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Is It Smart to Buy Remote Viewing Materials by Ed Dames?

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Is It Smart to Buy Remote Viewing Materials by Ed Dames?

ed damesTo be honest I tried to dodge writing this article because, although I always to tell the truth as I see it, I also try not to inflame the community of Remote Viewing and its members.

But I guess sometimes you can’t please everyone or dodge all the bullets.

So let’s start with a little background:

Ed Dames, United States Army (ret), is a decorated military intelligence officer and an original member of the U.S. Army prototype Remote Viewing training program. Edward Dames is also a Graduate of the University of California, Berkeley.

Between 1979 and 1983, Major Ed Dames served as an electronic warfare officer and as a scientific and technical intelligence officer before joining the prototype military remote viewing team.

Ed Dames was trained in part by Ingo Swann in the CRV (controlled remote viewing) process, but he did not finish training in all six stages of the process, nor was he employed as a remote viewer within the unit.

Major Ed Dames never went through the same selection process as the others, and he was taken into the Remote Viewing program in the role of a monitor and interviewer (see: Reading the Enemy’s Mind for details).

Dames Starts PSI Tech

Dames left the military Remote Viewing program and started to sell his Remote Viewing services in 1989 with his new company called “PSI TECH.”

At that time, the presiding INSCOM General (Albert Stubblebine) and a special Forces Colonel (John Alexander) sat on the Board of Directors of Psi Tech. The company was also using the professional remote viewers from the military program to complete RV requests from clients.

Bear in mind that this in itself is a mark of Dames and his character, as Remote Viewing was still a very classified technology and a secret project, yet he founded a private corporation and sold the technology and services to the private sector. Protected by the inclusion of Stubblebine on the board no doubt.

Dames shortly left the army in 1991.

PSI Tech Discloses Secret Military Project Work to Media

ed damesIn 1992– three years before the Remote Viewing program broke its secret cover and was eventually closed by the CIA, Dames and PSI TECH were discussing Remote viewing and its military connections at UFO conferences and with the media.

Numerous FOIA Star Gate documents discuss these leaks that came from Dames and others in the 90’s and how this affected the secret project. It’s clear that Remote Viewing became common knowledge and popular during that time period, due in part to Ed’s activities, and I do thank him somewhat for this.

‘DOOM ‘hits the airwaves.

On May 31st 1996, Dames first appeared on the popular UFO and mystery radio show Coast to Coast with Art Bell. This was the picture of things to come, with Dames’ predictions of impending disasters and doom.

Two weeks later Dames was back with more predictions of catastrophe, and now with his first, new Remote Viewing training method called TRV (Technical Remote Viewing). Essentially, it was a rip-off of the Ingo Swann CRV methodology sold to the U.S. Military.

Dames has been a regular guest on Coast to Coast ever since, with his main stay of apocalyptic style predictions of catastrophes and impending doom.

major ed dames

Over the years he has lost companies, and his original training method (TRV) is in legal wrangles with ex business partners, but he has always managed to simply reinvent a newer (coincidentally of course) and “better” Remote Viewing method out of the ashes of each incarnation.

Ed Dames’ predictions range from pregnant aliens living under the New Mexico dessert of the U.S. to Comet Hale Bopp carrying a container of plant pathogen (Coast to Coast Jan ’97) to be delivered to earth, that would destroy 80% of earths inhabitants (funny I must have somehow missed this event).

Dames stated,

“We ran more remote viewing sessions, did more more work, and that particular cylinder is still enroute to Earth intercept. We do have its expected Earth entry point and that is over northwest continental Africa, Mauritania, and it will begin to disintegrate there, moving to the southeast. The impact, from the studies we have done, the impact is expected along an imaginary line from Eritrea in the north of Swaziland in the south, but the center of the mass in Burundi, Lake Victoria region, where there will actually be a remnant of the cylinder that we expect to impact and crater.”

Other Ed Dames “Predictions”

During a November 1997 broadcast, Dames stated he and his team were doing RV sessions when they discovered that North Korea was going to launch a nuclear warhead at South Korea. In the words of Dames:

“We used the search cue of ‘next nuclear attack’ and we qualified that with ‘intent to kill’ and ‘massive casualties’. And what we got was a very clear picture at the end of a week of the North Koreans using a nuclear weapon against the South Koreans…this event may occur before the end of winter.”

