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The FBI Most Wanted Terrorists

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The FBI Most Wanted Terrorists

The FBI is one of the leading organisations in the war on terrorism.

While they coordinate with International organisations such as foreign law enforcement and of course the CIA, their main duty is to protect the US itself from terrorist attacks.

They have a top ten most wanted terrorist list which is constantly updated on their website.

Here are the top few that the FBI would love to get their hands on the most.


This guy has a really long charge sheet with most accusations being related to his leadership of the bombing of the USS Cole as it lay in a port in Yemen whilst on international duties, which took place in the year 2000. 17 Sailors were killed in the initial blast and ensuing water taken on-board.

Information leading directly to his arrest has an award of $5 million. He is currently believed to be living in Yemen.


This guy is an Egyptian born doctor who is wanted for his role in the bombings of US Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya back in 1998. He is the founder of the EIJ (Egyptian Islamic Jihad) which is believed to have merged with Al’qaida around the time of the bombings.

$25 million is the reward for information leading to his capture.

#1 – Usama Bin Laden

Without a doubt the most well-know of the FBI’s most wanted list for very obvious reasons. He is wanted for leadership of Al’qaida and his role in the attacks on the embassies mentioned above in. He is also wanted for playing a huge role in orchestrating the 9-11 attacks which were committed by his organisation.

Information leading directly to his arrest is awarded with the hefty sum of $25 million. CIA and military operations have come close to capturing Bin Laden in the past and have apprehended some of his close colleagues but he remains at large. His whereabouts is currently unknown but he is believed to travel between Pakistan and Afghanistan occasionally and has contact with international splinter Al’qaida groups.

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