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The Many Failed Edgar Cayce Prophecies

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The Many Failed Edgar Cayce Prophecies

edgar cayce propheciesEvery day for more than 40 years, the Sleeping Prophet Edgar Cayce would put himself in a trance. While in this trance, he would then “predict” the future from his subconscious.

He did not just predict the future, but Edgar Cayce’s prophecies revealed information on a wide variety of subjects. These subjects included ancient history, religion, and even health care. It is estimated that Edgar Cayce made over 21,000 predictions in his lifetime.

Even today, more than 65 years after Cayce’s death, his believers still exist. There are Edgar Cayce Centers located around the world.

It is at one of these centers, Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, where anyone interested can read more than 14,000 of his readings that were preserved during his lifetime.

He is often proclaimed as a miracle worker, prophet, and even America’s most successful clairvoyant; however, Edgar Cayce’s predictions were wrong more often than they were correct. Below are just a few of those failed Edgar Cayce prophecies.

1933 Will Be a Good Year

In one of Cayce’s earlier predictions, he stated that 1933 would be a good year. This prediction was way off base.

In 1933, Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany. Shortly after this appointment, he dissolved the German parliament, which marked the beginning of the Nazi rampage throughout Germany and across Europe.

In the U.S., the Great Depression was in full swing when the global economy hit rock bottom in 1933.

The Lost City of Atlantis

Cayce was actually very fond of the subject of Atlantis, and made quite a few predictions about the lost city. Most of these predictions were way off base.

One of these predictions stated that an Atlantean death ray would be discovered by the U.S. in 1958. He also predicted that the lost city would rise again in 1968 or 1969. Neither one of these predictions ever came to fruition.

Even, if you take the most recent claim of the discovery of Atlantis into consideration; Cayce was still 42 years and 4,000 miles off.

The Lost State of California

edgar cayce propheciesJust as Atlantis supposedly sank into the ocean, so would California.

According to Cayce, a large earthquake would hit the sate of California, causing it and the Baja peninsula to slide into the Pacific sometime during the 1960s. Even though California does sit on a fault line and is plagued by numerous earthquakes per year, the sate and the Baja peninsula are both still fully intact.

Armageddon in 1999

While in his self-induced tranced, Cayce predicted that Armageddon would come in 1999. Obviously, Armageddon never came. 1999 did have its share of disasters, natural and political, but nothing on the scale of Armageddon.

A New Christian China

Cayce also predicted that China would become the new “cradle of Christianity.” He went on to predict that China would be completely converted to Christianity by 1968.

Just as in his other predictions, Cayce missed the mark. Buddhism remains the most popular single religion in China since its introduction in the 1st century. Nearly 30% of the country is Buddhist. The number of Christians pale in comparison. Even today, Christians only make up 3 to 4% of the Chinese population.

Believers Have No Need for Evidence

Out of the thousands upon thousands Edgar Cayce’s prophecies, only 40% can be considered remotely correct, and even that percentage is open to debate. The other 60% were either too vague to interpret, multiple-intent, or just plain wrong.

Just as Cayce was not concerned with critics and skeptics, neither are his modern-day followers. When questioned about flawed or incorrect predictions, modern-day believers simply reply back with a quote from Cayce himself.

“Prophecy is never given for any other purpose than as a warning. For this reason, a successful prophecy is one that has been averted and therefore does not happen.”

This also means that a successful prophet is one that you can never successfully prove is a fraud, no matter how many times they get it wrong.

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  • Laurencelarry1

    Playwright Larry Myers explores Cayce’s claculations & the metaphors of his panceas, prophecies & forecasts in his work
    “Edgar Cayce’s Autograph”
    Dr. Myers is a theater authority , metaphysician & mystic

  • Pogo

    Hey, Cayce was in a trance – asleep – what do we expect??? What about Nostradamus? How close have any of his been. Same thing – poor and a big stretch – because they were so wide open to interpretation. But, some folks have to have something to believe in – otherwise most of us would be out of work!

  • Pogo – good point. I believe Nostradamus utilized a crystal ball of some sort, but I suppose it’s the same ideal. Each had their ritual to follow, and both were just vague enough so that people could later make situations fit the predictions…

  • Nolimits3333

    Pretty bogus article. Cayce’s reading are the greatest body of information on the planet. Too bad the writer didn’t do any research. Research Cayce on your own, my friends. He was an amazing man.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your reply, but by my count, the author has offered four examples from his research to back up the title claim, while by my count you’ve offered zero.

  • Nolimits3333

    The author made up most of the prophecies listed here. You want me to offer a defense? There have been over three hundred books written about the Cayce readings. Do a little research on your own, my friend. I have studied the Cayce readings for over thirty years, and Cayce’s abilities were extrordinary, especially his ability to diagnose illinesses at a distance. Like I said, DO A LITTLE RESEARCH ON YOUR OWN. Don’t rely on bogus stuff like this.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Furthermore, I should add that I hold my writers to a very high standard of integrity and research. The charge of “making things up” is very serious and not something I take lightly. I know the quality of Dennis’ work well, and I don’t appreciate the false charge you’ve made against him here.

  • Dennis

    Actually, I did do some research into Cayce’s prophecies. Albeit, not 30 years worth; however, all of these are actual “predictions” that obviously did not come true. Like most psychics, Cayce used vague statements. Yet, when Cayce would use actual dates in his predictions it was easier to verify, not just by me, but by any researcher into the Cayce prophecies. Carroll was on source, but there have been several books written (also websites) about Cayce’s failures. So, to answer your question, I did do a little reseach on my own. The difference is that going into this article I had no bias, one way or the other about Cayce. However, I am curious as to which of these prophecies are you thinking are made up?

  • Caul

    These are his real predictions not misinterpreted like the ones above. His main message was to get rid of your ego, which the writer needs to do before giving false information, especially when these readings can change ones life.

    Cayce would repeatedly say that even the Lord of Lords could not accurately predict future events because human free will can alter and change the future at any second.


    Cayce foresaw that the Great Depression would lift in the spring of 1933 which it did.

    Cayce revealed that new land will appear in 1968 or 1969 off the east coast of North America, the so-called “rising of Atlantis”.


    Cayce predicted that the so-called “Battle of Armageddon” described symbolically in the Bible would begin in 1999. Cayce
    foresaw that this “battle” will not be a war fought on Earth. Rather, it will be a spiritual struggle between the “higher forces of light” and “lower forces of darkness” for 1000 years of Earth time.

    Here is a sample go to the website, never trust an article of hate, their are egos involved, meaning of selfish nature. God Bless

  • Anonymous

    The Lord could most certainly predict the future ACCURATELY 100% of the time.

    “2 Pet 3:4 And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.”

    “For such [are] false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. 2 Corinthians 11:13-14”

    ““But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.””

    ““Then the LORD said unto me, The prophets prophesy lies in my name: I sent them not, neither have I commanded them, neither spake unto them: they prophesy unto you a false vision and divination, and a thing of nought, and the deceit of their heart.””

    God bless and Happy Easter.

  • Dennis

    And from the top:

    Cayce states 1933 will be a good year. This is not misinterpretation. This “prediction” is heavily documented and widely known (even among believers) as a MISS! (Except for Naziss. 1933 was a good year for Nazis).

    The Lost City of Atlantis found in 1968. The closest archaeological evidence to this is the “discovery” of the Bimini Road. However, no one knows exactly what the Bimini Road is, but (as of now) the consensus among scientists is that it is a natural phenomenon.

    Concerning the death ray, Cayce states, “And this was administered in much the same way or manner as sending out from various central plants that which is at present termed the death ray—or the super cosmic ray—that which many are seeking, which will give their lives much, from the stratosphere—or cosmic rays—that will be found in the next twenty-five years.” The closest to thing science has to offer this prediction is the invention of the LASER in the late 1950s and early 1960s. However this early version was far from the cosmic death ray Cayce predicted. To date, there is no known “death rays” in operation. There is research being done presently with solid state LASERS as weapon in the military, but is it still the test phase. Nevertheless, these solid state LASERS were not found in Atlantis.

