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Watch the Banned Videos of Achmed the Dead Terrorist

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Watch the Banned Videos of Achmed the Dead Terrorist

achmed the dead terroristAchmed the Dead terrorist has to be one of the funniest ventriloquist acts I’ve ever seen in my life.

The skilled ventriloquist Jeff Dunham, who has numerous characters such as Walter, Peanuts and ‘José the Jalapeno on a Stick’, came up with Achmed as a satirical response to the Western terrorist-fear culture that has amassed since 9-11.

He often makes quips about the Islamic world, life as a terrorist and his musings about Muslim beliefs, such as the promise of 72 virgins for a martyr upon death.

Dunham pokes fun at people from all walks of life with regard to several religions, sexualities and professions. Unfortunately, several Muslim leaders have taken offense to Achmed’s comedy styling and South Africa has gone as far as to ban the act all together!

There are also reports of other countries unofficially blocking access and restricting searches with regard to this comedy act and other Islam-related comedy acts and literature.

The best way to get around these restrictions is to use a publicly available proxy server.

For a simple action such as accessing a foreign version of YouTube to view banned videos like Achmed the Dead Terrorist, you just need to find a good proxy server. For example, allows you to quickly hide your IP address (the most common piece of info used for blocking people), and gain access to such blocked sites.

It basically re-routes you through a second server which masks your identity before accessing content. If this website is also blocked, then check out for a list of nearly 5,000 working proxies.

If you can see it, here’s a sample of one of the Achmed the Dead Terrorist acts:

If all else fails, this guide can help you create your own proxy server in a few minutes to get around restrictions.

Not only can using proxy servers be a great way to stay secure online, but it can also help those in oppressive countries get their message out and organize movements without leading the authorities directly to their home computer.

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