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US Military Research Into Electromagnetic Energy For Non-Lethal Weapons

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US Military Research Into Electromagnetic Energy For Non-Lethal Weapons

electromagnetic energyWhenever you hear anyone talking about high energy weapons that have the ability to alter the thoughts of a person’s mind – the first thing that I’m sure comes to mind for most people is that the person making the claim is delusional and needs to be checked into the nearest mental health facility.

However, the reality that the claim – while far-fetched – is not impossible. In fact, the U.S. government has been exploring the use of such electromagnetic energy technology for non-lethal weapons systems for a long time.

You can see proof of this for yourself in the 1998 U.S. Marine Corps project proposal titled United States Marine Corps Neuronal Entrainment for Non-Lethal Applications.

This proposal was publicly released in November 2007, after a FOIA request was made that October.

The project proposal was prepared by Clay Easterly, Al Kerman, Paul Gailey, Mike Maston, Nancy Munro, Isidor Sauers and Arpad Vass of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

This team proposed to embark on a 12 month program that could “determine the potential for high-strength electromagnetic fields to be useful as a stunning agent in non-lethal technologies.”

The Potential of Electromagnetic Energy Fields as a Weapon

Keep in mind that the proposal was not to develop a directed weapon (that was proposed as a later stage of the research), but instead it was simply to determine the potential use of high strength EMF to stun a biological entity.

The science of using EMF to alter brain function is not even in question. If anyone ever tells you that it is – direct them to this document. The scientists writing this proposal report:

“High strength electromagnetic fields have the theoretical potential to incapacitate personnel by entrainment of brain neuron firing.”

The question wasn’t whether there is an effect on the brain when electromagnetic energy is applied – the U.S. military has already undertaken years of research (which we plan to cover in detail in the future) proving that there’s a very real effect. This 1998 proposal was suggesting that the effect should be explored as a potential weapon.

electromagnetic energy

Scientists wanted to know whether the hardware size required, the energy required and any permanent injury caused by the field, would make it prohibitive as a non-lethal weapon.

Electromagnetic Energy Has Real Effects on the Human Brain

The scientists make it very clear that EMF has very real effects on the human brain, as they write:

“It is well known that animals absorb radiofrequency energy, resulting in heating. The active biophysical mechanism in the proposed work is not heating but rather lowering the firing potential of neurons, or triggering them to discharge.”

The effects of the proposed technology, and the capability of the military to “fine-tune” it to only effect certain neurons, is detailed in the scientists’ proposal – ranging from “disruption of short-term memory” to “total loss of control of voluntary bodily functions.”

What the proposal reveals is that the military does not currently have the ability to target specific areas of the brain. The research (at least as of 1998) was to use electromagnetic fields to make a person forget what happened over the last 5 to 10 seconds, or to make a person completely black out by causing a loss of all bodily functions.

Can EM Weapons Control the Senses?

The interesting, and truly sci-fi potential of this technology, is in whether electromagnetic energy weapons could be created that would not only affect all neurons in the brain, or even large, random collections of neurons – but the triggering of very targetted and specific neurons that control or affect very specific bodily functions.

The potential for EMF would be a finely tuned weapon that could trigger the audio receptors in the brain to hear sounds or voices, trigger visual receptors to see visions or go temporarily blind, or much worse symptoms.

The reality that the U.S. military is exploring these possibilities came when researcher Sharon Weinberger requested FOIA docs from the Air Force in 2006, and the Air Force released documents from its Air Force Research Laboratory Directed Energy division that proved the Air Force has been developing this technology for some time – and in a far more advanced form than what the Marines were exploring in 1998.

electromagnetic energy

Those documents revealed that during WWII, soldiers exposed to high power RADAR transmitter signals actually heard “clicks”. This became known as the “RF hearing effect”. The Air Force subsequently attempted to modulate the RF signal in order to turn those “clicks” into intelligible language (thereby “injecting” voices) in a series of 94 experiments.

However, according to the documents that Sharon received, those attempts “have not been successful” (at least as of 1994).

However, under the section of those declassified Air Force documents titled “Uses of the Invention by the Government”, the following applications are proposed:

(a) A useful Psychological Warfare communications tool.
(b) A distraction of delaying tactic for Active Denial Technology applications.
(c) A “no-wires or receiving apparatus required” communications method for high acoustic noise environments, such as: aircraft, space missions, and hostage situations.
(d) A means of providing or improving communications for people who are otherwise hearing disadvantaged deaf. This use has a potential for technology transfer.

One thing that is fairly certain is that electromagnetic fields can and do affect the human brain. Many paranormal investigators that research “haunted” homes are starting to recognize that when people spend a lot of their time near devices, such as a high-voltage circuit box, that emit higher-than-normal levels of EMF – people start reporting having a sense that they are being watched, and even start to hear strange sounds.

There is not currently enough research in the public domain to correlate many of those experiences with EMF levels in the environment, but one thing that is fairly certain at this point is that the U.S. government acknowledges the scientific truth of that correlation, and is actively seeking out methods to harness EMF effects on the human brain as a psychological, non-lethal weapon for the military.

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  • DK Smooth

    I am currently targeted and the technology is far more advanced than this. AI controlled directed energy targeting from a satellite that can fire ANY neuron and read thoughts via EEG cloning.

“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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