    Lost of California. I will concede on the 1960s reference to this prediction as stated it above. This date came from another skeptic site. It seems Cayce stated, “”If there is the greater activities in the Vesuvius, or Pelee then the southern coast of California and the areas between Salt lake and the southern portions of Nevada may expect within the three months following same, an inundation by the earthquakes.” With that being said, Mount Vesuvius had a major eruption in March 1944. If Cayce’s prediction was true, California would have slid in the ocean in June of that same year.

    Armageddon in 1999. Cayce stated that, “Inundations of many coastal regions, caused by a drop in the landmass of about 30 feet combined with a melting of both polar ice caps, including:
    The loss of much of England and Japan.
    The flooding of northern Europe, which will happen very rapidly.
    New land appearing off the east coast of North America, the so-called “rising of Atlantis”.
    The widespread destruction in Los Angeles, San Francisco and the destruction of Manhattan and disappearance of New York.
    Volcanic eruptions in tropical regions and an increase in Pacific rim volcanic activity.
    A general warming of currently cool areas, and cooling of warm areas of the globe.
    None of which occurred in 1998 or 1999 or 2000 or 2001, etc. As for the citation that Armageddon is occurring is some other dimension, there is no science to support nor refute that claim.

    Christian China by 1968. The date comes from the skeptics dictionary. But a “someday” prediction is not much better. I can sit here and say that “one day” the earth will be swallowed by a black hole. Then if/when it happens, I am right. Anyone can make “someday” predictions.

    The fact of the matter is Cayce does not have the best track record. As far, as the comment about egos and hate, I don’t hate Cayce. I am unbiased on the entire subject. It is just that I have not read anything that proves to me that the Cayce predictions are the “greatest body of information on the planet.”

  • Anonymous

    Wow – well said (written) Dennis!

  • Edward

    I do think it’s funny that it says only 40% of his predictions can be considered correct. Think about that….. If anyone can make over 10000 predictions and get even 10% correct and I’m not talking about ” the sun will rise in the morning” many of his predictions were very specific all you can say is OMG!!! Now let’s consider that a septic says the accuracy rate was 40% think about that 40% out of over 10000. What’s not to marvel at?

  • Brothersgriff

    Mr. Dufrene the evidence you put forth is not entirely accurate. Many dates you bring up are completely wrong. Most of his important readings did not give specific dates but gave references to events that will lead to these prophesies. Im not saying that all of his readings are correct. But to say that he didn’t prove any ability to predict the future is ridiculous. I like how you didn’t once mention all of the amazing accurate predictions he did make. There is plenty of evidence to support this man for what he did. But again I’m not saying that he is all knowing, but do not take away from his achievements because you don’t believe he did anything.

  • Livenow111

    depression ended early 1933, that sounds like a good year to me, could not be better if you were living during the depression, and the death ray was more of a cosmic ray, means from nature itself, so maybe scientist have discovered this but you failed to do research again

    Your writers dont research bottom line, its an insult to the human mind and to truth, which is of God and Jesus since you like to quote the Bible. And Free Will meamns the future is not set……… “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”
    (Matt. 24:36) And another point is you give vague so called failed prophecies. What do you expect Atlantis to pop out the ocean overnight……….

    How about his predictions on the exact date dead sea scrolls were found as well as describing the essenes daily life before they were even translated. Or him predicting the rise and fall of Hitler, I can go on and on.

    Cayce predicted that India would
    become independent from Britain. 

    prophecy was fulfilled in 1947 when India began a transition to a democratic republic after independence from Britain.
    In 1932, Cayce advised the Jews to regard the advent of Fascist
    anti-Semitism in Europe as the time to fulfill the biblical prophecy which foretold that the Jews would return to Israel. 

    In May of 1948, the nation
    of Israel was re-established just as Cayce predicted. This was followed by
    war between Israel and the Arab countries around it.

    Cayce described a long term economic cycle
    of 24 to 25 years which predicts depressions and major recessions.
    Starting with a base year of 1907, every 24th or 25th year precisely
    describes an economic downturn. Based on Cayce’s definition, the next
    major depression is forecast for the year 2006 or 2007

    Edgar Cayce coined the term chakra, as well as brought awareness of meditation to the western world. He gave readings on natural herbs that scientist use today to cure and treat illnesses and diseases.

  • JOECH8

    “the cradle of Christianity
    as applied in the lives of men.”

    This doesnt mean they will be christians, but live as christians, which doesn’t give a year, I have the readings……….

    Lack of knowledge and understanding means zero wisdom, At least you can read and write, just need to put things together better scatter brain.

    Keyword “IF” means? possibly, maybe, could happen, so not a prediction…………
    “”If there is the greater activities in the Vesuvius, or Pelee then the southern coast of California and the areasCosmic ray, death ray sound like a laser to me, we have those for decades…………….Again no dates given to Japan or sinking of California, etc…… Dont pull your info from the internet, buy the readings and do a true, wise, and generous deed to humankind by speaking and writing the truth.  NOT BABBLE

  • Cau

    I too can quote the Bible. My ego is aside, I post the truth,  I research. So Edgar Cacye never called himself a prophet, never took any money, only spoke of love and told his readings were only to be used to help others, he never tried to help himself, so he lived not as a prophet or someone who was deceiving, but as a brother who would help anyone. Maybe that is why he was given the gift from GOD, thats the problem with so called christians, not all……  A true christian doesnt judge anyone and try and make someone to believe as they do, a true christian just lives the example…………….You need to RESEARCH THE HOLY TRINITY. Then maybe you can understand the relationship of GOD, CHRIST , AND MAN”No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”
    (Matt. 24:36)

  • Tru

    Yes it is, but he was close to 90% plus accurate. Most of his readings weren’t predictions for anyone who doesn’t know much about him, they were health readings for illnesses and diseases that gave natural cures to treat them, as well as the relationship to god and man, religion, science, astrology, ancient history, etc.

    Also, many of his natural cures are still used today, also there are companies that make these medicines according to his correct dosages, and correct treatments.

    Most of his reading were of the nature of man.

  • Nice information , many thanks to the author and i agree with your thoughts.Thank you for your sharing.

  • Timm

    One correction: Cayce’s description of the battle of Armaggedon is different from the Bible’s. In the Bible, the battle is a literal one that will occur in Megiddo (in Israel). It will be spiritually motivated, but literal in nature. Also, Cayce described the 2nd coming of Jesus as occuring in 1998, and in a different manner than described in the Bible. In the Bible, Jesus and His angels are described as returning to the earth in full physical view (the same way Jesus ascended before hundreds of witnesses). But Cayce supporters claim Jesus did return (to defend a failed prediction) but through reincarnation. This is inaccurate…especially considering “no man knows the day or the hour, not even the angels.” Cayce’s view actually supports the view John said would be promoted by the “spirit of the antichrist” which will deny Jesus came in the flesh–this passage, in context, was a rebuttal to the gnostic belief that Christ was a form of consciousness rather than a real person. Also, regarding reincarnation, Scripture says, It is appointed to man to die ONCE and then face the judgment of God (Heb 9:27). The spirits that often manifest before men, claiming to be the spirits of the deceased are in Scripture called Familiar Spirits.

  • Timm

    Sorry, forgot to post the Scripture: 1 John 4. For Familiar Spirits, look up Deut. 18:11; 2 Kings 21:6; 2 Chr. 33:6; Lev. 19:31; 20:6; Isa. 8:19; 29:4. For the Spirit of Divination (psychic, fortune telling) look up Acts 17. Remember: every effective lie is usually 90% truth mixed with 10% error, and is developed for the sole purpose of making men trust in a source other than God and the Scriptures.

