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The Invisible Enemy – How Some Fight the New World Order With Global Non Compliance

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The Invisible Enemy – How Some Fight the New World Order With Global Non Compliance

fight the new world order with global non complianceSeveral groups are going to great lengths to fight an enemy they can’t even prove exists.

A new documentary posted on calls on supporters to fight the “New World Order” through global non-compliance.

The documentary paints the picture of a vast global scheme in which the world is ruled by a single bloodline. It claims we live in a world where every person is enslaved from childhood through a system of “perpetual self-generating debt” created strictly for the benefit of international banking interests.

There is no room within this conspiracy theory to account for over 20 percent of Americans that have no debt other than a mortgage and a car payment.

Like any good New World Order conspiracy, rambling nonsense and a complete lack of credible supporting evidence is on display. There’s no doubt about the filmmakers’ conviction or belief in the NWO, but he offers nothing more than his passion to back up such claims.

Disturbing Anti-Semitic Nature to NWO Theories

The documentary in large part blames a hodge-podge of secret global networks and makes passing reference to the offensive cliché that “Zionists” are attempting to control the worldwide financial structure.

This aspect of the theory is troubling because anti-Semitic conspiracy theories have been around for centuries – and would be laughable, had they not contributed to unthinkable violence against Jews.

During the Middle Ages, Jews were persecuted and blamed for the death of Jesus. In modern times, the Jewish population is targeted in a book entitled “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” a malicious hate publication gaining steam in the Arab world.

The documentary primarily embraces the Illuminati conspiracy theory and others that target Catholicism and Freemasonry as well. According to the video, the theory is that various small secret societies exist, most with no knowledge of the others exists –  headed by a round table of six who report to a “handful” of very powerful men that control all societies as well as the international monetary structure.

Despite a lack of proof to support the slew of claims and theories, this video is gaining a lot of online traction from those who consider the New World Order a credible threat to humankind.

The Call for Non-Compliance

fight the new world order with global non complianceThe makers of this film are calling upon supporters to heed the call for global non compliance. It calls on military members to refuse going to war and for everyone to remove themselves from the global monetary system.

However, don’t expect any concrete suggestions of how, exactly, you are supposed to remove yourself from the global financial economy.

What is the New World Order Conspiracy?

The New World Order conspiracy theory itself rose to prominence in the 20th century when statesmen such as Woodrow Wilson and Winston Churchill used the term to describe a new balance of power following World War I and World War II.

They used the term to speak out against what they perceived as the threat of an emerging power that could turn to a widespread global-governance system.

Since then, countless theories have surfaced, some harmless while others taking aim at entire cultures or religious groups. Freemasons, Communists, Christians and Jews have all been targets of a New World Order theory.

fight the new world order with global non complianceEven the famed American televangelist Pat Robertson proposed his own theory when he penned the 1991 bestseller, “The New World Order.”

His writings made the claim that world banking and economic structures would drive the world to a single government ruled by the Antichrist. In the book, Robertson cited past works of anti-Semitic literature to make his case.

There’s no doubt this theory will continue to evolve and mutate as time goes on.

Today, theorists have access to an unprecedented audience thanks to the Internet. However, those who want to learn more should be wary of websites that use the theory as a launching pad to preach anti-Semitic or other hateful ideals.

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  • Srmasseur

    This guy has no clue about what is going on. Brainwashed and helpless. Too much watchiing TV and drinking Fluoride sodas.

  • Far from it. It’s a good article. Mr Norris is not saying bad things do not happen by powerful individuals. He is effectively saying the world we live in is far more complex than this NWO baloney.

  • We can’t assume that everything that goes wrong is part of some grand conspiracy. I haven’t watched much TV for years, I know the government has flaws but the Monarchy is nothing like a reptilian and the police don’t give a %*@£ about photographing Westminster nowadays, but we still need to entice more ethnic minorities to join the police to close the racial gap. I bet you that a good chunk of problems are caused by religious tensions and guys like Alex Jones.

  • sdfsdfsdfsdfs

    indeed. he’s been brainwashed by the mainstream media to think such a conspiracy is ‘laughable’ even as it goes full steam ahead before our eyes. what a shill article, and author, i just wasted 10 minutes on.

  • sdfsdfsdfsdfs

    indeed. he’s been brainwashed by the mainstream media to think such a conspiracy is ‘laughable’ even as it goes full steam ahead before our eyes. what a shill article, and author, i just wasted 10 minutes on.

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