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When Delusional People Take Action – The New World Order Party

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When Delusional People Take Action – The New World Order Party

new world order partyWith election season on the horizon, people are becoming more interested in politics and political parties.

In America, we are most familiar with the Democratic, Republican, Green, and Libertarian parties.

On occasion, an odd political party will hit the scene and challenge the status quo of the political arena.

An example of such a party in America is the United States Marijuana Party or the Rent Is Too Damn High Party.

However, American is not the only country that has theses independent parties. One of the more interesting of these political parties is New Zealand’s New World Order Party.

The History of the New World Order Party

The party was founded in 2006, with the goal to “bring about global peace through a unified World Government.” The website states:

“The designation organization New World Order Political Party is based on the view that things in the future would happen on a worldwide scale e.g. world war, famine, Money, Communication, Media, News, but not yet voting.”

However, in New Zealand’s 2008 election, the NWO party did not run a candidate due to a lack of funds. Because of this, most people thought the party was dying out, but in May of last year, the NWO party registered its own official logo.

Though they have a logo, they did not apply for broadcasting funds for the upcoming 2011 New Zealand election.

Nevertheless, after browsing the party’s website it is clearly evident that it is either some sort of gag (albeit an expensive gag) or the party’s president is quite delusional in thinking that he will get elected to anything.

The site is not very professional, plagued with typographical errors, and showcases random videos of the party’s president rambling off near-nonsense.

What is most worrisome about the New World Order party is the fact it was allowed to formally register as a political party in the first place. The party and its president is an insult to and a mockery of the democratic process.

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