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Allegations That Egypt Paid Protestors to Incite Violence

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Allegations That Egypt Paid Protestors to Incite Violence

As though things couldn’t get any worse in Egypt, reports are coming in from all major news agencies that pro-government demonstrators were either paid, or forced by the Egyptian government to attend the protests in Cairo and in many cases to violently oppose the anti-government protesters that number over 2,000.

It’s a one of the cheapest anti-riot intelligence tricks that a government could possibly attempt – to convert a peaceful demonstration into violence, seemingly to develop justification for the use of force by the military.

Unfortunately for the Egyptian government, the attempts to sabotage the will of the Egyptian protesters backfired. As more and more pro-government protesters were captured by anti-government demonstrators, the truth eventually came out.

Odd Happenings

The first hint that something was awry was the fact that pro-Mubarak groups were brought into the area on buses, and in some cases 50 or 60 mounted men on camel or horseback in order to bypass the barricades – clues that they are well organized.

All day, bricks and stones flew from side to side, and some reporters stated that gunshots could be heard.

According to the BBC, some protesters are reporting that the pro-Mubarak demonstrators were trying to incite violence by throwing stones until anto-government demonstrators chased them off. According to one witness, “They returned once again with the horses and the whips and the thugs.”

Ibrahim Zadran of the National Association for Change told the BBC that the pro-government side shot about 15 anti-government protestors.

Evidence of State Sponsored Violence

In an article titled “Who are the Pro-Mubarak Demonstrators?” the CNN staff pulled together some of the most compelling evidence that shows the Egyptian government is attempting to incite violence in order to fabricate an excuse to put an end to the protests forcefully.

The shocking revelations include the following:

–> Captured pro-Mubarak demonstrators confessed that the Egyptian government had paid them to protest in favor of Mubarak.
–> Other captured pro-Mubarak demonstrators were carrying state security (police) identification on them.
–> CNN’s own journalists in Cairo talked to pro-Mubarak demonstrators, who told the journalists that they worked for the government in some capacity.
–> Workers of the national petro company told journalists that they were ordered to protest in favor of Mubarak.

The picture is quickly forming that the current government coerced government workers and others, using either money or threats, to come out and demonstrate against the anti-government protestors. Most observers report that security forces are doing very little to prevent or stop the clashes.

World Governments Warn Egypt Against Violence

Most public statements made by world governments toward Egypt are veiled warnings that taking a violent approach toward the peaceful protestors would be a very bad move for the Egyptian government.

The White House press secretary reported, “The president and this administration strongly condemn the outrageous and deplorable violence that’s taking place on the streets of Cairo. Obviously, if any of the violence is instigated by the government, it should stop immediately.”

An Egyptian journalist, Reham Saeed told CNN that she saw police go into a hotel near Tahrir Square and then exit wearing civilian clothes and entering the pro-Mubarak crowds.

Government supported demonstrators aside, there does appear to be a contingent of the population that are speaking out against the anti-government protestors, reporting to journalists that they feel Mubarak has kept the country safe and secure, and that they fear that Western countries will attempt to coerce any governmental transformation into one that turns Egypt into “another Iraq.”

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“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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