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The Bilderberg Conspiracy Theory Unmasked

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The Bilderberg Conspiracy Theory Unmasked

bilderberg conspiracyOne weekend in May of 1954, a group of influential businessmen met in Holland at the Hotel de Bilderberg. At that initial meeting, the attendees decided that it was necessary for them to meet annually to discuss global affairs.

However, many people believe that the Bilderbergs do more than just discuss global affairs. They believe that this group of influential leaders have positioned themselves to guide these affairs in any direction they see fit.

These conspiracy theorists assert that during these meetings, the participants decide on secret wars, government overthrows, and a planned global economy. The Bilderberg Group is commonly referred to as a global “shadow government” or a New World Order.

A Response From the Bilderberg Chairman

According to the group’s Chairman, Viscount Davignon Étienne, “ I don’t think (we are) a global ruling class because I don’t think a global ruling class exists. I simply think it’s people who have influence interested to speak to other people who have influence.”

According to the chairman, these meetings give participants and chance to debate and learn how their peers feel about certain issues that effect North America and Europe.

There are many people out there that agree with Etienne. One example is G. William Domhoff, a psychology and sociology professor who has studied theories of power for many years.

He sees the Bilderberg group, and other social clubs like it, as nothing more than a means for the “power elite” to form a bond among themselves outside of the limelight.

Simply speaking; birds of a feather flock together.

The Need for Secrecy

bilderberg conspiracyMany people question that if the Bilderberg Group is just a social club, then why is it so secret?

The fact remains that the group is really not secret, it is simply unreported. During each meeting, the names of the conference attendees, as well as the agenda, are in fact made available to the press and to the general public. For some of the press and many others, that is not enough.

They believe that the Bilderberg conferences should be open to the public and to the media, and press releases should be issued.

The Bilderbergs make a very good point concerning media access. If their goal is to foster an environment where participants can speak their minds candidly, then the meetings must be private.

Any person in power would have to be overly cautious when speaking in front of the press; for fear that an offhand comment may cause an international controversy.

In the grand scheme of things, if the Bilderberg Group opened its doors and invited the world to its secret conference, there would still be conspiracy theorists out there saying that it is all part of the plan. Going public would be just one step closer to the infamous New World Order.

And it seems Etienne agrees. The Bilderberg Chairman states:

“It is unavoidable and it doesn’t matter. There will always be people who believe in conspiracies, but things happen in a much more incoherent fashion….When people say this is a secret government of the world, I say that if we were a secret government of the world we should be bloody ashamed of ourselves.”

Most conspiracy theorists would refute Etienne’s assertion by asking on simple question. What do you expect the leader of a shadow government to say?

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  • A establishment “power elite” apologia with no substance.

    The very term “power elite” is synonymous with the ruling class (somewhat akin to an oligarchy). Bilderberg membership is perfectly representative of it. In fact, they are it. Period. Coupled with the fact that membership overlaps between the bohos, the cfr, the trilats and the biderbergers, we have one powerful network at work which is at the center of power – real power – internationally. Power such as this does not becessarily have to conspire in the traditional sense. A smile and a handshake can rearrange entire regions and effect millions.

    So, when they get together and talk shop behind closed doors – don’t tell anyone where they are meeting, and don’t invite the press – then we common folk tend to get worried. And rightly so.

    They have not been even minimally transparent for over 50 years. The ostensible agenda for each year was never released to the press nor to independent researchers, until last year when they decided that not having a website gave them more headaches than they could afford.

    For years, the membership lists have been circulating on the black market. That’s right, the actual black market: that Bilderberg cache that Wikileaks published a few years ago, that’s where it came from. I was the source. And my source, in turn, spent thousands of dollars acquiring it on the black market in the first place. It is unique, and can’t be found anywhere unless you know where to look.

    Before the internet was even conceived. This thing called Bilderberg was the most secret confab in modern history – and it still is. Not a single recording has surfaced from an actual meeting, and all the while the so-called “rapporteurs” have tacitly colluded with the secrecy and reported next to nothing about the gatherings. And the little that they are allowed to let slip, is useless in toto.

    It is only through the tireless efforts of the Tony Goslins and the Jim Tuckers of the world – who have, since the early ’80s, tirelessly persued these crooks – that you and I even have the priviledge of knowing of its entire existence. Give credit where credit is due. When it comes to the secret rulers of us all, taking sides is not just a political issue it is a moral one.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Terry – what a brilliant reply and well written. In my opinion, you are very much correct when you point out that the power structure that exists simply within the membership lists – the collective power over governments, industries, organizations, etc… – is remarkable. Unfortunately, the degree to which mad conspiracy theorists expand upon and make completely far-reaching and frankly, ridiculous implications about what the secret meetings are all about – those ramblings tend to drive the good, solid research into the ground. You yourself have seen this in your Illuminati research (I finally finished the book btw…review coming within just a few days!).

    I think that you are right, there are good, sane Bilderberg researchers out there that deserve credit for the good work they’ve done through the years to bring the reality of these proceedings to light.

    Thanks for your post!

  • Patrick Bateman


  • I love these crazy ideas about how people like Eric Schmidt of google (who said the corporations control the govt) meet in secrecy with other people who say, Call me guilty of running a cabal against the best interests of the united states of America. Other people who later become our presidents, and other people like Rupert Murdoch who we can see on tv control the cops, govt, and media, and people  die when they expose them?  ————  WoW. There is no way any of this stuff on tv my govt or jerry springer doesnt tell me is real. Im going back under my rock, this stuff is scary. I dont care what they do as long as they issue pacifiers with the next few waves of tax increases (mostly thru dollar deflation) they are gonna use to pay for the trillions the pentagon seems to have stolen. They got big guns and the cops are allowed to kill who they want and destroy all evidence at gunpoint if they decide to let you live.  I need my binky.

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