  • ChirishMike33

    To Nolimits and DD,
    Cayce was largely believed to be able to tap into the Akashic Records, or the Book of Life as it is also known.  Making predictions, like always for ANY psychic, is a mixed bag.  Much of what Cayce “predicted” was based on a probable outcome for what he saw at the time.  He had said that his predictions can be changed based on Man’s free will.  If any of you understand the concept of the Chaos Theory, you would know that a single man’s choice on something, seemingly completely unrelated to a various prediction, can still set off a chain of events that could alter any of these predictions.
    If that isn’t enough for you, then you must also understand this.  Cetain interests from the “Power That Be” have made it their business to hide information from us.  For example, the chamber under the Sphinx paw not only exists, but has been excavated in a covert operation.  Places like the Vatican’s secret library or Illuminati’s collection usually are great for being known as culprits trying to hide the truth.  Thus, one can do all the research in the world, yet not find that “smoking gun” when it’s been intentionally hidden from us.  Hence, I’d have to say, history’s true story has yet to be unfurled until we get ALL the facts…and this is what must be done before any of you can really judge Cayce’s body of work.
    What we see in mainstream news and find via research, simply isn’t enough.  The PTB have gone to considerable lengths, spread out over centuries, for spin control and secrecy.  Instead of focusing on what may be inaccurate, Mr. Dufrene, why don’t you look past that and see who has to gain from skewing Cayce’s predictions?  If you do, you may find out that Cayce was actually the reason for the Great Depression, because the PTB were getting very nervous about Cayce’s exposure of them.  Thus, being the evil banmkster that they are, decided to call in all their notes (debts) prematurely mind you, and set off the economic disaster.  Now, if that is true, wouldn’t that start to raise a few red flags, DD, and compell you to revisit your assessments?

  • lalalolo

    Many Edgar Cayce’s disprovers often expect a sudden coming to pass of prophecy, but from experience, most of Cayce’s prophecies are usually gradual in their outcomes, Cayce made a few prophecies concerning the year 1933 and even concerning the man Adolf Hitler all of which eventually came to pass. I am personally biased in favour of Cayce, i have never seen nor heard of a more accurate prophet even in the Bible, except Jesus Christ of course

  • Phunkywilly

    The laser beam was invented by Arthur L. Schawlow in the year 1958, this sounds like he hit the mark to me!

  • lalalolo

    Kindly permit me to join this discuss.
    I have studied a lot of the Cayce readings and i am convinced that the spirit which speaks through this man is indeed the Holy spirit and not a demonic one as some would have us believe.We are told in the Bible to test all spirits and to hold fast to that which is true, indeed many false prophets have been let loose abroad and it takes the spirit of discernment to chose those who are truly called by God.Now the Spirit speaks expressly and the test of the spirit is that: If it confesses not that Christ is come in the flesh, then it is the spirit of the Anti-christ; we are not unaware that a kingdom divided in itself shall not prosper, it is not for devils to declare that Jesus is Lord. Cayce repeatedly declares in many of his readings, that no other name has been given by which man may be saved and that Jesus is the way the truth and the light and that any man who goes by any other way is a thief and a murderer.Mainstream Christians come across as having accepted the fallacy that the Holy Spirit is now silent and has no more revelations for the sons of Men Post-Apostles; i beg to differ; as we approach these latter days, the Holy Spirit is now thus released on the world in full measure, same as the Spirit of Anti-Christ, indeed our young men dream dreams and our old ones prophesy but foremost among those who declare that Jesus is Lord is this entity Edgar Cayce!Personally,the Bible came alive in my hands when Edgar Cayce interpreted it to me, Cayce will always say that if his reading do not draw you closer to Christ, then discard it!I understand now perfectly the Symbology of the book of Revelations  and i am under no misguided delusions of how Armageddon will occur; many self proclaimed Prophets have been led by lying spirits into prophesying a date for the Armageddon, falling flat on their faces and making a mockery of our faith in the process. Cayce gave  a unique interpretation of that part of the Bible, he stated that the war begins in 1999 first in the Spirit between those lesser souls seeking to incarnate on the Earth and the Forces of light seeking to hold them back, it is this war which would manifest in the flesh in due time as the War of Armageddon.Is it not stated in your Bibles that in the latter days knowledge shall increase? There are so many parts to this tale that space and time does not permit me to expatiate, the Bible tells us that when we were but babes we were fed with the milk of the Spirit but now as Men we are fed with solid food. Edgar Cayce is not for babes, your Christianity must have reached a level of intuition for you to grasp the deeper meanings of the declarations of this highest of spirits.I must at this point give my humble admonishion; a lot of Christians will perish out of ignorance and fear; remember that fear is not of God, we have the spirit of boldness and of sound judgement as children of the most High God, i read some of the comments here and i am troubled at the manifestation of ignorance in the guise of self-righteous know it allness. If you understand what Cayce reveals to us in the revelations you will know that perilous times have come.I am available for further discussions.Regards,Lalalolo 

  • Rae

    Thanks so much for this!   Have you read any of David Wilcock’s articles on his website, Divine Cosmos?  He claims to be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce and even co-authored a book to that effect.  He explains Cayce’s failed prophecies are due to the influence of a malevolent entity named “Halaliel.”  Very convenient, wouldn’t you say?  I would really appreciate it if you would write an article about his claims.  Clif High of Half Past Human did an interview on Red Ice Radio in which he describes Wilcock as a “useful idiot” /disinformation agent, and although I’m quite sure he sincerely believes he’s putting out helpful information, maybe your research could help him see that even if he is Cayce, that’s no guarantee he’s accurate in his predictions in this lifetime.  I’m afraid he’s misleading far too many people.  He’s even appeared in some of the Ancient Alien episodes.

  • Musiness

     Jesus didn’t know everything either, he said, No one knows the day or the hour, only the Father.” So it’s no “lie” for Edgar Cayce to take a guess. He said there is no sure date, it’s when the world is ready for him. He said, “As we see it now, ti would be 1998.”

  • Musiness

    This is true, Cayce even said, “Never make a cult or religion about what I’ve said, and if you don’t like something, disregard it.”

  • Musiness

     There are many parts of scripture that point to reincarnation. The one that fundamentalist like to quote, “It is appointed that man die once…” is taken out of context. He was referring to the body of man – one death – just like Solomon in Ecclesiastes said quotes like, “After death a man goes to his grave and there is nothing more.” Several times. Your quote refers to Christ having to die only once for mankind, not over and over again, like people were discussing, and was comparing it to the death of the body. He wasn’t focusing on whether there was reincarnation. The Sadducees even believed in reincarnation, and no one demonized them for it, not even Jesus, though he had the opportunity to straighten them out, if they were wrong.

  • Musiness

     There are many parts of scripture that point to reincarnation. The one that fundamentalist like to quote, “It is appointed that man die once…” is taken out of context. He was referring to the body of man – one death – just like Solomon in Ecclesiastes said quotes like, “After death a man goes to his grave and there is nothing more.” Several times. Your quote refers to Christ having to die only once for mankind, not over and over again, like people were discussing, and was comparing it to the death of the body. He wasn’t focusing on whether there was reincarnation. The Sadducees even believed in reincarnation, and no one demonized them for it, not even Jesus, though he had the opportunity to straighten them out, if they were wrong.

  • Musiness

    very good! And what about his predictions that the second of our presidents would be assassinated before the coming race riots. 

  • jay

    Thank you ALL for your inputs, I lean HEAVILY towards Cayce, I even say I believe it “fully” so called “fully” but my lack of ego reminds me that I do not KNOW anything for sure, we “could” all be in a matrix like cocoon for all you know for sure, the many many possibility’s that all could be the eventual overall truth could be something stranger than we currently can understand these all are shadows of other greater things and ones. stay open minded. You CAN be wrong about things and STILL enter the kingdom of Heaven but without FAITH you cannot enter!

