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The Top 10 Attempted Terrorist Attacks of 2010

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The Top 10 Attempted Terrorist Attacks of 2010

attempted terrorist attackLast year, CBS reported that a four-page report, “Evolving Threats to the Homeland,” prepared by the Office of Infrastructure Protection forewarned about increasing terrorist attacks on American soil and the tactics used in those attacks would be much different than in the past.

Based on recent, attempted terrorist attacks, it seems the report was correct.

Below is a quick summary of the top 10 attempted terrorist attacks in 2010:

1. The Whitestone Bridge Crash. On January 7, 2010, Adis Medunjanin attempted a suicide attack by intentionally crashing his car on the Whitestone Bridge in New York City. The Whistestone, as it is commonly referred to, is a suspension bridge that crosses the East River and connects the boroughs of Queens on Long Island and The Bronx. Medunjanin has been indicted for this attempt and another involving a plot to bomb a portion of the New York City Subway System.

2. Plane Crash into an Austin IRS Building. On February 18, 2010 Joseph Stack flew a small plane, a Piper Dakota, into IRS Building I of the Echelon office complex in Austin, Texas. This suicide attack killed Stack and IRS Manager Vernon Hunter. Stack’s motive was believed to have been in retaliation to the U.S. Government.

3. Hutaree Militia Attempt. On March 28, 2010, Nine members of a group calling themselves the Hutaree Militia plotted to kill a law enforcement official and then bomb his funeral caravan. The motive behind the bombing was to ambush law enforcement officers thought to be conspirators of the New World Order.

4. Bombing Attempt on Times Square. On May 1, 2010 New York’s Times Square was evacuated after two street vendors reported a suspiciously smoking vehicle. Upon arrival, the police made the discovery of a car bomb. The bomb was actually ignited, but it never detonated. U.S .government officials believe radical Islamists in the Pakistani Taliban directed and even financed the attempted terrorist attack.

attempted terrorist attack5. Discovery Channel Hostage Incident. On September 1, 2010, Environmental Radical, James Lee, took hostages at the Discovery Channel headquarters located in Silver Springs, MD. He was protesting the channels television programming. Lee wanted the Discovery Channel to replace its environmental programming with game shows aimed at reducing the global population. In the standoff, Lee was shot and killed. None of the hostages were harmed.

6. Attempted Bombing of Wrigley Field. September 20, 2010 Sami Samir Hassoun, a 22 year old Lebanese citizen living in Chicago, was charged with one count each of “attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction” and “attempted use of an explosive device” for a bombing attempt on Wrigley Field. After unwittingly discussing his ideas for a mass destruction attack with an FBI informant, a sting operation was set in motion. Hassoun placed a backpack with what he thought was a bomb near Wrigley Field The attempted terrorist attack was foiled when Hassoun was quickly arrested by the FBI.

attempted terrorist attack7. Attempted Bombing of Washington Metro Station. On October 27, 2010, Farooque Ahmed, a 34 year old naturalized U.S. citizen, was indicted for conspiracy to bomb four Washington Metro stations. Ahmed thought is fellow terrorists were Al-Qaeda operatives; however, they were actually undercover FBI agents. Authorities described it as a “lone wolf” operation because Ahmed was acting on his own with no communication with actual Al-Qaeda operatives.

8. Attempted Bombing of a Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. On November 26, 2010, Mohamed Osman Mohamud, a 19-year-old Somali-American, attempted to ignite a car bomb during a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, Oregon. The arrest was made after the FBI conducted a sting operation where Mohamud drove a van with a dummy device. He parked the van near the ceremony only minutes before the beginning. He was quickly arrested and later the FBI stated the created the dummy device as part of the sting operation. The sting operation was a result of months of monitoring Mohamud as his alleged bomb plot developed. It has been reported that Mohamud’s motive was Jihad.

9. Attempted Bombing of a Military Recruiting Center. On December 8, 2010, 21 year old Antonio Martinez, also known as Muhammad Hussain was arrested after a FBI sting operation uncovered a plot to bomb a military recruiting center in Catonsville, Maryland. The Islamic convert reported that he was upset that the U.S. military continues to kill Muslims.

10. The Underwear Bomber. Technically, this occurred in 2009, but its close enough and its worth repeating. On December 25, 2009, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a 23 year old Nigerian man tried to ignite an explosive device aboard a trans-Atlantic Northwest Airlines flight. Abdulmutallab attempted to detonate plastic explosives hidden in his underwear. However, the device did not detonate properly resulting in the young terrorist receiving severe burns. No one else was harmed in the attempt and it was later discovered that Abdulmutallab did not have enough explosives to bring down the an Airbus A330 wide-body jet.

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