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Cases of United Nations Corruption You Probably Never Knew About

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Cases of United Nations Corruption You Probably Never Knew About

united nations corruptionSince it was founded in 1945 after World War II, the United Nations has been a platform for dialogue between countries.

The United Nations (UN) was aimed at facilitating cooperation in economic development, human rights, social progress, international security, international law and to achieve world peace.

Apart from the world being nowhere close to achieving peace, in recent years there have been a number of reports about United Nations corruption.

Just how corrupt is the organisation designed to provide peacekeeping and humanitarian assistance and to making the world a better place for everyone?

The Oil for Food Program

The biggest scandal facing the organization to date was the United Nations corruption surrounding the Oil-for-Food relief programme, a scheme set up in 1955 to allow Iraq to sell oil on the world market in exchange for food, medicine and other humanitarian needs for Iraqi citizens.

The programme was plagued by a slur of criticisms and accusations that some of its profits were being dishonestly averted to UN officials and leadership within the Iraqi government.

Although it has to be noted that despite the programme being dogged in accusations, the criticisms remained accusations only, and extremely sensational at that.

Nonetheless, the United Nation’s squeaky clean image had been tarnished and the alleged wrongdoings in the Oil-for-Food programme have been followed by a string of other scandals about internal corruption.

Claudia Rosett – UN Watchdog Journalist

The figure at the forefront of exposing corruption within the UN is investigative journalist Claudia Rosett.

Since 2003, Ms. Rosett has been dedicated to generating controversial headlines about the UN being involved in corruption, including being the first to expose that billions of funds intended for humanitarian support were being pumped into the pockets of politicians, terrorist groups, businesses and even Saddam Hussein’s regime itself.

The story not only led to the journalist receiving the Eric Breindel Award for excellence in Opinion Journalism in 2005, but it continues to be reverberated and interpreted in various ways ever since it broke.

In 2007, Rosett exposed more ground-breaking stories about UN corruption and anti-democratic policies.

In her monthly column in The Philadelphia Inquirer, the investigative reporter shed further suspicion about the legitimacy and honesty of the UN by detailing plans to organise, fund and host a Durban II conference in 2009.

Libya, Iran, Cuba and Pakistan surely hoped it would be a reprise of the “Death to Israel! Death to America”, spectacle that caused the then Secretary of State Colin L Powell to order the US delegation to walk out of the original Durban conference.

In 2008, Rosett dented the UN’s reputation even further when she exposed apparent untruths in the Pentagon-endorsed biography of a top advisor who had been heavily involved in its “outreach” programmes to Muslim groups, including aid to co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation that allegedly funded the terrorist group Hamas.

UN Remains Secretive Regarding Finances

united nations corruptionSome argue that Claudia Rosett’s UN defamatory work is rarely backed up by evidence and are essentially just allegations that have lifted herself into the realms of notoriety within the world of journalism.

However, it’s difficult to deny that the UN’s refusal to reveal any information and data about its budget could be regarded as ‘suspicious’, particularly when you consider that most of the scandals surrounding the UN involve money.

Writing for the Canada Free Press, Claudia Rosett highlighted the UN’s more than guarded finances. She writes:

“One clear sign of how badly things have gone with the UN is the difficulty of tallying even so basic a sum as the system’s real budget. Nowhere does the UN present a full and clear set of accounts, and statistics vary within individual agencies and programs.”

To collaborate the journalist’s claims, I turned to my trusted source, Google, to try and find some concrete stats on the peacekeeping organisation’s budget.

Despite their being a wealth of information about budget proposals and contributors, true to Ms Rosett’s words, I failed to find any evidence of real UN accounts – which brought my attention to Google itself.

Google and Online Information About the UN

The very nature of the Internet means that it is extremely hard for content to be removed from the net once it has been published. Although, that may not really be the case for Google it seems.

In 2008, a journalist that exposed United Nations corruption on his website mysteriously disappeared from Google News.

united nations corruptionMatthew Lee is the founder, editor, webmaster and sole-journalist it seems, for Inner City Press. Since 2005, Lee’s Inner City Press website has been focusing almost entirely on stories about internal United Nations corruption, including stories about human-rights abuses by the Ugandan People’s Defence Force during a UN disarmament programme.

That story involved four people that were killed, and more than 100 homes destroyed, proving to be a consistent and controversial thorn in the UN’s side.

Lee also earned himself a less than popular reputation within UN and Google when, during a press conference where Google announced its partnership with the UNPD to achieve its anti-poverty goals, Lee asked why Google had not signed a global human-rights and anti-censorship compact – components of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals.

So, what happened to this irritating thorn and his provocative writing?

He subsequently received an email from Google that read:

“We periodically review news sources, particularly following user complaints, to ensure Google News offers a high quality experience for our users. When we reviewed your site we’ve found that we can no longer include it in Google News.”

Lee immediately smelt a rat, maintaining that it was the UN and Google that were the perpetrators of Inner City Press’s abrupt de-listing from Google News.

Speaking to Fox News, Matthew Lee said:

“There’s something a little sleazy here. I think that Google got involved with the UN on these Millennium goals and thought, this is the United Nations, if they tell you some small Web site is a thorn in their side and there’s a credible reason you could remove them from your news service, you do it.”

After Lee protested, Google eventually reinstated Matthew Russell Lee and his one-man UN-defacing website on Google News.

The whole de-listing debacle, like the evidence hitting the headlines by the award-winning investigative reporter Claudia Rosett, raises some serious questions regarding the sincerity and integrity of the organization known around the world as the leading arbitrator between peace and global anarchy.

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“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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