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Did A Tunnel System Connect Secret Underground Russian Bases?

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Did A Tunnel System Connect Secret Underground Russian Bases?

underground russian basesThe Soviets were great fans of underground tunnels, towns, fortresses and systems.

Former eastern-bloc countries such as Poland and East Germany are littered with various underground structures, which were mostly closed down when the USSR began pulling out of eastern Europe in the late eighties and early nineties.

Some were blown up or filled in. Those that remain are barricaded and normally protected by the army of whatever country they exist.

A secret tunnel system with its own metro which mirrors the Moscow subway is supposedly in existence to this very day.

Oddly enough, the Kremlin, even after the fall of communism, has never explicitly denied the existence of ‘D-6’, a supposed codename given to the underground.

It is believed to have been a project undertaken during the rule of Josef Stalin and was used extensively by the KGB, senior military and as possible escape tunnels from the Kremlin and other state buildings.

It also supposedly links up with other underground installations in Moscow and the surrounding areas such as secret underground Russian bases, nuclear bunkers and small underground military towns.

The leader of an urban explorer group claims to have found an entrance to the metro system but has not disclosed its location for fear of repercussions from the Russian intelligence service or the police.

underground russian bases

Could it be true?

The skeptics have a good case on this one. There is no hard, water-tight evidence. There are merely second-hand accounts of the construction or people who have apparently stumbled upon it while working in sewers or the public subway. No photographs or official declassified Russian government documents exist about either the tunnel system or alleged underground Russian bases.

All that said, it may very well be true. American military intelligence are convinced of its existence and have released various reports with plausible evidence to back up their claims.

More importantly, the trend of the Russians to go underground and keep quiet about it cannot be ignored. Soldiers and workers involved in the construction of verified underground tunnels were well warned about talking. Only when the Russians left Europe did accounts of the construction and the threats of death from the KGB and secret police emerge.

So if this secret subway was build it’s not much of a surprise that people involved aren’t talking about it.

Also, the practicality of the tunnel seems like a valid reason for its existence. Linking verified underground installations together makes sense. As does integrating nuclear bunkers and an escape tunnel from the Kremlin. Also, in the days of Soviet Russia, manpower wouldn’t have been a problem.

Until the Kremlin declassifies all documents relating to secret tunnels (almost no chance of that if it’s still in use) and underground Russian bases, we will never no for sure. But as Russia begins to thaw from the cold-war and cooperates with Europe and the US, I wouldn’t be too surprised if some past projects of Stalin were revealed once they pass their use-by date!

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“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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