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The Compound Assault and How Bin Laden Died

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The Compound Assault and How Bin Laden Died

The following representation of events that took place yesterday in Pakistan is drawn from about 15 sources of information that describe exactly how the covert strike against Osama Bin Laden took place.

There are areas where there was not enough information to provide a factual account, so in those cases the account below has been dramatized.

At least 80 to 85 percent of the following account details how Osama Bin Laden was finally brought to justice by the United States of America.

After many months of the CIA following a lead from August of last year, on April 29th, 2011, President Obama issued final authorization for a covert military strike against the compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

The Navy Seals Night-time Strike Against Bin Laden

It was just after midnight in Pakistan, when four Chinook and Blackhawk helicopters raced through the darkness over the skies of Abbottabad.

In total, the strike force consisted of 40 well-trained Navy Seals – men who had been preparing for this operation for months. The moment was fast approaching when all of that training would come to a head.

All they knew was that the sprawling, 3000 square foot compound held the highest-value terrorist target the U.S. had been hunting over 10 years for. It was strongly suspected that all men in the compound were armed 24 hours a day, and the primary target should also be considered extremely armed and dangerous. Orders from the U.S. President were to take him out dead or alive.

At half-past midnight, the four helicopters dropped a Navy Seal assault team – a total of 24 men – onto and around the sprawling compound. Each team had been briefed on the layout of the compound, and the path each of them should take to clear the building.

A Stumble at the Start

The assault had a faulty start, as one of the helicopters had a mechanical failure and made a hard landing on the compound grounds. None of the crew were hurt, but as they scrambled out of the helicopter, it was clear that it would never fly again. The helicopter crew stayed with the grounded helicopter as the rest of the team raced for the compound in formation.

The pilot reached into the helicopter to retrieve the explosive charges intended for this very situation. As pilot and co-pilot watched the team of commandos approach the building, they attached the charges to the crippled helicopter, and then raced for the other helicopter that had landed not far away.

The 24 Navy Seal teams entered the compound simultaneously and made their way down each corridor toward the target location, clearing each room along the way.

Using Women as Shields

Upon entering one room, the team encountered one bearded man talking to a woman. As the man saw the team enter the room, he grabbed his assault weapon with one and, and grabbed the woman and held her in front of him with the other. He raised the rifle and opened fire on the commando team.

The lead Navy Seal immediately opened fire, shooting the man through the woman herself. Both immediately fell to the floor. The team cleared the room and raced for the corridor.

The other teams were working their own routes through the compound. Shots rang out as men created barricades from which they could shoot behind. The assault teams took no prisoners, as they continued firing on sight – taking out one target after another.

After thirty minutes, they’d located and killed another man, which the intelligence specialist on the team identified as Bin Laden’s own son.

Killed – Bin Laden’s Son, Two Couriers and Bin Laden

They continued along, eventually locating a third man who also attempted to use the woman he was with as a shield, but the commandoes shot him as he attempted to do so, killing the man – one of Bin Laden’s couriers – but wounding the woman as well.

After 35 minutes of working their way through the compound, not certain who or what they’d encounter – one team made it to the target area that intel said was very likely where they’d find Bin Laden.

The team burst through the door and almost immediately opened fire. The man that the world had come to fear was crouched behind a steel table, firing his own assault rifle at the commandos across the room.

One commando took careful aim and waited. In a split second, Bin Ladin’s forehead poked out from the side of the table as he took aim with his rifle at another Navy Seal crouched in the far corner of the room.

The commando touched off a single round, which punched through Bin Laden’s forehead and sent the man sprawling to his back – the assault rifle flying out of his hands.

In a few moments, the intelligence officer made the call – it was Bin Ladin. Communications officer immediately made contact with command center to make the report, 40 minutes after the commandos had originally entered the compound.

Extracting Bin Laden’s Body

The men lifted Bin Ladin’s lifeless body and carried it back through the compound, and then finally back outside to the three waiting helicopters.

As they approached, the pilots fired up the engines, preparing for a quick takeoff.

There was plenty of room for everyone in the three remaining helicopters, but before boarding, the pilot of the disabled helicopter ran back and set the charges. They had two minutes.

As he ran back and jumped into the last waiting helicopter – the last two had already gone airborne – he screamed, “Go! Go! Go!”

As the three helicopters rose into the black sky over the compound, the remaining helicopter exploded in a fireball of heat and metal. The sound and explosion was remarkable – and it made for the perfect ending of a mission that went off nearly perfect.

As the three helicopters raced back to the ship, the commandos couldn’t help but celebrate in their own way. After 40 grueling minutes of pulse-pounding pressure under fire, they had accomplished the mission that their friends and colleagues would envy them for, for years to come.

These brave men had successfully cut off the head of the snake known as al-Qaeda. Bin Laden was dead. After thousands of American deaths, and 10 years of frustrating hunting, Bin Laden was finally dead.

–>Timeline of Intelligence Work
–>U.S. Kills Bin Laden
–>Usama Bin Ladin Killed in Firefight

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  • Thanks for work you’ve put into assembling this report

  • Armyguy

    Your story does not say how he received the shot to his chest? There were two shots fired on him.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Armyguy – this story was written almost immediately upon the news of his death before that information was out. I wasn’t planning on going back to regularly update the story with new information…although I suppose I could. I think that’s a fairly important piece of info that should be in there…

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