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The Lost Von Braun

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The Lost Von Braun

Recently I wrote a short article about Wernher von Braun, the German rocket scientist that paved the way for NASA’s space program and the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Prior to becoming NASA’s premier rocket scientist, von Braun was a Nazi rocket scientist. He was not only a scientist, but an officer in the Waffen-SS as well. Upon researching this subject, a four-part youtube series popped up. I viewed all four parts of the series because it’s caption read, “Film explores Nazi’s role in NASA, and the crimes of Von Braun.”

Overall, I was not really impressed with the series, what it had to say, or how it was said. To say the least, the summary did not accurately describe the film. Now grant it, the entire series is only 32 minutes total, but its content was severely lacking, too.

The film essentially tries to link NASA directly to the Nazi’s of World War II. However, the only real connection between the two is von Braun and his team of German rocket scientists.

Don’t get me wrong, they were all Nazis and they all attempted to justify their participation in the Nazi rocket program (see von Braun’s quote about Nazi coersion in my previous article The Nazi that Took Over the US Space Program). However, it seems that the only thing the Nazi rocket scientists brought to the United States was their knowledge and technology.

Yet, the film would have you believe that the Nazis brought over much more.

Most of the film describes the conditions that the Jewish prisoners were forced to endure while working in and around the rocket manufacturing facilities. There is no doubt that this took place in Nazi Germany. However, this certainly did not take place at NASA.

The entire film has feeling of “guilt by association.” The film implies that because the technology was derived from the Nazi labor camps and eventually brought to NASA, that NASA is simply an extension of the old Nazi regime. It also implies that being the first to put a man on the moon was not an American victory, but a Nazi victory.

I will give credit where credit is due. The film does have several interviews that give it a sense of credibility. It has interviews from a couple of the original scientists that worked on the von Braun Rocket team, a survivor from the concentration camp where the rockets were built, and various NASA and US government officials.

They all describe and have evidence of their expereinces, one way or another, with the von Braun rocket team, whether it was in Nazi Germany or under NASA.

Let’s face it. It is naive to think that the Wernher von Braun rocket team did not know what was going on in the concentration camps. It is also naive to think that the US, and eventually NASA, was unaware of von Braun and his team’s level of participation in the Nazi rocket program. However, this does not make NASA guilty of Nazi war crimes. The technology was already there and already derived. The US and NASA is mainly guilty of scientific espionage.

What I do think is very interesting is that this film is directed and produced by Aron Ranen. Ranen is mostly known for his documentary, Did We Go? In a nutshell, the documentary not only describes, but also agrees with the theory that the Apollo Moon Landing was an elaborate hoax.

He even has a webiste to promote the film. Therefore, Ranen is trying to tell us that we really didn’t go to the moon, but if we did, then the Nazis sent us there. I think The Lost von Braun coupled with Did We Go should make one wonder, What does Aron Ranen have against NASA?

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