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Ex CIA Operative And Terrorist Posada Carriles In Court

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Ex CIA Operative And Terrorist Posada Carriles In Court

The modern theater of war is full of irony that the media love to lap up.

For example, when it was revealed that NATO troops are currently fighting against Taliban Kalashnikovs and RPGs, of which many were supplied by the CIA during the 70s via Pakistan to fight the Russians, there was controversy.

Defectors also have a bitter sting to deliver to their former friends. Often, the CIA train and pay people in foreign countries to act as spies and informers. What may happen is that those CIA-trained operatives use this training to defect from the CIA and join another cause.

This is an embarrassing situation for the CIA to find themselves, and the case of Posada Carriles isn’t any different.

Posada is currently awaiting trial for misleading US immigration officials about his previous activities. One such activity included blowing up a packed airplane in mid-flight and attempting to kill Fidel Castro using a massive amount of dynamite and C4. He was also involved in a series of bombings in Havana in 1997.

His former CIA colleagues paid him $300 per month to train other operatives and act as a spy. His codename was AMCLEVE/15. His deployment by the CIA has been described by a number of journalists as “training a Frankenstein”, and then setting him loose.

While Posada stopped working with the CIA many years ago, it appears that the agency kept in touch with him regularly. In fact, just a few years before he began a bombing campaign in Havana, he was contacted by CIA agents and informed that there was a price on his head.

Obviously, the relationship turned sour, because soon Posada will be standing trial under the watchful eyes of his former employers.

In the words of Archive Cuba Documentation Project director Peter Kornbluh, “It’s poetic justice that the same US government whose secret agencies created, trained, paid and deployed Posada is finally taking steps to hold him accountable in a court of law for his terrorist crimes.”

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“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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