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The Illuminati and Causes of the French Revolution

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The Illuminati and Causes of the French Revolution

causes of the french revolutionIn history books across the world, children learn about the historically accepted causes of the French revolution.

During the 18th century, France feudalism weighed heavy upon the lower and middle class Parisians. The wealthy nobles and the clergy could avoid taxes, while the workers labored away only to pay heavy taxes to the government.

Nobles and clergy had more power in politics than commoners, and of course King Louis XIV had the final ruling.

The combination of the government becoming bankrupt in 1789, and the commoners entering into a period of intellectual Enlightenment, led to a grass roots groundswell of support across the population for an uprising against the ruling class. Who needs more causes of the French Revolution than that?

The final straw was when King Louis XVI called together the Estates General (Nobles and Clergy) to come up with some financial solutions. The solutions, of course, were terribly unfair to commoners and peasants, which led the populace to form a National Assembly and draft their own Constitution, in the spirit of the newly formed American Constitution overseas.

Suffering from hunger and exhausted from unfair social conditions, led to the revolutionary Parisians storming Bastille prison and triggering the infamous French Revolution. That’s where the History books end.

But as usual, here at Top Secret Writers, we’d like to introduce you to the rest of the story – a true story that involves the Illuminati manipulations leading up to and eventually inciting the French Revolution itself.

J.J.C Bode, Philalethes and Other Causes of the French Revolution

This article constitutes the first part of my review of Terry Melanson’s thorough and fascinating book titled, Perfectibilists – The 18th Century Bavarian Order of the Illuminati. Terry runs the Conspiracy Archive, and he is an excellent researcher. Once this series is over and I’m finished reading his book, I’ll also be talking to Terry and publishing a final interview, so please follow along with this fascinating series in our Illuminati section.

Terry makes the first real hard-hitting revelation in the book in Chapter 2, which covers the French Revolution and the workings of the Illuminati leaders of the time. Keep in mind that the Illuminati were a secret society that had migrated from Bavaria to France during the Enlightenment, and being prosecuted after Weishaupt’s banishment.

This isn’t the Illuminati of strange and outrageous conspiracy theories that you may read about online today, but a real, active secret society well documented by historians through member journals and documents throughout the period of the French Revolution.

Prior to the 1990s, there was speculation among many Illuminati researchers that J.J.C Bode had gone to Paris in 1787 to motivate the Masons toward the revolution. Terry writes about the November 1995 interview with Mason and Historian Professor Charles Porset of the National Scientific Research Center where he states that in Barruel’s book Memoires pour servir a l’histoire du Jacobinsime, Barruel admits that German Illuminati J.J.C. Bode had gone to France to meet with the Secret Society known as the Philalethes. Porset stated:

“However, the [Bodes] journal has now been published [in 1994] by a German scholar, Hermann Schuttler, and it confirms in all respects the idea put forward by Rossberg of collusion between the Illuminati and the Philalethes…”

Porset points out that in a letter to Chataigner, a member of the Philalethes by the name of Montmorency-Luxembourg who escaped to England when the Revolution started, blamed the Philalethes for “revolutionary disturbances.”

Terry points out the explosive nature of this material against Masonic debunkers that have stated for years that it wasn’t true that the Illuminati triggered helped fuel the french revolution. Terry states the situation as follows:

“It’s been well over a decade since the diary was published, but it hardly surprises me that it has seemingly been kept under wraps. Masonic websites haven’t exactly been keep to correct their much lauded, official debunking webpages, either. For Illuminati “conspiracy theorists,” though – whose foundation is the writings of Barruel, Robison, and Nesta Webster – this is tantamount to discovering the Holy Grail. Confirmation by modern scholars of the conspiracy plot of 1789, replete with Illuminati infiltration of key high-ranking members of French Freemasonry, is pure gold!”

I have to agree that the Bode journal is amazing evidence that is nothing short of pure gold.

Bode’s Activities in Paris

causes of the french revolutionThe revealing Bode journal, finally published in 1994, reveal that Bode was in France to dissuade Masonic groups there of practicing what were termed the “secret sciences” and occult research. Bode’s effort was to persuade the men within these societies to return to “healthy ideas of pure reason.”

His journal also reveals the following:

  • –>Bode and Philalethes leaders developed methods for the Illuminati to operate in France.
  • –>Communications were marked with a cross to dissuade censors from opening the letters out of religious reverence.
  • –>Letters would use standard Masonic cipher.
  • –>The group, would use the name “Philalethes” rather than the “Illuminati.”
  • –>Bode revealed that Daubermesnil, Jean-Baptiste Le Sage, Taillepied de Bondy and Alexandre-Louis Roettiers de Montaleau had all joined the Illuminati.
  • –>All four men promised Bode, “…to seize this opportunity for the good of mankind. Amen!”

In his book, Terry goes on to list the many documented French Masons and others that were members of the new Illuminati-Philalethes. Bode’s journal is a powerful evidence of the influence and fuel that the Illuminati fed to the populace and the French “Enlightenment” leading up to the storming of the Bastille, and ultimately feed the fire that only added to the existing list of causes of the French Revolution itself.

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  • Anonymous

    Hey Ryan — great insights from that new book out of !! This recent Mike Jay article on the Illuminati and the French Revolution gave the impression it was a false flag. So your research brings the Illuminati back into the ring!!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome – thanks Drew. Glad to hear it was a help, I’m really enjoying reading about the early history of the Illuminati from sources that use good, solid documentation to back it up.

  • Giuseppe354


  • Giuseppe354


  • Frustrated Highschooler

    I really appreciate this article. I am working on a research paper and I picked ‘secret societies’ for my topic. Big mistake. Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism is pretty straight forward, but anything on the Illuminati is complete bs. I printed an article on the Bavarian Illuminati, hoping to get genuine facts ( silly me ), and it was compiled by an incompetant, paranoid.. haha you get it. Anyway, thanks!

  • Rather not too

    Hi, I’m a home schooled child and my moms been teaching me a lot about the ugly truth of the Illuminati. As a Christian child I have to learn the real truth. I cant trust textbooks or Google any more. I can’t thank you enough for this website. Now I can learn the true history. God bless you and your website.

  • Max Thomas

    I have heard that this year (2014) the Illuminati will kill millions.

“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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