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Terrorism Secret Cases Are Invisible From the Public

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Terrorism Secret Cases Are Invisible From the Public

According to a survey by The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press (RCFP), court cases involving alleged terrorists are being secretly pushed through the system.

The Justice Department states that this information must be kept secret; however, these secret court proceedings have many asking: Is this secrecy to protect our national security or to protect our government from the public eye?

To be fair, there have always been a certain number of confidential trials such as these flowing through the court system.

It is not unheard of to come across a court docket labeled sealed vs. sealed or John Doe v. John Doe. However, these cases seem to be turning up more often, and a little investigative reporting uncovered that many of these are cases involving accused terrorists.

Two Newsweek reporters recently discovered one such case. According to the RCFP:

“Lyman Faris plead guilty to providing material support to al Qaida, including researching ultralight airplanes, procuring lightweight sleeping bags, plane tickets and cell phones, and assisting in a plan to destroy the Brooklyn Bridge for the terrorist organization. But his arrest, indictment and, ultimately, his plea bargain with the Justice Department proceeded in absolute secrecy.”

This is not an isolated incident.

The Miami Daily Business Review discovered the case of Mohamed Kamel Bellahouel, because of the mistake of a clerk court. Bellahouel filed a suit in a federal court in Florida against Monica S. Wetzel, a former warden at the Federal Correctional Institution in South Miami-Dade County. The suit states that he is seeking freedom from false imprisonment.

The false imprisonment claim is raising a few eyebrows concerning secret court cases.

The Justice Department will not disclose just how many secret cases are being tried that involve terrorists. They claim that disclosing such information would give the terrorists a tool to help them monitor the government’s progress.

However, it is fairly obvious that this information could also be used to document the government’s mistakes and shortfalls. These secret trials can also be used to hide claims of false imprisonment, abuse, and any other breach of American Civil Liberties.

Even though secret dockets are somewhat frowned down upon, they are being used every day to keep particular court cases, for whatever reason, out of the public eye.

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