Bell asked, “Before the end of this winter?” To which Dames replied factually, “Before the end of this winter.” Dames stated that the entire scenario would start with a ground war and that “we’re days away from it.”

Or more recently, Dames claims his prediction in the search for missing adventurer Steve Fossset as a hit!

This was Posted to Coast to Coast in 2007:

Maj. Ed Dames writes:

“Steve Fossett’s location has now been narrowed down to a roughly 1 square mile area (map below). I’m dispatching a Matrix Intelligence Agency ground search team into the area, ASAP.”

The map provided by Dames shows an area near Kennedy Canyon in the Sierras. Dames was thus off by 60 miles when it was revealed where the actual remains were.

I could go on and on. The predictions and their accuracy by Dames and his newly named Matrix Intelligence Agency are numerous, and they are also very well documented on the Internet.

It’s clear that the Ed Dames products are no better than any other psychic method when trying to predict the future. In fact, it seems like his are actually worse.

Saying this, Remote Viewing was never designed to be used predictably.  Remote Viewing needs to be used only for targets which you have feedback information for. This is primarily to assess the accuracy of the psychic data against known data. If the project is a future event – you don’t have feedback yet, and therefore can’t assess accuracy.

This, I fear, is the crux of Dames problems with his media predictions.

Remote viewing products

ed damesThere are many out there, and to be honest a fair share of them came from Dames. First, we had ‘TRV’ from PSITECH. Then came ‘Operation Minddazzle’ (remote viewing kit in a box), and currently we have ‘LEARNRV’.

Now can you learn Remote Viewing from a DVD? Possibly, but in my experience it would be hard – but it could be a starting point when face-to-face Remote Viewing training is the more expensive offer. But, to be fully honest, the FREE online resources might start you off just as well.

Is it smart to buy and Ed Dames Training DVD?

It’s hard to answer whether buying an Ed Dames Training DVD is a good idea. I don’t want to upset the field of Remote Viewing. But I also have to be honest.

I would say to anyone – look first at the person selling the product. What is their reputation? How are they regarded by their peers and equals? Also, how good are they at the service they are selling – in Dames case how accurate and good is his Remote Viewing method and how accurate are his predictions? I am confident a short Internet search as well as this article will give you some of these answers.

Also, why not pop along to Dames own online forum which he set up to help his students that ask any questions. I’m sure you will clearly see the mind and manner of the man selling these products, and you will get an idea of what your hard earned money will buy you.

The forum includes topics like this:

–> Dames current ‘world destruction prediction’ and how to find your ‘sanctuary’ to survive – AND for a fee he can even find it for you 😉
–>This simple question about dowsing and remote viewing.

So, my final answer has to be a ‘NO’ – it’s not smart to buy Remote Viewing materials from Ed Dames. Unless of course you like stories of impending doom and disaster linked to product sales and predictions that don’t seem to come true. If you do, then you have found your Guru.

Are Remote Viewers Credible?

Please don’t take this as a statement that ‘there are no credible Remote Viewing teachers,’ because there are. People like Paul H Smith and Lyn Buchanan, both from the same Military Remote Viewing unit as Dames, but these teachers make no ‘doom’ laden predictions tied directly to DVD products and services.

When looking for Remote Viewing products or services, carefully check the origin of the product and the full background of the people offering the product like you would any other professional service or product you would buy.

Links and resources used:

Background on Major Ed Dames
Background on Ed Dames
Bio of Ed Dames
Reading the enemy’s mind – Paul H Smith [ISBN 0-312-87515-0]
Ed Dames Teaching forum
Discussion about Steve Fossett and remote viewing.

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  • RVH

    I am commenting as a Remote Viewer and someone who went through Ed’s course. I am in agreement with this article. Also I will say that PSI TECH also has a very top nothch course. I was trained by them after finding Ed’s course to be unsatisfactory. I would not recommend spending the money. As a matter a fact you may email me your information and if you are set on buying Ed’s course I will send you what I have for free you pay shipping.

