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Free Psychic Readings – Authentic or Fraud?

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Free Psychic Readings – Authentic or Fraud?

free psychic readingsIn a simple one line answer – No.

Psychics have become the norm and a routine practice for some people looking for quick answers, a need or dependence. In troubled times like our current economical situation then psychics get used even more as people try to find better, cheaper solution to their problems through free psychic readings.

I personally, always follow the age old mantra from my grandparents down to my parents and now down to me – ‘if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is’. This is just the same and probably more so when dealing with free psychic readings, or to be honest ANY kind of psychic reading.

The psychic service world like every other part of human life is undoubtedly fraught with a mixture of real psychics, outright fakes and deceivers and even a few self deluded people  who just don’t know better.

free psychic readings

Of course the really evil ones are those who are outright fakes and who know it, those who attach themselves like limpets to often needy people who forge a dependence when trying to find a route out of very troubled situations. These psychics ‘groom’ their victims in some kind of sick psychological connection not unlike abusers.

When encountering or wanting to use a psychic for any reason then please follow these steps and simple guides.

First – nothing is ever really FREE. Ask yourself why, what are they getting out of it, what are they offering me, what do I have to give in return for this FREE service. More often than not you will find it someone after your private data from registration to a website offering more or greater professional help – at a rate of course.

Just use your head and common sense – no one offers their full services for FREE – we all need to get paid somehow.

Second – don’t open up Google or your search engine of choice and type ‘free psychic reading’.  This will undoubtedly lead to the rubbish, charlatans and anyone else looking to make a quick buck. If you do want to use the internet to find a psychic then try phrases like ‘accurate psychic’, ‘professional psychic’  or ‘real psychic’.

Third – now take a very close look at the listing you get. Instantly discount any that say ‘best, master, expert ‘and more importantly ‘100% accurate’. Please remember and I want you to burn this phrase into your mind – it’s very important – There are NO 100% accurate psychicsperiod. I class myself as a remote viewer (a new method of psychic ability) and I know from over two decades of experience – no one is 100% accurate we all have good and bad days and even days in between. The very best psychics I know, who work under a remote viewing protocol are at their best, 50-70%ish accurate. Yes, they have amazing days when they nail a target to the wall with accuracy that may even be classed above 80%, but they also have bad days when they can and do completely miss the target. Once again – There are NO 100% accurate psychicsperiod.

Back to the search – If you find a listing that does look interesting then check everything first. Look for information on the psychic’s background or training. Check for feedback from clients and testimonials. Does it look right and feel right? If so, then approach with some questions.

The most important part of this search.

Before you go further ask the psychic a simple question – do they work blind? Meaning, will they tell you your needed information without a face-to-face meeting or any information shared by you upfront. After all if a person is really psychic then they don’t need to see you, hold your hand, hold any personal objects or to have a photograph or to even know your name, gender or anything else. They should be able (within reason) to help with your enquiry unhelped.

Question and treat a Psychic like anyone else you would approach needing a professional service. Ask questions of them, their record, their clients, and their claimed accuracy. If you really want to pay for a psychic service then also ask for written references or testimonials that you can check. After all if you were hiring a lawyer to advise you on a future legal decision you’d do all this – why not with a psychic?

I personally use a psychic technique called Remote Viewing. This technique was created in a laboratory from 1972-1995 and it’s based on tried and tested scientific protocols. The main one being that the psychic never has any information or contact upfront. They are always blind to the target. I suggest you work the same with any psychic needs you may have.

If a psychic for example says that they need to have you sat in front of them – ask why? Why can’t they just give you a reading based on say your surname or date of birth. A small innocuous single piece of information that doesn’t allow them to ‘create’ information.

One of the most worrying things about personal-readings is the ‘in the same room a few feet away from a psychic’, type practices are go on. Why? – Well it’s because we have no evidence that the psychic is using psychic abilities to communicate to you. I say this because science shows us that up to 93% of normal communication is in the form of body language or non verbal communication, which consist of: body posture, gestures, facial expression and eye movements. Now if you are to be sat  two feet away from a person giving you information – how can this be done and you know its psychic?

Now I’m not saying that all Psychics are bad or out to con you, but undoubtedly some are. Some are just self deluding themselves and believe they are psychic, these are probably just great at reading body language but probably nothing more. A true and believable psychic will have a track record you can follow and inquire about; they will be willing to work ‘blind’ they will not claim to be 100% accurate and in most cases they probably won’t offer a service for free, such as a free psychic reading – unless its humanitarian.

There are a few psychics out there that do have a natural intuitive talent, it’s your job to seek them out like any other service that you would need in your life. Question and be wary or claims and boasts. Research your service, get testimonials you can follow not just anonymous ‘Mrs A from New York said… ‘type testimonials.

Years of psychic research in the lab (SRI) detailed that less than 1% of the total population had good skill when it came to being psychic. This means that in reality there are not a great deal of real or great psychics in the population at large. Which also means that the chances of the 1,120,000 results for ‘free psychic reading’ that Google brings up, has an abundance of great psychic ability are very, very slim.

All in all be careful, be wise, ask questions – are remember if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

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“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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