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Top 5 Conspiracy Theories of 2010

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Top 5 Conspiracy Theories of 2010

famous conspiracy theoriesToday we have a quick run down through the top 5 famous conspiracy theories that people still talk about every day, and are the subject of much investigation and documentation by theorists.

Moon Hoax

During the Cold War the Space Race, as it became known, was an international race between the US and the USSR to put the first man on the moon. The Russians were making headway and the US had put pressure on itself, with Kennedy promising the nation an American would walk on the moon by the end of the 60s.

This pressure is the reason why many people believe the first ever moon landing was faked in a studio and broadcast to the world. Numerous inconsistencies have been raised about the footage, including the fluttering American flag and lighting abnormalities. All have been successfully explained by NASA, yet the theories persist about this historic event!

famous conspiracy theories

JFK Assassination

The assassination of president Kennedy almost immediately started several conspiracy theories about who actually pulled the trigger and under whose orders.

Despite the fact that a court verdict has long since passed on what really happened, many still believe it was a government cover-up. It is definitely one of the most famous conspiracy theories of our time. A recent poll by ABC news confirmed that 74% of Americans believed there was come sort of a cover-up.

Parties said to be possibly involved range from the Federal Reserve, FBI and CIA right the way down to Cuban operatives, the KGB and the Israeli government.


The main conspiracy theory which surrounds this horrific event in American history is that the government inflicted the attack upon itself and blamed Al Qaeda and middle eastern combatant groups in order to facilitate an invasion in the region.

Numerous documentaries have been published which report that the actual planes were replaced by explosive-filled jet liners, that cruise missiles hit the pentagon, or that explosives were detonated within the towers and that the original passengers had all been paid off to keep quiet.

Theorists often point to similar actual plans of the US government during the 60s to facilitate an invasion of Cuba. However ridiculous their claims, theories still run rampant on this issue and will continue to do so given the scale and repercussions of the attacks.

Illuminati/ New World Order

The Illuminati or the New World Order as it is widely known, is a theory which claims various world leaders and government bodies are conspiring to overthrow current world leadership and power, commit mass genocide of numerous sections of society and reduce the earth’s population considerably.

These claims are often linked closely with world developments such as the expansion of the EU, new currencies coming into circulation and the world-wide regulation of the financial sector and international law.

I think people like a good conspiracy about powerful underground regimes, and until their forcasted apocalyptic day arrives I don’t think believers will give up their claims.

Roswell Alien Landing

The Roswell Alien Landing, or indeed crash landing, was the apparent cover-up of a crash site of an alien spacecraft by the US Air Force in the summer of 1947. Reports claim that alien bodies and technological devices were recovered from the wreckage and brought to a secret military intelligence base (often believed to be Area 51).

Initial reports said personnel recovered a ‘flying disk’ before the story changed to that of an experimental surveillance balloon which crashed. This change of story adds fuel to the fire.

The story was long forgotten until the late 70s and early 80s when investigators began probing (excuse the pun) the initial evidence and conflicting reports. The case has since become so widespread that the name Roswell is now a well-known place and one of the more popular and famous conspiracy theories. It is a term synonymous with UFOs.

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