  • Western Phonetic
    linear conclusions always see things in a linear fashion

  • Imagery that makes for input in a prophecy range from the literal to the symbolic and it is in the symbolic that the curvature of time takes place that makes room for the intercession of grace and even that which is foreseen changable by the will of man.

  • Veeblefetzer

    In 1958, after Charles Townes and Arthur Schawlow published an article in the Physical Review, regarding the idea of optical masers, the race to build a working model began. While attending a conference in 1959, Maiman listened to a speech given by Schawlow, describing the use of ruby as a lasing medium.

    The ruby laser was the first laser to be made functional. Built by Theodore Maiman in 1960, the device was created out of the concept of an “optical maser,” a maser that could operate in the visual or infrared regions of the spectrum.

    The U.S. military now has ground based lasers that can knock out an orbiting satelite.

    A ruby is a crystal… nuff said.

  • Anonymous

    “Out of the thousands upon thousands Edgar Cayce’s prophecies, only 40% can be considered remotely correct, and even that percentage is open to debate.”

    I took a look around and was unable to find a source or a broader description of these figures. I have previously heard that his readings were at one point determined to have been about 80% accurate, with some of the remaining 20% including cases where accuracy could not be determined. We might presume some of these were correct, as well. I can’t verify these numbers, but if they’re even close to accurate it’s a pretty awesome success rate and begs the question: how did he do it?

  • Jim

    I’ve only started reading about Cayce’s prophecies and don’t know if the years written in the article were indeed quoted by him.

    However, laser technology was developed around 1958. Maybe that’s the ‘death ray’?

  • CalCityDesertDweller

    Thanks for a thoughtful article. I, too, agree that those of us who believe one thing or another are biased. I also felt that your article was balanced based on my own research into the metaphysical. It would not be called research if we knew the answer like some of the opinioned people below.

  • CalCityDesertDweller

    Thanks for a thoughtful article. I, too, agree that those of us who believe one thing or another are biased. I also felt that your article was balanced based on my own research into the metaphysical. It would not be called research if we knew the answer like some of the opinioned people below.

  • Anonymous

    Edgar Cayce was a remarkable man. He didn’t achieve everything he wanted. He did try to help people. He had some pretty deep insights and seemed to have access to a universal consciousness.

    Some believe there is a universal consciousness, although he repeatedly said in his predictions, a definitely prediction can’t be made due to the variability of human behavior.

    The specific activity of a person, even a nation can not be predicted since people have free will. He stated this repeatedly, and I think everyone would agree. That is probably the biggest reason for variability in his prophesies.

    He could predict the weather sometimes and he was always trying to locate buried treasures, and also spent time in Texas or the oil country trying to find oil. Apparently that had mixed success.

    Sometimes there were old treasures buried years ago, even by the indians and he would try to find them, but couldn’t since things had changed. Apparently he had some insight from human consciousness.

    There was an instance recorded in one of his biographies in which they were searching for a murdered, and he identified the location of the gun, I think in a rain gutter, the type of gun and even the serial number.

    I think the murder was in Canada, and when the notified the sheriff about the gun Edgar Cayce had identified in his trance, the sheriff found the gun and then issued an arrest warrant for Edgar Cayce, thinking no one could know those details unless they had actually been the murderer.
    I think they were able to get him absolved of the crime after an explanation to the sheriff. I think it ended up being a sister of the victim and involved a marriage or conflict of that type.

    There were amazing coincidences, sometimes about medicines, or locating something, even old genealogical records, so he seemed to have an uncanny ability to access what he referred to as the Akashic records, spelling may be off, but seemed to me to indicate he was accessing a universal consciousness, since most of the things he found involved some involvement by a person.

    He did make predictions about finding oil, and I think some of the predictions turned out but he never became rich and remained pretty much poverty stricken although he did advised investors in the stock market and I think some made a lot of money, although they also lost a lot of money due to the stock market crash. Apparently getting greedy and following their own agenda.

    I think there is something to be learned from Edgar Cayce, although it is controversial.

    He never set himself up as the Messiah, and he attributed his abilities to God. He had read the Bible through I think about 76 times, or once for each year of his life. He wanted to be a preacher but I don’t think he ever finished highschool or had the opportunity for further education, so he always was disappointed that he was not able to be a pastor, but he did teach Sunday School classes and did for much of his life until his reputation as a psychic caused him to lose his Sunday school class in at Virginia Beach.

    He did believe in prayer and organized a prayer group, and a World prayer group is still active affiliated with the ARE.

    He met D L Moody, 19th Century Chicago Evangelist while he was out chasing a milk cow, I think in Kentucky, who encouraged him and had a remarkable story himself of having an active evangelical association, but went to England when he heard a spiritual voice direct him and met a young girl who had prayed and told him “I knew you would come”, if I recall correctly.

    So Edgar Cayce had amazing coincidences, prophesies, and readings, but also missed a lot of things, some by a country mile, but said prophesies weren’t definite due to the variability of human behavior.

    When reading about Edgar Cayce, try to find encouragement, not magic.

    He had readings about past civilizations and geological times as well, and had readings about Africa and that the Nile had drained toward the Atlantic at one time, and I think satellite radar imagery did actually show such a drainage pattern, so there were some accurate readings just as some were in error.

    He did predict California would “fall off into the Pacific”, and although they have not had the super quake as yet, there is an indication of repeated gigantic earth Quakes off the coast or Washington or Oregon, with a massive fault which has generated massive quakes many times over the centuries, possibly every two to four hundred years, although I haven’t reviewed the quake data for quite a while now, but certainly more can be expected, although it’s impossible to predict with assurance exactly when.

  • ya right

    the biggest problem i find with this article is that its ALL hearsay, i say this because from all of the points he supposedly makes HE DOES NOT QUOTE ANY OF CAYCE’S PREDICTIONS, he does not state anything in regards to what was actually stated in these prophecies to make his claim of failure accurate, there for i must assume the writer of this article is unreliable and a definite paid shill to divert attention away from possible good information

  • The descriptions of Cayce’s predictions are accurate. Your assumption about the writer is inaccurate – and since I’m the private owner of this website, I can personally assure you that he is not a “paid shill”. We seek to provide the best, unbiased information on these topics, which a lot of people accustomed to believer-biased blogs and forums are not used to, and have a difficulty wrapping their minds around. It can be very enlightening to sit on the fence and take a good look at both sides of such predictions from a neutral stance, and accept when the evidence shows many of the predictions did not, nor will ever, come true.

  • It isn’t a false date at all! Who exactly are you trying to fool here? First of all, the sourced article is very well cited itself. Furthermore, you can find the full history of Cayce’s silly China predictions while he was alive (and his constantly changing his story) in Edgar Cayce The Sleeping Prophet by Jess Stearn. In part, I will quote it here:

    China still had to 1968 to turn democratic. Cayce stressed that China would witness a consolidation of its various castes and sects, with “these united toward the democratic way. More and more,” he added, “will those of the Christian faith come to be in political positions, and this in China will mean the greater rule in certain groups, according to how well these manifest. And these will progress. For civilization moves west.” This was an old thesis of Cayce’s, the westward trend of the dominant culture, with the mantle eventually falling on the U.S., if it was spiritually up to it.”

    Twist around his words and ignore the facts all you want, but you can’t erase the fact that so many of his predictions (including this one) have blatantly failed.

  • Hi Kirby. These was addressed in a previous comment made two years ago. See below.

  • Ape

    I thought he predicted that Russia would be the new cradle of Christianity

  • Hi Ape. Actaually Cayce stated, “comes the hope of the world. Not in respect to what is sometimes termed
    Communism or Bolshevism — no! But freedom — freedom! That each man will
    live for his fellow man. The principle has been born there. It will take
    years for it to be crystallized; yet out of Russia comes again the hope
    of the world.”

