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Will America Share the Fate of the Roman Empire?

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Will America Share the Fate of the Roman Empire?

“In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.” – Benjamin Franklin.

Historically, the most significant purpose for increasing taxes hasn’t been to support social programs or pave roads, but to ensure that governments could afford war, or defence from war.

If you are the average American with spouse, kids, dog and white picket fence around your house, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have already picked roughly $7,500 out of your wallet since 2001, on average.

According to, the wars overseas (excluding the Libyan conflict and all other international occupations) have already cost a staggering $1,207,841,429,248, last I checked.

Monetary policy historically serves the benefit of the ruling class over the ruled. If we, the ruled, see any benefit to this policy, it is only secondary to the agenda of the ruling class.

The American Empire?

Some compare our current financial status to that of the Roman Empire. The value of gold remained relatively stable from the first through the fourth centuries. Free trade was generally the adopted practice, unless influenced by emergency situations such as war.

Oddly enough, inflation didn’t directly cause the fall of the Roman empire so much as it rapidly eroded the freedoms of its people.

During the final stages of the empire’s expansion, war created a dire need to pay troops, which in turn made the liberties of the people less important. Tax collectors were asked to collect higher sums of money, and when they finally collected all available funds from the citizens, they often came up short.

Policy then became that tax collectors would have to make up the difference out of their own pockets. At some point amongst all this new pressure, tax collectors began to abandon their lands in order to escape the consequences of their unfulfilled duties.

Rome then made it policy for these collectors to be bound and put on wagons for public display, and then finally brought back to their homelands and restored to their positions of “glory”.

Unemployment in the Roman Empire

Another similarity to our current crisis was unemployment in the Roman Empire.

Back then, the prominent livelihood was family farming. The upper class began to sprout large farms using slave labor to harvest their crops. Smaller family-run farms in turn could not compete, because often they had to hire help.

This in turn began to put smaller farmers out of business.

The unemployed farmers and their families were forced to sell or abandon their farms and began to fill cities. This led to an increase in the crime rates as well.

The “Fair Tax” Plan

Herman Cain and other supporters of the Fair Tax plan are attempting to renegotiate the way that big government takes taxes from us.

It sounds good in theory, however the wording of the 59 page proposal still allows for adjustments and increases left up to Congress to decide.

We are already hearing from politicians like Ron Paul about abolishing Federal taxation altogether. The free thinking populace already knows how well Congress has served us in this era.

I, for one, prefer to follow the understanding of Congressman Ron Paul. A true believer in the Constitution and patriotic libertarian, he is known as the “taxpayer’s friend”.

He has been quoted as saying, “The real issue is total spending by government, not tax reform.”

In a time where 90 percent of government spending is completely wasteful, un-Constitutional or against the wishes of the taxpayers, it’s only a matter of time before people begin to realize that Dr. Paul has a valid point.

In 2010, over 16 million documents were classified as “Top Secret” by the US government. Common sense says that taxpayer money is at the very least being spent on a substantial amount of paper just to print all these documents, never mind the programs and practices those documents are hiding from the public eye.

If we want a clear picture as to the demise of the Roman Empire, I fear that we only need to pay attention to current events in our own country.


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“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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