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Three Strange Random Events in History You Probably Never Knew

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Three Strange Random Events in History You Probably Never Knew

strange events in historyWe have all heard the saying “fact is stranger than fiction.” This saying proves to be true on a daily basis.

It seems every time we open a newspaper, turn on the television, and even log on to our computers, there is some strange but true phenomenon going on in the world. However, these types of events are not isolated to modern times.

Strange events have been occurring since the dawn of man. Below are just a few strange events in history that you probably never knew about.

1. The Prehistoric Cube.

In Austria around 1885, a cube made of iron, carbon, and nickel was discovered in a coal bed. The coal bed dated to around 12 to 70 million years ago, suggesting that the cube originated from the Tertiary period. At first glance, the geometry of the cube makes it appear to have been made by human hands. Why does this make the list of strange events in history? Well, the trouble with the theory is that there were no humans during the Tertiary period.

Three main theories surround the creation of the prehistoric cube. The first theory is that it was a meteorite that slammed into earth. The second is that it is not truly prehistoric, but rather a piece of machinery that simple became embedded over time as the coal bed was worked. Finally, the third theory states it is an artifact from a technologically advanced prehistoric civilization that has been lost to history.

Yet all of these theories have their flaws. If it was a meteorite, then how did it form in space and how did it retain it’s shape during its fall to earth and impact. If it was just a piece of machinery, then what type of machinery and how did it get encased into the coal bed. Finally, if it is an artifact from a long lost civilization, then why is there no other artifacts found from this civilization. Not to mention there is no scientific evidence to support such a claim about the Tertiary period.

The prehistoric cube remains a mystery to this day.

2. The Roman Exploration of the Americas.

strange events in historyThough this is not a true event, it is strange enough and has enough circumstantial evidence to support the claim. All across the Americas, Roman coins have been discovered and dug up.

The coins have been scattered from Maine to Mexico. One cache of coins was found buried in a mound in Round Rock, Texas. The mound was dated to roughly 800 A.D. Another example is the bronze tetradrachm bearing the profile of Emperor Nero discovered in the town of Heavener, OK. This coin, originally struck in Antioch, Syria, in 63 A.D., was found in 1976.

Many people are re-researching the discovery of America in light of this Roman evidence. These researchers believe the string of coins around the Americas suggest that the Vikings or Columbus were not the first Europeans to visit the New World.

3. The Medieval Hazmat Suit.

strange events in historyThe bubonic plague, or the Black Death, was the third deadliest pandemic in human history. Even though Fourteenth century physicians could not figure out what was causing such a plague, they quickly figured out that it was highly contagious.

To protect themselves from the “bad air,” these plague doctors wore their own version of a Hazmat suit. This suit included a large beaked head piece that was filled with vinegar, sweet oils and other strong smelling compounds to counteract the stench of the dead and dying plague victims.

The physicians also wore a large brimmed hat, long black overcoat, and leather breeches. The overcoats were usually coated in wax as an extra precaution.

Unfortunately, these roaming plague doctors probably did more harm than good. They traveled from town to town administering to the sick. It is unknown if their remedies did any good, but it is a certainty that many of these doctors helped to spread the plague across Europe.

A strange prehistoric cube, a Roman Expedition to the Americas, and a Medieval Plague suit are just some of the strange facts and events that have occurred throughout history. There are many more out there.

Do you know of any strange events in history? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  • Frank Medrisch

    The sudden massive outburst of schizofrenia among the population of french town of Pont Saint Esprit, in France in 1951. That is a weird event…

    The odd battle of the River Plate in front of Punta del Este, Uruguay in 1939 between german and english ships, constituting the only armed duel held in America during WWII.

    Look those up. THEY ARE STRANGE

  • Tina Mukerji Mehta

    The red rain in Kerala, also strange.

  • YoloMaster

    The Japan Airlines flight 1628 UFO incident. Look it up!!!

  • These are all great. Sounds like we need to do a Three Strange Random Events in History You Proably Never Knew part II!

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