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UK Audience Applauds Max Keiser Advice to Hang the Bankers

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UK Audience Applauds Max Keiser Advice to Hang the Bankers

max keiser“Let’s start hanging the bankers”, were the words of Max Keiser, a broadcaster, former stockbroker and finance critic, whose bravely outspoken thoughts about the corruption festering the British banking system have earned him a quite a following of Keiser-veneering fans.

It is an era in Britain which has been referred to as the “decade of the spending cuts”.

It is a time where the young – unless from privileged backgrounds to rival the likes of our politicians and bankers – could not possible afford to go to University, or where a single mother with five kids is being forced to move from her council property into a smaller flatbecause she had “too much room”.

All of this, whilst corporate greed oozes from every commercial orifice. So, it is hardly surprising the audience erupted into an enthusiastic applaud following Keiser’s controversial statement on last week’s “10 O’ Clock Live Show” on Channel 4 in the UK.

The air of financial unrest, which dankly hangs over Great Britain at present, stems predominantly from, as Max Keiser candidly referred to, “the cancerous bankers corrupting the system”, and even more disturbingly, the regulators’ reluctance to enforce laws to thwart this seemingly ‘above-the-law’ corruption.

Because after all, in Keiser’s words, “the Government is owned by the banks.”

Public Sentiment about Bankers

Although, judging the fervour of the audience of the show’s ovation towards Keiser’s provocative words, it is easy to become ‘carried away’ and assume that the broadcast journalist’s sentiments are just as widely appreciated beyond the four walls of the “10 O’Clock Live” studio.

By making such an antagonistic statement, as Keiser did, there are many who would no doubt feel a degree of sympathy towards the reciprocators of the rant. One such observation was made by a source who talked to Top Secret Writers, but wishes to remain unnamed.

Referring to Max Keiser’s decisive words, the source said:

“While I have sympathy with the tenor of the sentiments expressed, I think one could have got similar applause at various times if it had been suggested that we should hang estate agents, expense-rigging MPs, or tabloid journalists and their friends, the paparazzi.”

The hailed applause Max Keiser’s corporate greed-loathing rant evoked in the Channel 4 studio is symbolic of the times, with corporate greed and ‘fat cat’ bankers being blamed for the financial problems facing so many western economies at present.

Although, this said, unlike estate agents and tabloid journalists, bankers with their executive vanity, resistance to prosecution, seemingly infinite bailouts, whilst paying out billions in bonuses, have been consistently detested throughout history.

Off With Their Heads

Keiser’s heated sentiments climaxed with the following remark:

“If the regulators are not going to punish these evil doers than the public has to take matters into their own hands and historically this has meant decapitation. More than 30% of the UK’s taxable profits come from the corrupt banking sector – this cancer must be stopped before it gobbles up the entire economy.”

Bankers and other corporate ‘fat cats’ may regard Max Keiser as a some kind of “conspiracy theorist” – as ex-banker James Max did on the heated Channel 4 show after Keiser provokingly said the “Government is owned by the bank”.

However, the fact that Keiser’s online campaigns, voiced through his website, have been steadily escalating traffic and growing in mass popularity, is evidence of the pervasive condemnation regarding bankers at present, and a shared ideology that the public must take matters into their own hands.

10 O’ Clock Live Bias?

With the current air of political and financial discontent in Britain, there is a breeding ground for satirical political debate shows such as Channel 4’s “10 O’Clock Live” to be aired.

max keiserIt has be said that the “10 O’ Clock Live” show’s blatant left-wing bias is what makes the show as entertaining as it is. Consequently, the majority of the show’s viewers, particularly its studio audience, are also of a left-wing political persuasion and more likely support social change to create a more egalitarian society.

Hence the [almost] unanimous audience applause at Max Keiser’s “let’s hang the bankers” statement.

Although, whilst Keiser’s critics would want us to believe that his controversial attacks at the finance industry are only supported by ‘self-righteousness leftism’ of Channel 4’s satirical show, the roots of public abhorrence toward bankers were planted long before the likes of Max Keiser made a personal crusade to curb the evil corporate cancer before it engulfs the entire economy.

One such deep-rooted banker adversary is 55-year-old Chris Whitehead from Manchester, who has long been suspicious of the shiny-shoed, smooth talking, “squeaky clean” banker, long before the incredible immorality of bankers’ greed surfaced in the public eye.

Cordial of Max Keiser’s recent remarks, Chris Whitehead commented:

“It’s funny how these people [bankers] dress and talk and give over the aura of respectability, as opposed to the working class hoodie who may well swear a lot and have the manners of a goat, but I know which of the two I would trust with my last tenner!”

Max Keiser’s ‘financial-foe fearlessness’ cannot be ignored, and neither can the spiralling traffic of followers of his proactive campaigns. Another such campaign is Max’s “Million ounce March”, which is directed to remove an additional million ounces of silver from the free markets and put it in the hands of the people.

There may have always been a well-entrenched adversary towards bankers. Most of us shyly shuffle by in our shoes when faced with the bank manager. All our bold intentions to challenge him – or her – about a ridiculously high charge for becoming £1 overdrawn, are forgotten when that confrontation becomes a reality.

However, Max Keiser is proactively and fearlessly voicing what he believes, and consequently is becoming a rising pop culture icon for it.

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“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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