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Maryanne Godboldo Vs Michigan CPS on Proper Medical Care

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Maryanne Godboldo Vs Michigan CPS on Proper Medical Care

Maryanne Godboldo is in the legal battle of a lifetime right now.

She’s been dubbed everything from “hero” to “Gangsta Mom”, due to her recent 12 hour standoff with police in Detroit.

Child Protective Services attempted to abduct her 13 year old daughter Ariana when a doctor reported Maryanne to CPS for taking Ariana off the atypical antipsychotic Risperdal.

First, a little background to help understand the situation better.

Maryanne’s daughter Ariana, was born with a foot defect that eventually led to the amputation of her left leg. Maryanne chose to home school Ariana rather than put her through the public school system.

Ariana was able to swim and dance regardless of her disability. When she approached middle school age, Ariana hoped to go to public school for extended education opportunities and a broader social aspect.

Several immunizations and vaccinations are required to register a youth into the public school system. These shots have been scrutinized on several natural and medical fronts relating to the adverse effects of toxins, including Mercury that several of them use.

After receiving the vaccinations, Ariana began to show new symptoms ranging from facial twitches, acting out of character and being easily irritated. Maryanne and her family recognized these symptoms as side effects associated with immunizations. Maryanne took Ariana to the Children’s Center for additional treatment, where her doctor placed Ariana on orders to take Risperdal.

Is Turning to Holistic Medicine a Crime?

Godboldo told relatives that the medication seemed to be worsening the symptoms and was also contributing to new behavioural problems. She contacted another doctor for a second opinion, and the decision was made to wean Ariana off of Risperdal, and to take a holistic approach to try and heal the 13 year old.

The new treatments seemed to be having a positive effect, and Ariana was making improvements. The prescribing doctor contacted CPS and indicated that taking Ariana off Risperdal was irresponsible. Risperdal’s side effects include but are not limited to: agitation, aggression, cardiac arrest, fatal blood clots, liver failure, mania, suicide and violence.

It seems to me that from a holistic perspective, prescribing a medication like Risperdal with its many side effects could easily be perceived as irresponsible as well.

The Stand-Off

CPS went to the Godboldo residence with the intent to relocate Ariana into the CPS system.

Maryanne repeatedly told them to leave, until CPS called in the Detroit police. Allegedly, while police were trying to batter down her door, Maryanne fired a shot; however, her lawyer made it clear that these were only allegations made by Detroit police.

The alleged gunshot was apparently what escalated the police presence and brought about the arrival of the Detroit S.W.A.T. team and their heavily armoured tank-like vehicles.

The court recently released an “informed consent” form that Maryanne signed at the hospital. This form not only authorized her to give Risperdal to her daughter, but stated”

“It has been explained to me that I have the right to withdraw this consent at any time and can stop taking the medication at any time”

This form seems to be all the vindication that Maryanne Godboldo needs to escape severe prosecution. It would also justify a potential lawsuit directed at either CPS or her doctor for overstepping their boundaries.

CPS should have been held responsible for doing a proper assessment of the youth and of the entire situation before attempting to remove a child from family.

With that said, at least the police in this situation seemed to have been following standard protocol to the best of my knowledge. However, bringing in armoured vehicles and S.W.A.T. to the scene for a woman and her child, armed or not, seems a bit excessive to me.

Can Child Protective Services Dictate Medical Care?

I guess the question we need to be asking is, “Does the medical system or Child Protective Services have the right to criminalize the way we choose to medically treat our children?”

If so, who draws the line at what is healthy and what is abuse?

The results in this situation are actually damning to the system, as this mother had every right to remove her child from this medication due to the consent forms she signed. I’m of the belief that a lot of modern medicine (like in this particular case) is far more harmful than healthy.

Another example is the recent trial of Kristen Labrie, the mother who stopped giving her autistic son Chemotherapy pills after seeing what the pills were doing to his quality of life. She was found guilty of attempted murder; although most people could plainly see that she did not want her son to die.

We use chemotherapy to treat cancer, but most people are unaware that the most prevalent side effect of chemotherapy is actually cancer. There just has to be a better way, and allowing the government to dictate what form of medical treatments we choose is a far greater evil.

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