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Sunday Callout for Reader Adventure Stories

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Sunday Callout for Reader Adventure Stories

There are a lot of changes taking place at Top Secret Writers, lately. Between bringing on new writers and journalists, and receiving a number of whistleblower accounts, soon to be released in coming days – we’ve also launched a fun new adventure series, hosted by our resident adventurist Mark Dorr.

As Mark shares some of his amazing adventure experiences from week to week, we’re also asking readers who’ve ever been on an amazing adventure of their own to submit stories to us via our Contact page.

Share Your Adventures

Maybe you went on a camping trip and got lost, maybe you took a vacation and made an amazing discovery during your travels, or maybe you just took an especially fascinating road trip that you’d like to share?

The definition of adventure is a little different for every person, but the spirit of adventure is always the same – a desire to see new places, meet new people, and encounter the wonders of this world we live on in ways that you’d never experience if you never made that decision to pack up and set foot outside your front door.

Mark stands ready to receive your stories and publish them in our “Amazing Adventures” series (just click on our Amazing Adventure” link to the left to see Mark’s opening post.

The Amazing Adventure Series

The Amazing Adventure series will feature bi-weekly chapters in Marks amazing life, starting from when he was just a young boy to his adult years. These were adventures that started out as expeditions that his father, Ray took him on. They evolved into his own trips and expeditions to jungles, desserts and other places that many people only dream of visiting.

Top Secret Writers is honored to have Mark share his experiences to the world here at TSW, but he has also asked that readers offer their own adventure stories. The goal is to celebrate the spirit of adventure that resides inside everyone – the desire to live life large, to seize the day, to suck the marrow of our existence and taste the world in all of its splendor and beauty.

Finally – when you do so, to also share those experiences with the rest of the world, as a testament to what embarking on your own quest can offer. All you have to do is pack a bag, open that door, and go.

Share away, friends.

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