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Surveillance Video of John Wheeler Reveals Subtle Clues

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Surveillance Video of John Wheeler Reveals Subtle Clues

John Wheeler was a Vietnam veteran, a consultant to the Department of Defence and a presidential adviser in his time. He had a long and illustrious career and was highly regarded by friends and colleagues.

Sadly, he met his demise right at the end of 2010, after days of odd activity on his part. We recently reported on his murder and his ties to Mitre.

Investigators are still pursuing possible leads as to how Mr. Wheeler died and have released details of his last known whereabouts in the days running up to his death. Released evidence includes a CCTV tape which shows him alive mere hours before his body was discovered in a Wilmington landfill on December 31st 2010.

Odd Activity During Hours Prior to Murder

Wheeler had reportedly been traveling on business during the few days prior to his death, but it seems he was not in good condition to be doing so. Witnesses who had contact with Wheeler say he was in a confused state and not acting normal at all. A parking lot attendant who tried to help the obviously disorientated man said he was wandering aimlessly around the lot; one damaged shoe in his hand.

On December the 30th he entered the Nemours building on 10th and Orange and stayed there untill as late as eight o’clock. Staff offered assistance but he declined each time.

He left the building and is not reported to have been seen alive again.

Clues Revealed by the Parking Garage Video

The footage revealed the following important clues about Wheeler just hours before he was found dead:

–> He was most likely mugged or attacked but survived for hours afterward
–> His briefcase was stolen
–> He might have been attacked, but the process of his escape or release damaged his shoes
–> His escape or release also left him without his jacket

Because his briefcase was stolen, Wheeler couldn’t use his parking ticket to remember where he’d parked his vehicle. He was forced to search through the city with only one damaged shoe and no jacket. It seems that most likely his previous attackers – or new ones – discovered John Wheeler and finally ended his life.

This footage creates new questions about the case, like why didn’t John accept help or allow the staff to call police? Did he feel the authorities could not help – and why? Why didn’t he call friends or family to help him get home?

The footage shows a man clearly confused and in post-trauma. The staff even told reporters that, “He just looked like something was wrong with him, like somebody had done something to him.”

The CCTV footage is now crucial for investigators as it shows who he had contact with before his death and clearly gives them an idea of his physical and mental state. It could also help jog the memory of someone who may have spotted Wheeler after he left the building.

Police are calling for anyone with information to contact them immediately.

This article was a collaboration of both Dean Sherwin and Ryan Dube

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  • He was eliminated and discarded like trash… an American who loved his country and served was then cast as an enemy of the state and eliminated- why? Why has the FBI ignored his murder? Weapons expert working for as a consultant for the MITRE Corp.! Something very bad has been covered up here! “This was something that had preoccupied him over the last couple of years,” Radez said.

    James Fallows, a national correspondent for The Atlantic magazine, wrote in an article on the magazine’s website that he had known “Jack” Wheeler since the early 1980s.

    Wheeler, Fallows wrote, had spent much of his life trying to address “what he called the ’40 year open wound’ of Vietnam-era soldiers being spurned by the society that sent them to war.”

    Wheeler retired from the military in 1971, and went on to serve in the administrations of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, including at the Securities and Exchange Commission. He also was a special assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force under President George W. Bush. He recently worked as a consultant for The Mitre Corporation, a nonprofit based in Bedford, Mass., and McLean, Virginia, that operates federally funded research and development centers.

“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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