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Conrad Murray Lawyers Demand to See Top Secret Michael Jackson Videos

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Conrad Murray Lawyers Demand to See Top Secret Michael Jackson Videos

latest news on michael jacksonCardiologist Conrad Murray was Michael Jackson’s doctor.

He was with the ‘King of Pop’ when his heart stopped beating on June 25, 2009, when Dr Murray rang 911 and calmly told them, “We have a gentleman here who needs help. He’s not breathing.”

More than a year after Michael Jackson’s death, the pop star’s personal physician was charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Dr Murray pleaded not guilty and admitted to giving his iconic patient Propofol, a strong anaesthetic usually used during surgery, but one Murray prescribed Jackson, a chronic insomniac, as a sleep aid.

The investigation into the singer’s death took a lengthy eight months, but, once concluded, Los Angeles prosecutors charged Murray for giving Michael Jackson a lethal combination of Propofol and other painkillers just hours before he died at the humble age of 50 years old.

The Trial of Doctor Murray

The official trial of Dr Conrad Murray has been set to begin in September and the doctor’s lawyers are doing everything they can to prove Murray’s innocence and prevent him from being given what would likely be a four year prison sentence.

Murray’s defence team want to allow the jurors to see top secret videos of Michael Jackson rehearsing for his doomed “This is It” tour.

The lawyers believe that in showing what a severely fragile state Jackson was in during the run up to his death, that there has to be other reasons behind the cause of death other than an overdose of Propofol.

The video tapes are considered to be so top secret that they were transported to the Sony lot in Culver City in the dead of night in an unmarked van accompanied by unmarked guards, according to new documents filed in the Conrad Murray manslaughter case.

Although Sony Pictures is objecting to the rehearsal videos being shown at the trial for several reasons, one reason is that the studio claims the 20 boxes of videos would cost $200,000 to log and reproduce.

The Truth May Be In The Videos

Surely if the top secret videos could be used as evidence in court showing Jackson’s severely fragile condition – more than likely to be linked to his death – they should be used in the trial?

Or do the rehearsal videos have nothing to do with the case and just prove that Murray’s lawyers are desperate and “clutching at straws”?

Jo-Jo Ramos is of the latter declination, commenting on The Examiner:

“I’m hoping the rehearsal footage will not be shown in court since it has absolutely nothing to do with Michael’s death. MJ’s death was caused by negligence from Murray. The defence attorneys are truly grasping at straws at this point.”

This seems to be the favourable sentiment of Michael Jackson fans in general, some of whom – when Dr Murray was charged with involuntary manslaughter – gathered outside the court with placards reading “Justice for Michael Jackson” whilst singing “Conrad Murray is a cold man.”

Jackson supporters generally believe that Doctor Murray is responsible for their hero’s death and want to see justice.

Why Is Sony Hiding the Videos?

In reality, the whole world knows what a fragile condition Michael Jackson was in, and had been in for years. Surely, the jurors do not need the highly secretive videos to be convinced of the ‘King of Pop’s’ acute fragility?

Although, this said, the law states that disclosure of evidence is a fundamental principle of natural justice, and the right to have access to evidence is critical to the defendant’s right to a fair trial.

latest news on michael jacksonIn this sense, prohibiting the videos from the trial because of Sony’s humble excuse, ‘it will cost too much money’, would arguably be a breach of law, and effectively prevent Dr Murray from having a fair trial.

Whilst the majority of the world believes Murray to be, according to ‘Marie’ on, “an incapable doctor and even the dumbest dumb would know that its 1000% negligence. Murray killed MJ!” – it may only take one juror to be convinced by the rehearsal footage that Michael Jackson, to put it bluntly, was about to drop dead sometime soon anyway, and the whole case against Dr Murray would crumble.

It is perhaps for these reasons that Sony Music is resisting releasing the videos. Maybe the company just wants to turn Michael Jackson’s death into a post-death ‘Tupac Shakur’ – a star whose reputation continues to be milked for profit long after his premature demise.

This may explain why Sony doesn’t want to pay the $200,000 to log and reproduce the top secret videos, which for a company that is worth, according to Wiki Answers, $77.20 billion, has to be considered mere pocket change.

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  • Rey

    poor michael, and conrad murray just sickens me, and the media as well, making it seem he is innocent, let it be no shock when he is behind bars, because anybody who is really following the trial, he is guilty as sin, i dont even know why there even is a trial

  • WG

    wow. you’ve got a few details wrong. first, Murray didn’t “calmly” call 911 (and certainly not immediately after supposedly finding MJ dead), a bodyguard did. second, Murray was never described as “calm”…maybe if he was, the “cardiologist” could have administered proper CPR, but apparently didn’t know how. another off detail is that there was no prescription to MJ for propofol (check the search warrants/official affidavits). Murray’s defense is, excuse the pun *ehem*, “doctoring up” scenarios because scientific findings via the official autopsy report and phone records are damning evidence to Murray’s negligence. interesting enough, some of the meds found in MJ’s home (primarily meant to treat symptoms associated w/ MJ’s Lupus illness, anxiety, allergies and insomnia) – which were not taken completely as directed, as most had only a few missing doses left in their containers – actually may *cause* insomnia as a side-effect. i’d have to agree w/ the Jo-Jo Ramos statement you posted, Murray’s defense is grasping at straws. the subject isn’t about what Jackson’s fans want, but about justice for a homicide commited. Murray’s actions/inactions and lies to medical staff also prove him to be a disgrace to the medical field. and on the point of MJ’s “fragile” state that the whole world allegedly knew about, if a physician knew that his patient was “fragile”, why then not act in accordance and consideration to his patient’s condition? is there evidence of Murray’s negligence? PLENTY. there just isn’t much that would prove him innocent of negligence, no matter how much his defense (or the media) may attempt to mainpulate the facts. one thing for sure, there are plenty of people trying to milk MJ’s death in any way they can, and it’s not just Sony. side note: SonyMusic does have a massive $250mil/7yr. contract w/ MJ’s estate – and MJ happens to own 50% percent of the Sony/ATV music catalog. just a suggestion, but you may want to research the subject of your entry further. the autopsy report, search warrant/affidavits and court documents aren’t exactly “top secret”, and quite possibly, some MJ advocates actually do know what they’re talking about.

  • WG

    meds found in MJ’s home, as per search warrant/affidavits, had only a few missing doses from the containers. MJ was not completing the prescribed doses.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the comment WG. I’m noticing just how many “MJ advocates” there are out there…I had no idea. 🙂

“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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