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The Fluoride Detective Speaks Up Against Fluoridation

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The Fluoride Detective Speaks Up Against Fluoridation

Last month, Jim wrote a powerful article about what signs point toward the possibility of a new American Revolution on the horizon.

One of the signs Jim pointed to was the tendency of U.S. industry to inflict their products upon the population in a premature manner – before sufficient testing can be finished as to the effects those products have on humans.

One specific example was outlined in a section of Jim’s article titled “The Fluoridation of America.”

The response was overwhelming. A number of readers Tweeted, Facebooked and even sent me direct emails about their own personal experiences dealing with the inappropriate (and many would say unnecessary) fluoridation of the U.S. public water supply.

One such reader was Golda Starr, a self-described survivor of water fluoridation. On her website, Fluoride Detective, Golda shares her personal experience about having “fluoridated kidneys,” how she prevented kidney failure by avoiding the ingestion of fluoride.

As a medical social worker, the realization that fluoride was what caused her medical problems ticked her off.

She is now on a mission to explore and identify the cause of this continued fluoridation of our country, and to once and for all put an end to what essentially could amount to the slow poisoning of millions of Americans – including children – with what is essentially an industrial waste product. It is good for the teeth – on the teeth – but not good when ingested.

In Her Own Words – Golda Starr the Fluoride Detective

I asked Golda for her story, and what inspired her to start a blog about her experiences. The following is Golda’s response, which she agreed to have published on Top Secret Writers.

Golda Starr out speaks against fluoridation:

About a year and a half ago after doing some lab tests, my doctor mentioned that I had sluggish kidneys, but nothing to worry about, she said.

We’d test them again in the future for any changes.  Nine months later it was markedly worse.  I was toward the lower end of 3rd stage kidney disease.

This is when I woke up and grabbed the reins of my own care.  Making it worse, my doctor claimed to have no idea on improving my kidneys function and simply told me to see a nephrologist.

Since the nephrologists were booked ahead for two months, I set about doing my own research while I waited for my apppointment.

In researching, I found that kidney function doesn’t usually get better.  Once the numbers start declining, we just wait for the inevitable – kidney dialysis.

The fact that I eat healthy foods, almost never resorting to fast foods or prepared foods, made me especially confused by this diagnosis.  Also, I’ve been aware of environmental toxins for years and do my best to live clean: using organic personal care products and non-toxic household products.  I’m not diabetic and don’t have high blood pressure.

How I could have ended up in 3rd stage kidney disease just wasn’t adding up – until I found out that fluoride is especially bad for poorly functioning kidneys.  Because of not operating at full capacity, kidneys are able to excrete less and less fluoride.

And of course that means the fluoride accumulates and causes the kidneys to continually decline further.

Where Was the Fluoride Coming From?

Interesting idea.  Yes, my water was fluoridated.  Yes a few years earlier when I had kidney stones, a nephrologist and my personal doctor told me to drink up to 3 liters of water daily, every day.  I tried.

I kept reading, and bumped into yet another piece of information that further confounded the issue.  Green and black teas are probably the highest fluoride containing consumables that exist.  Yikes.  I thoroughly used 3-4 tea bags of green or black tea daily.

I thought it was good for me in my quest to avoid coffee.

So, with this fluoride information, I quit drinking fluoridated water and all green and black teas immediately.

In two months, when I did finally make it to a nephrologist, my GFR had improved by 32%.  In two more months it had improved by 90% – and was well into the normal range.

Before seeing the drastically improved test results, the nephrologist had told me there was nothing I could do to improve my kidney functioning; no special diet other than holding down to a moderate amount of protein; no lifestyle change; no medication or supplements; nothing to add or subtract from my life.

One thing she did want to do was put me on a beta blocker, but because I have LOW blood pressure instead of high, even that bandaid was not possible.  Essentially this was just a waiting game for the time when I’d need dialysis.

But even while she spoke, my kidneys were improving.  And they were improving because  I eliminated all known sources of fluoride – and they have stayed improved.  For me, that’s proof enough that fluoride and kidneys cannot be friends.

The Decline of Elderly Health

While studying about fluoride and kidneys, I learned about the long list of health problems that fluoride causes. I pondered the thousands of people I’ve interviewed in the course of my work, many of whom are disabled with one illness or another.

Over twenty years ago, when I began working as a medical social worker, a typical client was an 88 year old woman with arthritis who simply was having difficulty managing alone in her home.  Having a “young” client under 60 years of age was an oddity.

In recent years that’s changed.  I estimate that overall about 40% of my clients are under 60 and have a wide range of illnesses – illness which a dozen years ago were considered much more uncommon in the “young”.

I can’t help but wonder how much of this decline in general health results from pumping poisonous fluoride directly into people through the water supply.

I wondered about the large number of kidney dialysis centers that have popped up over the past 15 years.  In a 2009 article in the Wall Street Journal by Anya Martin, she notes:

“Dialysis treatment costs Medicare almost $72,000 per patient per year; total outlays for patients in kidney failure were $23 billion in 2006, 6.4% of Medicare’s total budget. Overall chronic kidney disease and its complications account for over $49 billion, or about 25%, of all annual Medicare expenditures.”

She goes on to say, “DaVita Inc. … , the nation’s largest provider with 1,400 centers, ranks No. 433 on the 2009 Fortune 500 list” (with reported 2008 revenues of $5.7 billion and profits of $374.2 million.) Since then, DaVita has risen in 2010 to No. 355 on the 2010 FORTUNE 500.

With chronic kidney disease being that pervasive of an issue, one would think that the AMA or the National Kidney Foundation would speak up with information well known to them about the effect that fluoride has on those with chronic kidney disease.  But they don’t.

Doctors, nephrologists and naturopaths alike are unaware of the effects of fluoride on kidneys. And why they don’t know of fluoride’s effect on kidneys  is more than curious.

Why Doctors are Clueless on Fluoride

In 2008, the National Kidney Foundation even made a statement that people with reduced kidney function should avoid fluoride.  In 2006 the National Research Council said that people with lowered kidney function should avoid fluoride.  But nephrologists are unaware of this?  Why is that the case?

Professionally, I assess people’s functional and medical issues, including any dietary restrictions they may have.

I have never heard of a kidney patient being told to avoid fluoridated water and other products high in fluoride.  And I personally was not told.  I find that shocking.

I have to ask myself why is fluoride put in the water when it has a long litany of proven negative health effects.

Why are people, including doctors, uninformed of how it effects those with failing kidneys?  Why are we not informed that fluoride can actually cause kidney problems in the first place? (Xiong X, et al. (2006).

Dose-effect relationship between drinking water fluoride levels and damage to liver and kidney functions in children. Environmental Research Jul 8; [Epub ahead of print]).

All of this occurs while many, many millions of dollars are being made each year by businesses treating those with kidney disease.  Makes one wonder.

The fact that most of us in the United States are being dosed with fluoridated water and increasingly suffering the consequences, saddens me.  Yes, a plethora of information is available about what fluoride is doing to us, about valid research done on the topic for many, many years.

However, somehow the general public is not finding that information and is remaining beguiled by the simplistic and untrue chant that fluoride is good for your teeth.

How can we break through that brainwashing that we’ve all been exposed to since birth?

That’s the basic issue at hand now.

Originally published on TopSecretWriters.com

“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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