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FBI Top Fugitive Whitey Bulger Captured After 15 Years

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FBI Top Fugitive Whitey Bulger Captured After 15 Years

whitey bulgerIt was no more than exactly one week ago that we decided to promote the FBI’s Top Ten fugitive list as a very effective way to earn a lot of money.

On June 14th, TSW writer Ben Norris wrote about the top fugitives on the FBI’s list and listed three of those that offer the biggest payout.

It seemed inconceivable to staff at TopSecretWriters that such large sums of money were available on this list, while bounty hunters exert a large amount of resources to locate people for far less. We felt there had to be people out there with the means to track down these folks.

It’s nearly impossible to win the megabucks, but the odds of someone seeing or interacting with these individuals is pretty high. It’s just a matter of making people realize how much it is worth to turn those people in.

In the case of Whitey Bulger – millions. Far more than anyone else on the list. Ben made that abundantly clear in his June 14th article.

The Whitey Bulger “Media Blitz”

On June 20th, Monday of this week, the FBI made an uncharacteristic announcement that they would be trying a different strategy in the Bulger case – they claimed they would be distributing a “TV media blitz” with ads targeting Bulger’s girlfriend, Catherine Greig.

The campaign was allegedly going to be launched on Tuesday, June 21st. Major media outlets announced the impending “blitz”, including local media reports, and major news organizations like CNN.

The FBI alleged that they would launch this massive media campaign in cities like Albuquerque, Boston, MA, Chicago, Miami and many other major cities across the country.

As I saw this PR ramp-up, I realized that the FBI very likely had already received the tip. While they were actively mobilizing resources on the ground to make the arrest, they were ramping up the PR machine in order to take political credit for enacting the campaign that they would later claim led to the arrest.

I can not find any actual broadcast videos of the TV advertisements that were supposed to be distributed this Tuesday and Wednesday. If anyone has a link, please provide it in the comments area below.

Regardless whether the campaign really was launched, only a day later, Wednesday June 22nd – Bulger and his girlfriend were finally arrested.

Why Would the FBI Try to Save Face?

whitey bulger caseThe fact is that Bulger has avoided arrest for many years, and his case was a significant source of embarrassment for the FBI.

In the 1990’s, Boston FBI Agent John Connolly, Jr had tipped Whitey Bulger off about his impending arrest. Connelly had been using Whitey as an FBI informant for many years, against rival Boston mob, the New England Mob.

Connelly’s actions led to the government missing the opportunity to arrest one of the most violent and deadly Boston mobsters of all time. Connelly was convicted of racketeering in 2002.

Since fleeing in the mid 1990s, Bulger avoided arrest for over two decades, as the FBI went on a wild goose chase throughout London, supposedly following up on tips and sightings all around the world.

It should also be noted that Bulger took Osama Bin Laden’s place as the nation’s top most-wanted fugitive, after Osama was shot earlier this year. As we noted in our article a week ago, the price tag on Bulger’s head was $2 million.

It should also be noted that a 2003 congressional committee report reprimanded the FBI for using criminal informants like Bulger – essentially trading in justice just to arrange for the arrests of other mobsters. The bottom line is that the FBI, through Connelly’s actions, was essentially protecting its mob informants. Protecting murderers.

FBI Takes Credit For the Tip

This week, you’ll see on television and you’ll read reports of the FBI claiming credit for the one-day media campaign ultimately leading to the tip that helped make the arrest.

whitey bulger case

However, I strongly suspect that they had the tip in hand on June 20, the day they started announcing the media-blitz in the first place, and that the media campaign itself was a political PR stunt to take credit for the “creating” the tip.

My plea to TSW readers – if you are, or knew, the person that decided to call in the tip and collect the significant award, please contact us. We will protect your identity, and respect your privacy. It is fantastic that someone finally earned the reward and brought this FBI-informant mobster to justice.

However, I would like to know precisely what date you sent the tip into the FBI. Please contact me via our contact form. And, thank you for helping to bring justice to a case that should not have taken this long to come to such a conclusion. You’ve provided a tremendous service to the country, and I hope you enjoy your new-found wealth!

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    Unbelievable …cannot believe he was still in the US

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