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Group Battles Against The Playboy Club on NBC

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Group Battles Against The Playboy Club on NBC

If you’ve been watching NBC at all lately, then you’ve probably seen the promos for the upcoming television series titled “The Playboy Club.

For those of you picturing slow-motion videos with swanky background music and a nude girl posing seductively during the prime time television time slot – that’s not exactly what this show is all about.

The Playboy Club is a history lesson about the origins of the actual Playboy Club in Chicago, in 1963. It was at this club that the first Playboy “bunnies” ever got their start, in a working environment that has made women’s rights groups cringe in disgust.

The entire point of the club was to objectify women – to set them up as objects to be enjoyed by the male patrons that attended the club.

The series pilot was filmed in Chicago, and according to most media outlets covering the story, the producers will be shooting all of the series in Chicago as well.

Morality in Media Fights Back

Despite the fact that the show is not some soft-porn spin-off of typical Playboy fare, the entire concept of the plot is enough to get a Women’s Rights and anti-porn group called Morality in Media up in arms.

On Thursday, June 30, the group issued a press release declaring war against NBC, and vowing to do everything within its power to make the series as unprofitable for NBC as possible. The effort is being labeled “The War on Illegal Pornography”.

The group has established a website called Close the Club on NBC, where you can view statements from past Playmates, fill out a form to send your feelings about the series to NBC executives, and also sign the pledge against the show.

Patrick Trueman, the President of Morality in Media made the following public statement:

“Today, we begin an effort to contact every NBC affiliate across the country, as well as the top NBC executives, with a message about NBC’s fall series, ‘The Playboy Club’. ┬áThat message is this, ‘Sexual exploitation is to be condemned, not programmed on network TV.'”

The issue that the group has with the show isn’t that it can be considered porn, but that it glorifies the history of an establishment that very much objectified and exploited women for years. Dawn Hawkins, the Executive Director of Morality in Media, made it very clear in the press release the problems that the group has with the planned NBC series.

“The Playboy philosophy toward women is, ‘use them, abuse them, and discard them,’ just like Hefner has with his girlfriends and wives. Such treatment is unacceptable. What mother wants her girls to be subjected to sexual exploitation?”

If you think the group is some fringe movement of just a few members, think again. The group claims to have a “coalition of 110 national, state and local groups” which it plans to “activate” into action.

This phase of the “The War on Illegal Pornography” is to get hundreds of thousands of people to contact NBC leaders and protest against the planned airing of the show.

Whether or not the group will be successful enough in producing a groundswell of protest against the show to convince NBC executives to cancel the show, one that seems clear from the choice to air the show in the first place is that cable broadcasting companies seem to be getting more and more desperate for ratings, as more and more viewers start to gravitate away from television and onto the Internet.

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    This in NOT a family show, it does not belong on a family viewing channel. This is what it has come to, so desperate for ratings, just put distasteful crap on tv!

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