  • haha…I love comments like this. We’ll have to take your feedback with a grain of salt, since you call actual scientists “shoddy scientists” and point people to YouTube as your source of proof that the those scientists are wrong.

    Trust me, you aren’t the first person to attack the messenger (ad hominem) rather than talk about the message itself. Far easier to try and dismiss evidence that doesn’t confirm your beliefs, rather than examining them with an unbiased and objective mind.

  • kooky pirate

    It’s easy to blame the messenger when the essay looks like it was written 30 minutes before the assignment was due.
    I’m about as open-minded guy as you’ll ever find.. which is why I studied Cayce in the first place. I think it’s a shame when people attack him without giving him the same fair shake. Over 14,000 readings, accepted donations only at the expense of his family going broke, over 40 years of readings and they ultimately killed him. Pretty committed individual and pretty unbelievable if you ever take the time to read the book on him.

  • I disagree – Dennis did a fantastic overview within the constraints he was given. We sometimes do full-out investigative long-form pieces, but in this case I wanted Dennis to cover the highlights. Which he did well. The only people that ever compain are the ones that disagree with an accurate, critical review of the prophecies that failed.

  • I see your youtube citation and raise you an actual science book. Perspectives in Carbonate Geology: A Tribute to the Career of Robert Nathan Ginsburg

    As far as your other citations to support your case of accuracy, they are nothing more than the personal blogs of New Agers, which simply regurgitate. Cayce’s accuracy about health and well-being was not more than placebo effects, home remedies, and done and out quackery. Jack Raso, M.S., R.D. Contends, “The effect on our society of nonsense as diverse, intricate, and profuse as that of the Edgar Cayce tradition is incalculable. As far as I know, however, no study has been conducted to determine the extent to which Cayce advocates follow his advice or what impact their practices have on their lives. Neither has it been determined whether they seek appropriate medical intervention when it is needed. The A.R.E. dietary philosophy — derived from Cayce’s “psychic readings” — is nebulous, internally contradictory, and possibly conducive to chronic confusion.”

  • I will have to respectfully disagree. You are not overly open-mined about this subject. I have no bias about Cayce one way or another. But lets face it, a miss is a miss. The 40% that could be considered as remotely true is largely based on testimonial evidence, which we all know is not definitive proof at all. The fact remains, you give a prediction a hard date and it does not meet that date…its a failed prediction. Cayce telling people to drink beef broth for various ailment and taking credit for their health is right up there with saying starve a cold and feed a fever and claiming you predicted a cure for the common cold. If Cayce gets credit for the hits (which are few) shouldn’t he get called out on the misses?

  • Hi ya right. This was addressed three years ago in the comments. Thanks for reading.

  • John

    Edgar Cayce said his predictions of disasters could be changed if enough people turned to God.

  • John

    Mr. Dufrene you have cherry picked your material and misrepresented things Edgar Cayce said even to the point of changing the wording of some of his statements. Your intent is obviously to discredit Edgar Cayce. Your agenda is to mislead. I don’t understand why people such as yourself do this but I find this kind of deviousness revolting and arrogant. You should be ashamed but I suspect that is an emotion you don’t experience. Just know someone has found you out.

  • John

    In November 1957, Gould noted his ideas for a “laser” including using an open resonator (later an essential laser-device component). Gould filed a patent application in April 1959. On May 16, 1960, Theodore H. Maiman operated the first functioning laser.

    By the way I don’t think you’re full of shit, just mistaken.

  • John

    He never mentioned race riots. He did say two presidents will die in office and mentioned mob rule in reference to the second which of course is JFK.

  • John

    It seems clear to me the “death ray” refers to the LASER which was proposed in 1957, patented in 1959 and built in 1960.

  • John

    He misquoted Edgar Cayce’s Armageddon reading, the 1933 reading, the California earthquake. Also he ignored Edgar Cayce’s statements that the future is subject to change and one of the functions of prophecy is to enable that very change through warnings. Dennis’s article is disingenuous in my opinion and written with an agenda.

  • John

    Ah, a Christian. The obvious bias in this article is now clear to me. I find most Christians are great people but there’s a minority of duplicitous ones. This is my last post.

  • boat343

    “Your writer” wrote: “Out of the thousands upon thousands Edgar Cayce’s prophecies, only 40% can be considered remotely
    correct, and even that percentage is open to debate. The other 60% were
    either too vague to interpret, multiple-intent, or just plain wrong.” How does a blog (or whatever this is) that appears to want to give impression it is grounded in science, logic, empirical evidence, etc., remotely even qualify such an absurd statement? That is a ridiculously arbitrary figure that is no less dubious than the predictions you seek to refute.

    These type of “skeptics” are the type that feel SUPER smart because they believe they’ve shot something down. I’m not on either side of the fence, but with that one sentence it is fair to conclude everything written after, and before, it is as incredulous as any prophecy they hope to refute. Let’s see your excel sheet with every prediction, outcome (pass or fail) and account for variables and unknowns to back up ‘UGHH, 60% are wrong, and 40% ARE, ughhh, to vague.”

    I haven’t read all these responses, only casually skimmed. But, I think of any evidence, interpretations, or opinions/analysis’ offered, the author of this article EASILY had the most ridiculous assertion that I read. Wow… please don’t ever post under the banner of logic, science, or rationality.

  • “I’m not on either side of the fence,”…..

    ha….sure you are. The writer went on to quantify the statement with examples with a reasonable sample size. Your request to incorporate every single prediction ever made into such an analysis before such a statement can be made is absurd, and betrays your lack of understanding of both science and statistics.

  • boat343

    “Thousands upon thousands of predictions…” yet this miniscule sample size is enough to qualify an arbitrary statistic. Ok dude…

    I am probably a bigger skeptic than you. Let me ask you this: are you religious? Because if you don’t believe what the alleged clairvoyant says, you damn sure can’t believe anything that is in that book.

  • “I am probably a bigger skeptic than you.”

    I doubt that very much.

    “…you damn sure can’t believe anything that is in that book.”

    What book, the Bible? What, are you afraid to say the word? So let me get this straight, you dislike that Dennis dismisses all of Cayce’s predictions en masse, yet you’re more than happy to dismiss “anything” found in “that book”.

    So – when exactly is it okay to dismiss a fraud out-of-hand based on the fact that so many individual elements have been discovered as false? Or do you only allow such conclusions when you’re talking about religion?

    Yeah. That’s what I thought.

  • boat343

    The bible. Sure, I’ll say it if you want. But, more or less, just another book to me.

    You’re still missing the point. I don’t care if this article claims to refute everything ever said by Cayce. I’m more annoyed with the amateur level of disputing the claims under the guise of logic and rationale. Don’t try to throw out arbitrary and unfounded numbers if you haven’t put the work into it. How about “here are some examples of results that are misses,” instead of trying to give yourself some kind of credibility with statistical analysis you certainly didn’t put in the work for. Nice job. A handful of examples and Vuala! A 100% statistical accountability of the entire Cayce library. It’s sheer crap and yet you are coming at the advocates condescendingly.

    That is all I’m pointing out. Not the conclusions or assertions; just the manner they are presented, given your matter-of-fact tone.

  • There are two approaches I’ve noticed Cayce supporters take in trying to attack anyone questioning Cayce’s legitimacy.

    The first is to try and present themselves as skeptical, while also defending Cayce – a contradiction that is always easy enough to expose once the discussion continues.

    The second – and which you portray wonderfully – is the ad hominem attack. It’s much easier to try and discredit the source using vague and broad brush strokes, as you do here, rather than discuss facts. Here, Dennis has provided a number of excellent cases showing clearly how former Cayce claims are false. Instead of providing counter-evidence as an actual scientifically-minded skeptic would – actual claims made by Cayce with facts to support its validity – you instead try to discredit the messenger.

