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Is Bin Laden’s Doctor Really Living in Egypt?

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Is Bin Laden’s Doctor Really Living in Egypt?

On January 30, 2011, Ramzi Mahmoud Al Mowafi, also known as the “Chemist” among his fellow Jihadists, escaped from a maximum security prison in Cairo whilst he was serving a life sentence for a “military case”.

Al Mowafi was born in Egypt in 1952 and left Afghanistan to join al Qaeda. Not only was Al Mowafi Osama bin Laden’s lifetime personal doctor, but he is also an explosives expert and a very dangerous man, who has, according to official reports from CNN, resurfaced in Egypt.

According to Egypt’s intelligence service, Al Mowafi has been spotted in the North Sinai region of Egypt, an area where al Qaeda is present. According to General SamehSeif Al Yezen:

“Al Mowafi was seen in Sinai by several Jihadists according to witness testimonials. I know he had set up his own laboratory in Tora Bora with bin Laden.”

Al Mowafi Communicating With Terrorists

Not only has the escapee been sighted in Egypt, but it has also been reported that he was seen communicating with terrorists.

“Al Mowafi surfaced in el-Arish and communicated with several ‘terrorists’ from Egyptian Takfirwal-Hijra and the Palestinian Islamic Army,” said an unnamed general in Egypt’s intelligence service.

In light of the reports emerging that the bin Laden associate is living in the Sinai area, the Egyptian army and police have launched a fresh “anti-terror” operation. However, Egypt’s lack of authority over Sinai is a major source of worry.

Talking about their anxiety about the terrorist presence in Sinai, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of neighbouring Israel, told a Knesset committee:

“What’s happening in Sinai is that global terrorist organisations are meddling there and their presence is increasing because of the connection between Sinai and Gaza.”

Would the fact that al Qaeda and other terrorist organisations have a strong presence in Sinai make a man who has escaped an Egyptian prison for a “military case” flock to an area amidst the throes of a revolution?

The story about the transient from a Cairo prison and ally of the late al Qaeda chief being spotted in Egypt has sparked debate over the accuracy of the claims.

Whilst some believe that there is no way bin Laden’s doctor is in Egypt, such as “Jews4Gazzza’s” comment on CNN: “LOL…the man’s doctor is not in Egypt. Get real!”, others believe it is logical that Al Mowafi would be hiding in Sinai.

Disputing ‘Jews4Gazza’s’ comment, ‘DoubleW’ wrote, “He was in an Egyptian prison, and escaped January 30 during the Egyptian revolution! Why wouldn’t he be in Egypt?”

laden doctor

How Far is Egypt Willing to Go?

In light of the reports of the sighting of bin Laden’s doctor, the recent attacks at an el-Arish police station by members of the extremist Jaish el-Islam group (connected with al Qaeda), and the mounting pressure for Egypt to exercise sovereignty over Sinai from neighbouring countries such as Israel, the Egyptian authorities have launched an “anti-terror” operation.

However, prior to the crackdown, this demilitarized zone of Sinai would surely be the most obvious and logical place for bin Laden’s doctor – al Qaeda ally, an ‘explosives expert’ and convicted escapee – to head to.

The fact that the al Qaeda associate did escape from a maximum security prison in Cairo, does, of course, raise questions about how ‘maximum security’ the prison actually was.

There has been little reported on the circumstances of how a bin Laden ally was able to escape from a maximum security prison, other than “more details were not immediately known.”

However, let’s just hope that what results from the crackdown of the terrorist presence by the Egyptian military in North Sinai will be that Bin Laden’s long time personal doctor and explosive expert will soon be back behind bars.

Originally published on TopSecretWriters.com

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