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A Few of the Top FBI Mob Busts Throughout Bureau History

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A Few of the Top FBI Mob Busts Throughout Bureau History

The FBI has been taking down criminals since about 1908. Back then, the fledging Bureau was nothing more than a dozen agents.

Since then, the FBI has evolved into an investigative force responsible for solving a wide variety of crimes on and off of American soil.

One of the FBI’s main focuses is organized crime.

For nearly 70 years, the Bureau has been investigating and arresting some of the country’s most famous and most criminally successful mobsters.

Below are just a few of the mob busts the FBI has successfully executed over the years.

Al Capone

Obviously, a list of this nature would have to start with the infamous Al Capone.

In 1920s Chicago, Capone ruled an empire of crime that involved gambling, prostitution, bootlegging, bribery, narcotics trafficking, robbery, “protection” rackets, and murder.

The FBI only takes partial credit for the fall of the crime lord when they arrested him for contempt of court. This arrest marked a downward slide of Capone until his final conviction for tax evasion in 1931.


During the 1970s, union leader James Lee began loaning money to his fellow dockworkers with a 25% interest rate.

However, because of his position and through forgery, he was able to cash the workers’ payroll checks, take his money and then give them whatever was left over.

This would leave the workers perpetually in debt to Lee. According to the FBI, on December 18, 1978, “a Miami grand jury charged 22 labor union officials and shipping execs for taking kickbacks and other illegal activities.”

It was just one of many indictments along the East Coast – and it took down James Lee’s operation, among many others


During the early 1990s, Gordon Hall used bribery to convince securities brokers to use high-pressure sales tactics to sell various stock shares to customers in order to illegally inflate those stock prices.

As a result of the investigation, 33 people were indicted on charges of extortion, securities fraud, stock manipulation and commercial bribery.

Trash Empire Sentences

This case is something right out of the Sopranos.

James Galante, known as the Trash Czar, owned 25 trash companies that controlled about 80 percent of the trash, or carting, industry in Connecticut and parts of eastern New York in 2008.

The FBI described Galante’s illegal activities as:

“…an illegal ‘property rights system’—when carting companies affiliated with organized crime groups assert they have a monopoly over certain ‘stops,’ or customer accounts (mostly commercial and municipal customers in this case). These companies collude with one another to divvy up the stops, fix prices, and rig contract bids. They also pay a so-called ‘mob tax’ to keep their piece of the action.”

After an multi-agency investigation, which included the FBI, Galante and 32 others—including Galante’s employees, his accountant, a silent partner with ties to New York organized crime, and a high-ranking member of the Genovese crime family—were charged in the case and all pled guilty.

The FBI has been investigating organized crime for more than seven decades. These investigations have led to the incarcerations of some of Americas most prolific gangsters. The above cases are only a few examples of the FBI’s impact on crime in America.

For more information on these cases and others, visit the FBI’s Organized Crime page.

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