    Old tactics, easily revealed for what they really are. If you want to have a non-amateur discussion about Cayce, then it would be a good idea to not act like an amateur yourself. Provide a Cayce claim that we can explore, study, and analyze as valid or not. Otherwise – all you’re doing is blowing hot air.

  • boat343

    I don’t even know anything about the guy! I watched a History Channel program and we “Googled” him to find out more. I was SEARCHING for debunking information. Then I came across this site. I don’t know anything about the so-called Lost City of Atlantis, other than I think there’s a movie about it.

    The only reason I’m spitting any venom, and definitely engaging what appears to be an ad hominem (but I’d have to support that side to be defined as such) is because you are coming off extremely pompous to people who take a side. There is no counter-argument to your assertion. There is no confrontation of things he did predict and then an explanation of that could be. Like I said, your side of the fence’s responses sounded extremely condescending to me, so I thought I’d point out how a ridiculous statistical assertion.

    Like I said, I just skimmed this and the impression I got from your guys’ responses was of the “oh, come on you dummies” attitude. My argument is a very narrowed attack on the writer’s offered support. I know people within scientific communities and they’d get a laugh out of that sentence.

    But, you’re not totally off on my reason for even posting in the first place. I am blowing “hot air” and being pretty amateur-hour myself. I just perceived it as you guys kind of taking condescending jabs at the proponents, so I thought I’d chime in. Guilty. However, you defending the statistical assertion is still ridiculous…

    Now, what would really debunking interest I have or things I am curious about given my 24 hours of rudimentary internet research on Mr. Cayce: 1) where is his motive to fabricate? With today’s psychics, that’s an easy one–they make their living off of holding their head and throwing crap to the wall until something sticks. What I’ve read he only took donations.
    2) The prediction that illnesses will be discoverable with the drop of a person’s blood (my guess is this was on the horizon and possibly literature available at the time).
    3) Prediction of the shifting poles. That one seems to be fairly accurate and is an issue in modern science.

    There is my constructive offerings as reparations for my “ad hominem” attacks.

  • eut55

    “The first test of a directed energy weapon, a particle beam accelerator code named Seesaw whose beam was to be aimed at incoming guided missiles, was first conducted in 1958, two years before the successful demonstration of the laser, by the Advanced Research Projects Agency.”

  • Jaime Lynn Fratilla

    I wish that you would include the exact quotes. This is the biggest issue with Cayce skeptics. We are just supposed to trust what they say without quotes. I don’t know if you are just interpreting things incorrectly. If what you say is true for most of these, then I would have to agree that he was way off.

    Also, the 1933 thing is incredibly weak. Just because Hitler would eventually lead Germany to the Holocaust does not automatically mean that his coming into power would make for a bad year in Germany or anywhere else. FDR took office in 1933, bringing hope to American citizens. Besides that new hope, FDR brought a lot of ideas and began reforms to bring America out of the depression. BTW, WWII was the catalyst for finally bringing the war out of the great depression, so Hitler coming into power kind of led to that good thing.


    It sounds like your “little research” consisted of reading the Amazing Randi article. Skeptics are just as blind as true believers.


    Skeptics do not believe in anything supernatural and will never give any validity to any information that supports the supernatural. A skeptic will use any rationalization to discount any claim.

  • Hardly, I looked at Cayce’s predictions along with the evidence that showed the misses and the lenghts the belivers stretched the so-called proof to call cayce right.

  • And the blind followers will always turn a blind eye to the evidence that does not support their claims.


    Yes, I am sure your research was on the Skeptical Enquirer site, reading an article by the Great Randi. If you would bother to look at the material you would see how many he got right. Nothing needs to be exagerated when it comes to his readings. Anyone who looks at his readings seriously at the very least says that his case is intresting.

  • Believe it or not – good researchers will typically come to similar conclusions. Please stop insulting Dennis – he is an excellent researcher on topics such as this.

  • Well, most unbiased researchers have already found (which we have stated time and time again in this comment section) that most of the so-called hits that the believers hang on to are the medical “predictions” that could be found in any farmer’s almanac at the time.

  • KD Elkins Gaur

    Dennis is not ACCURATE at all! I know far more than he does because I’ve actually did the research for the past 10 years between the Cayce readings and the Scientific DATA which all prove Cayce is correct. Due to others laziness, even those who claim to be believers of Cayce have been found to be wrong because of their lack of devotion to the research, not to mention their misinterpretation and assumptions. There is no one living today nor at the time Cayce was alive that is more worthier to actually give credit too. If people would just take the time and verify, instead of repeating the same wrong information, more people would be prepared for what is coming.

  • KD Elkins Gaur

    What do you THINK Cayce was wrong about???? Let me in on your vast knowledge so that I can PROVE you wrong!!

  • igoinsane67

    READ THE ARTICLE!!!! Are you THAT naive?

  • freepower

    And idiots believe anything they are told, even a self proclaimed psychic that always changes his predictions and leaves room for error ie: “this may not happen, but it might”. Lol listen to yourself. Are you the guy from ancient aliens?

  • freepower

    Yet, the bible tells us not to consult spiritists, sorcerers, omen readers, mediums, those that conjure up spirits and tell fortunes like Cayce. You can believe him if you want, but those of you trying to tie his predictions to God are wrong. You are never according to the book supposed to go into a trance seeking information because you never know what you are letting in. Not saying he wasn’t a godly man, but the mysticism is condemned by God.

  • Graymalkin

    The Great Depression did not “end” in 1933. Far from it. It continued in the US to 1939, and in other nations until well into the 1940s. It’s all well and good to passionately (and yes, even subjectively and defensively) cling to a belief; but to rewrite history to “prove” a point is beyond absurd, and quite desperate.

  • Graymalkin

    It would be rather nice if the Edgar Cayce devotees would provide verbatim quotes of Cayce’s predictions (along with the number of each reading referred to, since they have been catalogued), rather than simply making accusations. But, I suppose that would be asking too much.

  • Graymalkin

    And one who could truly THINK CRITICALLY would do so with a degree of skepticism.

  • Graymalkin

    Ah! Well, there you have it! Any of Cayce’s predictions that mean ol’ skeptics call “incorrect” did actually occur . . . albeit not in a “literal” sense that we mere humans would be aware of, but on some higher cosmic level! Yeah! That’ll work!

  • Graymalkin

    What are the specific parts of Scripture that point to reincarnation? It would be interesting to discuss each, in context.

  • Emily

    Cayce was wrong about many things. I had one of his books years ago with his predictions. None of them happened. Cayce was way off. However, I do find that Nostradamus’s predictions are correct.

  • KD Elkins Gaur

    God gave you the brains, the common sense, and the FREE WILL to use them. Do it! Then you’ll understand this article was written by a clueless ignorant liar.

  • K Kirby

    Jess Stearn’s book is considered the most innaccurate biographical book ever written regarding Cayce by those knowledgeable of the readings. Why quote some sensationalist author instead of the reading itself? Following is the complete un-altered direct cut & paste of Reading 3976-29 paragraph 17 from Cayce Readings CD-Rom.

    “The sin of China? Yea, there is the quietude that will not

    be turned aside, saving itself by the slow growth. There

    has been a growth, a stream through the land in ages which

    asks to be left alone to be just satisfied with that within

    itself. It awoke one day and cut its hair off! And it began

    to think and to do something with its thinking! This, here,

    will be one day the cradle of Christianity, as applied in

    the lives of men. Yea, it is far off as man counts time,

    but only a day in the heart of God – for tomorrow China

    will awake. Let each and every soul as they come to those

    understandings, do something, then, in his or her own heart.

    [See 3976-29]”.

    Where is 1968 mentioned????
    So like I said, the author of the article is making stuff up (lying is the actually term). This is just one correction of the several misrepresentations (lying) in the article. And this reading is the only one Cayce gave regarding China and a conversion to christianity. There are no ‘changing stories’ by Cayce regarding this topic.

