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How Spies Use Forged Irish Passports For Espionage

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How Spies Use Forged Irish Passports For Espionage

An Irish passport is one of the most valuable passports in the world, and one which has been at the center of numerous cases of forgery.

The reason behind it’s value is that Ireland has a policy of military neutrality (with the exception of defence pacts – EU Common Defence Plan and Nordic Battlegroup).

Many Irish journalists are often able to get closer to hostile organisations such as the Taliban easier than others simply because of the passport in their pocket and the friendly diplomatic relations that go along with it.

While the media community has used this diplomatic etiquette to their advantage, so has the world of spies.

Military and Intelligence Use of Irish Passports

In the past few months, there have been two huge cases of foreign nations using Irish passports for military and intelligence operations.

First came Israel using numerous Irish passports to get their operatives, unquestioned by port authorities and police, around Dubai and close enough to a Hamas commander to assassinate him last year.

In February of this year, the Russian Federation has had a diplomat expelled from their embassy in Dublin because he helped Russian spies in the US to forge Irish passports in order to operate with relative freedom in the US for several years; posing as citizens of Ireland.

“The government, by this action, has once again made clear that it will not tolerate the fabrication and use of forged Irish passports by agents of a foreign state,” said a spokesperson.

A garda (Irish police) investigation concluded that the diplomat had forged the passports (which were clones of actual Irish citizens’ passports) and supplied them to the spy ring.

The six Irish people had applied for working visas at the Russian embassy in Dublin in order to travel to Russia. Their details were then used to clone their passports. The passports were used in the now famous New York spy ring containing eleven individuals, which was discovered last year.

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