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5 Most Unbelievable Legends of Roman Catholic Saints

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5 Most Unbelievable Legends of Roman Catholic Saints

catholic saints listThe Catholic Church is well known for promoting mystical legends and harrowing tales down through the centuries. This is particularly true when concerning their Saints who were often the subject of awful events in their lives such as disease, persecution and personal strife.

Here is a Catholic Saints list of five such harrowing stories:

St. Lucy

St. Lucy is the patron female Catholic saint of people with eye problems and the blind. This is down to the horrific nature of her death and her undulating faith during it.

Having decided to devote her life to God, Lucy was the subject of much anger by a prospective suitor. Time and time again she refused to marry him and he eventually reported her to the authorities as a Christian.

Soldiers promptly arrived to punish Lucy in a horrific fashion which led to the removal of her eyes and eventually her death. Legend has it that God restored her vision just before she died. In a variety of artwork she is depicted carrying a plate with both her eyes on it!

St. Roch

They say that dogs are man’s best friend. That sentiment definitely rings true in the tale of St.Roch who devoted his life to helping those who had fallen ill with the plague. Eventually, he too contracted the disease and left his duties to live in solitude in a small hut in a forest.

Here, he befriended a small dog who would bring him food and lick the sores on his leg until miraculously he was healed!

He then returned to civilization and with the help of his trusty canine companion, he continued to help and heal the sick. Even when he was eventually imprisoned, his faithful dog continued to heal fellow inmates until St.Roch died.

He is now the patron saint of dogs.

Simon Zelotes

catholic saints listOne of the twelve, apostles, the Bible and other documents do not mention him too much after the death of Jesus. However, it is believed that he traveled extensively to spread the word of God.

He would eventually meet his untimely demise when a local ruler disagreed with his preachings and had him executed in a barbaric manor. He was hung upside down and sawed in half, vertically down the middle of his body. Statues and paintings of Simon often depict him holding the saw used in his killing.

St. Dymphna

This is a truly sad and evocative story and one which definitely earned St. Dymphna her place as the patron female Catholic saint of incest victims and the mentally ill.

When her mother died, her father was overcome with grief. Even when a long period of time had passed he refused to remarry anyone unless the person met or exceeded his late wife’s beauty. It was then that he noticed that her beauty lived on in his daughter and so he decided to marry her.

Disgusted by the idea, she fled with the help of a trustworthy priest. The pair were eventually tracked down by her father’s men. The priest was killed for aiding Dymphna. When brought back to her father, she still refused to marry. He then beheaded her.

St Margaret of Antioch

A popular female Catholic Saint from the Middle Ages, St. Margaret had decided to convert to the Christianity as it began to spread outwards across the world. This angered both her father and a potential suitor whom eventually reported her to the authorities resulting in imprisonment.

Legend has it that she met the devil in jail who swallowed her whole. However, a small cross she wore upset the devil’s stomach and enabled her to gouge her way out of his stomach and emerge intact, full of life. This is the reason she is the patron saint of childbirth.

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  • Midniteryder

    If you really like true controversy look up the so-called “Church fathers” and their true history of murders etc. etc. or Pope Joan 855-859 AD. 

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