  • Paula Ann McCabe

    I don’t believe you any further than I could toss the Tuaoi Stone.

  • Paula Ann McCabe

    Why do I feel there’s going to be a lot of CAP LOCKING going on below?

  • K Kirby

    Well Graymalkin, you and the other skeptics got your wish. Here is the proof. The verbatim China christianity conversion reading is now listed above your post. Too bad that pesky 1968 date just doesn’t exist, nor do I see any admission by the original author of the Cayce article or webmaster defending him that they misreported this and many other Cayce facts. People that are truly interested in the truth will admit to mistakes. It’s truth we are seeking, not character assasination. I do tip my hat to the webmaster in that he allows opposing points of view without censorship. Very admirable quality.

  • Jerry Kopp

    INSANE If you knew your religion you would know that God is the evil bad one in the STORY. Learn your religion.

  • Jerry Kopp

    The fact that Cayce believed in God proves that he was out of his mind….

  • Mark S Layhee

    Bimini( possible Atlantis remains) was in the late 60s you imbecile.

  • Norman Milhon

    Thank you, I didn’t read your reply till after I made mine. Edgar was supposed to do only a couple of readings a day as I remember but couldn’t say no to someone in need. He died earlier than he should have because of it and predicted the exact day of his death correctly.

  • Norman Milhon

    The Nazis had a particle beam weapon which they back engineered. Werner Von Braun was sought after because he had knowledge of anti gravity craft. When Werner was asked how the Germans got so far ahead of everyone, he said “we had help from outside”. Then he was asked “you mean outside this world?”. He replied “yes”. If you don’t believe me punch in what I just quoted. Werner was also disgusted somewhat with capitalism. He said ” we should all be driving around on beam supported cars”. He said this around 1958. This is verified by more than one person. Dr. Carol Rosin testified to it for one. These are substantiated facts. I had an American History teacher who said “I am here to teach you the history of the United States as sanctified by the United States. If you would like to know our less than glorious history go read other countries history of the United States. We slaughtered Indians- women, old men, children and babies-many with broadsword so not to alert the braves out hunting. I like Texans but we stole most of it from Mexico by force and the same with Southern California. People around the world don’t hate us for that though. We are the most hated nation in the world because our elite have started wars to make money. For example; we started a war in Viet Nam and there was no Gulf of Tonkin incident. There is concrete proof that our own govt. was behind 9/11. We Americans I believe are good people but our England based Elite makes us look like the bad guys. The Elite are addicts for money. They all need to be sent to a dry out center and have morals reinstalled.

  • Marie Wright

    Cayce took it from the Bible. Bottom like. If you are religious or not, it doesn’t change it. You are the uneducated one.

  • carleen

    God has given us free CHOICE therefore, it is not known by the Lord

  • Georgann Putintsev

    I ready a lot of Edgar Casey books and went to his Foundation in Virgina Beach, long before it had street lights and were fairly unpopulated area. I remembered that Prayer, Faith and sharing your LIGHT can change the Timelines of things to be & can Heal people. There are things that WE can do to change the outcome here within the U.S. and that is with Love, with Compassion, with Common Sense … and following the Golden Rule must be in All our endeavors. Protecting our planet, our community and ensuring sustainability of the resources, in establishing true Universal Sciences and Sacred Math, Languages, Ethics and Diplomacy are a must. We must follow the Christ like examples set before us, so we too can achieve the Dove of Peace that crowned his head.

  • Robert

    If you’ve never had the personal experience of having a psychic tell you phenomenal information , witnessed a remote viewing first hand or had your astrology chart reviewed by a professional it might be difficult for you or someone unfamiliar with metaphysics
    To approach Edgar Cayce material. Especially a westernized person biased by the strict scientific method applied to every prediction.
    No Medical doctor , engineer , lawyer or astrophysicist could guarantee a 100% result.
    Exact Timing in psychic predictions is very difficult because you are literally dealing with quantum level space/ time effects.
    As others have pointed out your claim that he was wrong more than right is a lie . And he gave 14,000 readings not 20,000.
    Anyone who cares to read the material on medical readings predictions and past life existence will be convinced he was
    Beyond a mean intuitive curve, along with channeling intelligence entities who provided medical information he was shocked he revealed once awake from his self imposed trances

  • Legspread

    Ah P. T. Barnum, Edgar Cayce, L. Ron Hubbard the Greats

  • VD65

    He was surprisingly accurate for a psychic. Most of his predictions and other things have been thoroughly studied. In spiritualist groups, they say 80 percent correct is probably the maximum for any psychic and that is pushing it for a number of reasons I will not go into. I feel his religious beliefs did color some of his information but it still doesn’t mean he wasn’t accurate about a lot of things but all, I doubt it and time frames are very difficult for any psychic to pin down. There are many possibilities s things can change.

  • gertrude van voorden

    You obviously do not understand the word skeptic. And to your distress many scientific findings came about due to supernatural inklings of those thinkers. F.i. the one who thought up DNA. Einstein was also a very spiritual man. So was Darwin. Skeptic means you have doubts about someones stated truth. As it is being used these days many skeptics are in the destructionbusiness of f.i. homeopathy and clearly in your case sacred knowledge about the supernatural.

  • gertrude van voorden

    Science teaches that after a while about 70% of those socalled rational scientific findings is proven to be untrue/false. So i would be a bit more humble with your statement and accusatory insinuations.

  • gertrude van voorden

    living in a world where most of the collective believe the memes the media, owned by a few, dishes out to them, still not knowing Sandy Hook to be an admitted false flag, or unaware that some of those accused 19 highjackers of 9/11 were alive and well in their homecountries, we would all do well to be more gentle about this as anyone can have bought a lie, a meme, have been brainwashed into believing certain things. With so many christians in the USA believing the prophesies in Revelations, it is unwise to call anyone an idiot for their beliefs. Rather look if the person in question had any affiliation with the Free Masons, like f.i. Gandhi’s bust being in the american museum of Free Masons. According to some historians our entire history of the past 2000 years has been forged/frauded/one big lie. Watch the docu Hellstorm to discover the warcrimes of the socalled allied forces in WW II, slaughtering more then 6 million germans after WW II. Have a look a Project Glaudio, or watch the moviedocu Dirty Wars. We are all susceptible to memes, brainwashing, outright lies. But worse then that we are loosing cohesion fast in the western world, due to the emptying of churches and no replacement to build/strenghten cohesion in other ways.

  • gertrude van voorden

    Googling i read Edgar Cayce was not a Free Mason. Yet i also find his prediction that the world will be build on masonic principles. As that does not sound as a reading to warn humanity, i personally believe it is clear where this man’s affiliations were with. How convenient on the one hand prophesies of the later added book Revelations to a fabricated bible, written by the jew Joseph of Arimethea Flavius, for Caesar Flavius aka God and his son Titus, aka Jesus who indeed demolished the temple and on the other hand the predictions of Edgar Cayce. Then the somany myths of some jew/israelite travelling to the Cherokee or to Ireland, the Tea Tephi myth, all leading to the NWO ruled by a thousand year rule by Israel from Jerusalem. The new supreme court built by a Rothchild, full of Luciferian/Illuminati symbology in jerusalem ready, and all ready for the to be built temple where now the Al Aqsa mosque is, Levite priests, golden menora and all. These days too. Many people claim to be channelling divine entities/ascended masters, but are they? Others speak about being targeted individuals by secret computerprogramms, psychotronic weapons or even microchipped. Some proven to be so. Olav Palme, Magnus Ohlson a businessmen f.i. We fail however as a humanity to steward this planet, create societies that are cohesive and cooperative and the NWO seems to be advancing step by step and just in line with all those socalled prophesies. Which leaves me extremely worried for my future generations. Being somewhat familiar with what Edgar Cayce did, i always learned the future is not stable and there can me multiple futures coming out of the present. I read Cayce said the soul is transmigrating.Current science claims the same. After death our souls continue directly into a new life. But is that the same as reincarnation? And even if some reincarnate, does that hold true for all of us. It seems to me that in the time of Cayce many people were bent on having his readings confirm their own truths and much can have been read in those, which he did not actually say or claim.