  • Anonymous

    Hey RVH – thanks for your feedback about the courses. Nice to have insight from someone else that has tried them out.

  • chaos

    Dames has an ego the size of Texas. Paul was one of the most accurate RVers of his time. Lyn went on to command remote influencing.

  • Why would anyone buy any remote viewing book when they can easily check the results of actual research on these types of claims?  Once you take out the possibility of cluing and extraneous evidence of desired results, the claims fall apart as no more accurate than guessing.

  • I have to say that for the most part, I agree with you. From everything I’ve seen and read, and folks I’ve interviewed that have done the research, I remain completely unconvinced.

  • Tnsmeek68

    I would like some info on remote viewing

  • thats so innacurate. as a long term remote viewer who has only ever used third party selected blind targets i can tell you this assessment of remote viewing is entirely innacurate. do you have any data on which you base your claims. our remote viewing group has 7 years worth of results in our data base. and yes psi exists and it can be trained. its a shame that intelligent people react with their emotions rather than challenging themselves to learn something new, and experiencing it themselves.

  • paul

    yes please! i emailed you but it was returned

  • paul

    yes please! i emailed you but it was returned

  • Anonymous

    I believe Ed’s government pension didn’t cut it, so he had to come up with something to supplement his income, but come on….The garbage he is spreading is so far fetched that people with an IQ higher than their shoe size are questioning his sanity

  • 1984

    I went on Ed’s RV forum to ask if anyone was making money with his gambling, stock, or lottery training. Boy did I hit a nerve with that! Of course no one said they were making real money and Ed proceeded to dodge my initial question and then began the insults and name calling like a child. He then blocked me so I couldn’t respond anymore. This proves to me Ed is a fraud and makes his money selling seminars and DVD’s and not by using RV.

  • Secret Squirrel

    I will Pay one thousand to the first remote viewer that can Locate Me
    and contact me Personally through any means
    ( mail , Email , Telephone , Etc.. )
    If you can find me , Get in touch with me By any means other than reverse IP address or a username Google search.You get My Respect and a thousand bucks Cash. If you Astound me by actually contacting me and claiming my offer Then I will also be Your Verbose supporter and part time amateur Promoter.

  • Great comment. 🙂

    You’ve got to let us know if you ever get contacted. 😉

  • Kat

    Hi Daz,

    In his book ESP: A Physicist’s Proof of Psychic Ability, Russell Targ, who first worked on developing remote viewing with Ingo Swann at SRI International, argues that it is possible to see the future with the methodology of remote viewing. In fact, he conducted several experiments to that end that proved successful.

    That being said, and Targ discusses this in his book, the future is not static, but flexible: we make it as we go. Therefore, predictions many times are changed in some way (e.g., time frames) or do not come to pass, while also experiencing many predictions that have come to pass. As a practicing psychic, I’ve experienced this many times, and I’ve also witnessed that the process of creating the future is not set in stone either: for some clients I’ve seen clear paths; for others I’ve seen equally two possible paths with no certainty for either; and for some I haven’t seen a clear future path for.

    This doesn’t mean Ed Dames is good at what he does, because he tends to always see some catastrophe in the future. He isn’t the only person to do this with remote viewing the future.

  • Dave

    Ed dames when he had psi tech not only was he a great mentor but an excellent teacher he help me personally and he made me the great remote viewer I am. I have studied many remote viewing courses and by far ed is the best. For the people who say nonsense about him it is exactly that nonsense. Trust me when I tell you I have taken almost every course and he is the best teacher out there. **Edit: removed personal information**

  • Rick Jamez

    Cmon people lets put our thinking caps on.if remote viewing actually worked we would all be either finding missing people,treasures or lottery numbers. it sucks an Ed Dames is a fraud.
    the truth behing remote viewing is based on people who could mentally leave their bodies to access hidden knowledge.this in itself is plain sorcery and sorcerers here in mexico can actually do these kind of things.

  • Mike McChesney

    Wait. Its coming to me. Ummmmmm. I HAVE IT! You’re sitting in front of your computer monitor in your underwear, eating Cheetos 😉

“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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