and escape this social bondage – and in some countries intuitive children are very much encouraged as potential weapons, tools and much more.

Indigo Childen – The Super Psychic Children

Within the 89,000 FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) documents released about the CIA Remote Viewing program collectively called Star Gate, there are a few Intel reports covering a fifteen year period from China. These reports detail the collection and nurturing of the country’s top children intuitives and the amazing experiments and results they ‘allegedly’ achieved.

A report detailing the 1979 research states:

“In the People’s Republic of China (P.R.C.) over the last decade. From 1979 to 1982, research into ESP (and PK) among children swept through China. This study, under the name “exceptional functions of the human body” (EFFIB), gave rise to a sizable literature and to commitments, pro and con, among scientists.

References to the existence and application of psi phenomena are frequently found in the major books of ancient Chinese history dating back 2,000 years, there is also a present-day Chinese interest in such effects. The most recent scientific inquiries began in late 1978 when a group of scientists tested Tang Yu, a 12-year old boy in Sichuan Province, for his reported “Exceptional Functions of the Human Body” (EFHB), a widely used Chinese expression for extrasensory perception (ESP) and psychokinesis (PK).”

There were three phases of the Chinese research into the phenomenon involving psychic children. As part of their research, Chinese scientists used every tool at their disposal to try and understand the source of the psychic ability. The Chinese scientists measured every form of radiation they could conceive might cause the various phenomenon. The report continues:

“In the early 1980’s, nearly every issue of NJ reported new discoveries of EFHB. Researchers used a variety of analytical instruments in an attempt ‘to detect any “radiations” that might be produced by the children’s efforts. In these investigations, signals ranging from infra-red emissions modulated by low audio frequencies to gamma photons were detected, although many of the effects were weak. Traces of exposure were found on protected x-ray films.

As the research continued, scientists began to realize how weak and unstable the EFHB effects were. Having been isolated from the rest of the world for so long, Chinese researchers were now independently re-discovering evidence for psychic phenomena that had been studied in the West for a hundred years. In the course of these re-discoveries, Chinese researchers became increasingly aware of the difficulties and complexities of the subject.”

Interestingly, the scientists appeared to identify a correlation between the psychic ability and age. According to this study, the ability actually disappeared as the children matured.

“Young girls, aged from 6-12, were considered the best ESP candidates, and a majority of the work in the early phase was done with them. However, as they grew a little older or, more accurately, usually after menstruation started, their ESP ability ceased. This is contrary to the rule that the more mature the child, the more easily it can deceive adults. The observed fact is explained by ancient phenomenological qigong theory, which claims that “qi” can come from two sources: “Yuan-qi”, or primary “psycho-body-energy” is acquired at birth and disappears as one matures. Qi is also gained through qigong practice.”

Additionally, the researchers also observed a form of interference with the phenomenon. While many scientists observed through the years that successful hoaxers tend to continue the hoax in light of past success, that was not the case with psychic children. There were observations where successful tests were followed by unsuccessful tests when any interference occurred.

“They also found that there can be interference with psi effort, and it need not come from a hostile person. For example, four children, who were doing an ESP demonstration experiment. The experiment was proceeding with a high rate of success until a college student in the audience who had studied qigong for several months but was still a beginner, decided to attempt the announced task. The ESP of the children suddenly disappeared and they reported a feeling of being confused and disturbed. The children’s sudden failure seems contrary to the common sense idea that hoaxers will continue their trick if it works well.”

The China Psychic effort formed over three stages during this period.

Stage1: – The discovery stage:

“In 1979 newspapers from all parts of China reported a total of 19 children with psychic abilities. On March 11, 1979, the “Sichuan Daily” published an article on the child from Dazu County in Sichuan, one Tang Yu who could distinguish Chinese characters by ear. After this was verified and reported, Secretary of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee, Comrade Yang Chao, personally carried out some tests on Tang Yu. Thereafter, children with similar abilities were discovered in various parts of China.”

Stage 2 – The Development Stage:

“The second stage was the development stage. It lasted about two years, from September 1979 to September 1981. In July of 1979, representatives from the “Natural Science” magazine went to Beijing to attend a meeting on Qigong scientific research. At the meeting, he heard that several children with psychic abilities had been discovered in Beijing. Together with some science workers who had attended the meeting, they tested these children.

They repeatedly carried out many experiments with two of these children. They verified the fact that-these psychic abilities actually existed. When they returned, they published several relevant articles about this in the September issue of “Natural Science” and in following issues, demonstrating the reality of these abilities.”


The third stage was a stage of controversy. It lasted from September 1981 to June of 1982, about six months. Because of several not too accurate reports at that time, a social controversy was aroused. Comrades with opposing viewpoints believed that psychic abilities was trickery, magic, and ran counter to Marxism.

In the face of this, the China Human Science Commission convened its second preparatory meeting. They unanimously believed that they should respect the-truth, and that the research work should continue.

With the support of the leader of the National Defense Science Industries Commission, Comrade Zhangzhen-Huan, psychic children gave demonstrations in the central propaganda department, party schools, and for comrades Ye Jian-Ying and Fang Li. Scientific research personnel from universities and colleges all over China and from more than twenty units from science research agencies carried out joint testing of psychic children from all over China. And, once-again they proved that this ability actually exists.

At one meeting, five psychic children gave demonstrations on “recognizing Chinese characters by ear,” reading a closed book, and teleportation – pulling out a watch. All were successful. Those attending the meeting expressed their hearty congratulations, and held a heated discussion on these phenomena.

Stay tuned for part II of this Indigo Children series in just a few days.

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“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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