  • Emily

    Cayce got many predictions wrong. How anyone can say he was right is beyond me. The man was bogus. I do believe there are psychics, but cayce wasn’t one of them.

  • There’s no difference between you and the researchers you attack except the conclusion you’ve come to. Trying to group anyone who’s come to a conclusion that doesn’t match yours as somehow part of some “uneducated” group is juvenile.

  • Laurie Webb

    that was extremely helpful thank you 🙂

  • Laurie Webb

    very true

  • Laurie Webb


  • Laurie Webb

    lol nice!

  • Laurie Webb

    very helpful thank you

  • Laurie Webb

    thanks for saying that

  • Laurie Webb

    wow very helpful thank you

  • Laurie Webb

    very helpful too!!

  • Laurie Webb

    I agree with you

  • Laurie Webb

    good point my friend!

  • Laurie Webb

    very good points here

  • David

    This Edgar Cayce guy is a False Future teller, even though he may have predicted some advents, and they came true. You have to have a measuring stick whereby to judge if this guy is real or a phony. If you know God, Jesus Christ and the Word of God (KJB). You know that all the Prophecies therein have come true and there are still some being fulfilled. A 100% accuracy rate, no if’s and’s and but’s, about it. Cayce on the other hand is a fraud. If you believe he is true, than you are only following a Spirit which deceives you.

  • hardnhung sf

    Look up the name rico paganini . what cayce said about Atlantis was true and they found the entrance to the city under the left paw of the sphinx in 1969. You are obviously no expert on the subject of cayce and should refrain from trying to influence others until you get your information correct…

  • hardnhung sf

    And cayce said working with “lucid dreaming” was how he was being shown the answers…. So he was NOT putting himself into a trance…he simply falling asleep and then would become “awake in his dream”..

    And I would venture to say ” even you have had that happen”..

  • There is no legitimate mainstream science/archaeology source I can find that confirms the claim of the “entrance to the city under the left paw of the sphinx”. Please provide a legitimate source?

  • hardnhung sf

    If you read the paganini’s account, he was assigned a team that was comprised of basically military personnel. Paganini himself was kicked off the team after the first night (the night the discovery was made). Following suit they tried to take his cameras and film. However the swiss government stood up for him saying “he was invited” and “that it was his research that was used”…

    Sufficed to say “you will never” see this covered through mainstream science/archaeology.

    Furthermore right after the discovery the US government began the construction of a 30 foot wall around the entire Giza plateau that is hidden in the landscape and also began construction on a new 2 billion dollar library on the edge of the plateau (paid for by the US) in which a “virtual tour of the great pyramids” is still under construction….

    Also Dr hawass (corrupt antiquities director) was removed from his position because he attempted to prevent the expedition..

    And in 2012 the US government defiled an Egyptian national monument by digging a 24″ by 24″ hole 4 stories deep right in front of the sphinx. The hole was located between the sphinx and the temple just in front of her. Crews working mostly at night were photographed taking hundreds of crates out from site for days Prior to finally erecting a “huge red bull event tent” over the entire area including the sphinx to load something huge that was brought up on the back of a flatbed truck…by the time the tent came down the object had been covered so no one could see it….

    If you do your homework you’ll find that in the “emerald tablets of Thoth” (the atlantean priest king) wrote about when he left Atlantis and landed in the land of kemet (Egypt) that he buried his ship (yes – flying ship) and then erected the sphinx over it…

    Like I said you are never going to see this stuff covered by any kind of mainstream science/archaeology group….religious ramifications aside – just remembering what the legends of Atlantis said about the technology they possessed would be enough to prevent any of those objects from ever seeing the light of day…

    So just because mainstream science/archaeology does not cover it – does not mean that it did not happen…..

    there are many other records that could show paganini approaching the us government to fund his exposition….the swiss government correspondence protecting his camera’s, financial records showing the US funding the new Egyptian library….or my personal favorite the web site that shows the hole….

    You should never be so attached a belief that is can not be changed in the presence of overwhelming evidence….

    And “Our actions define who we are in this existence” – not what we believe…

    Because If we try to define “who you are – by what we believe” it means we have to hold on to them….”even if they are wrong”…

  • musikfanat22

    It’s all divination, satanism. Only the Most High, the Creator can “see all and know all”!

  • musikfanat22


  • libbet

    Passages related to reincarnation were taken out during the reign of Constantine in 325 AD during the Council of Nicea.

  • libbet

    325AD, Council of Nicea.

  • I was there in 1984 and it was and probably still is a lovely, warm and welcoming center with the library filled with Cayce remedies and predictions. Lest we forget he was speaking these while in trance and was an uneducated man, a humble country boy turned photographer. No psychic, not even the best of the best is 100% accurate all the time. Too many anomalies like a person’s FREE WILL (so THEY can change the outcome of their own events) and the Collective Conscious which can shift energies and create California NOT to fall into the Pacific (for instance) but what about all the ones that he did predict correctly and his healing work with patients, that is where he truly shined.

  • hardnhung sf

    Marie Ann one who lives in glass houses should NOT throw stones. Many of the Bible story’s came from the Sumerian tablets (written in cuneiform it far predated any Greek copy of the sptuigent which was the translated “Hebrew books of law” written by moses)) –

    “No one should ever hold on to a belief so tightly that it can not be changed in the presents of overwhelming evidence AND EVEN more importantly you should NEVER define who you are by what you believe! Because then you will never be able to change what you believe
    it is what we DO in this life that defines us not what we believe!.”

  • Basil1111

    Brothersgriff is correct in citing that your dates are incorrect and in some cases there are no dates. Furthermore, the readings that you cite are incorrect are wrong and are but a handful yet you extrapolate some fantastically huge statistics of wrong readings (60%). I am certain that given that process you used,
    you are the one working out of the magic hat.

  • LordSid

    No one should every throw stones period. Each stone cast will bounce back with much greater the force.
    Belief is actually the thing that defines us. As we can make ourselves believe we are smaller than ants or as big as the Universe, both beliefs would hold truth. For if the Universe is infinite, there is no boxing anything and all is possible if it’s in accordance with the Logos.
    By throwing stones we try to eliminate the disharmony we think that is outside us, which is actually inside us. Yet only by believing in the perfect BALANCE of our Universe can we BE that balance, and hereby DO things peacefully without ever feeling the need to throw stones at ourselves or at others and instead ideally spreading peace.

  • K Kirby

    Why is it the Cayce supporters post facts to back up the veracity of Cayce’s predictions yet you and other rationalists just make quotes and opinions as your proof. I am university trained in logic/critical thinking and find the rationalist explanations in this forum getting about a D- grade in a logic/critcal thinking class.

  • One of my favorite quotes from him was this:
    “Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.”

    I also recommend this book, written by his son for anyone who is interested in the “erroneous” or “incorrect” predictions made by him while he was yet alive:

  • Vito Goldfarb

    Yo Andy Dufrene Edgar was real

  • Craig Kessinger

    Many of Cacye’s prophecies did not have any prefixed dates in the front of them, such as 1900 something. Instead, he only gave the last two numbers of a particular year…as in ’58. One needs to understand the Cayce readings did not use the prefix of 1900 when speaking about the 2000s, that was to come and obviously not in the current century…

  • Karen Valentine

    Gods WORLD isn’t put in neat little orderly boxes for you to count.

  • mendells-selection

    Give it a rest

  • Karen Gaur

    Christianity is growing EXPONENTIALLY (like wildfire) throughout China! So this is coming true! Here is just one of MANY examples. ‘Underground Churches in China…A Rare Video Clip’

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