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More News on the Secret Maryland Military Facility

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More News on the Secret Maryland Military Facility

November of last year, nearly a year ago, I wrote an article that reviewed an odd facility located in Boonsboro, Maryland.

I took some time and carefully analyzed the overhead satellite imagery of this facility – tracing out the various access points, the buildings and the electronics/communications equipment.

It was impossible to say whether or not the facility itself is really top secret, but it was an area submitted to us by a reader. After observing the overhead imagery, I had to agree that the facility looked pretty interesting.

This month, I received yet another email from a reader, who I will refer to as “MCI”, with a little more insight about the strange facility in the middle of nowhere. The contact read as follows:


Regarding your article at, [—-].

I am from that area, and there is public information online that details that facility.

On top of South Mountain is an underground command bunker. It is now staffed by FEMA.

The “water tower” visible above ground is likely a reinforced multipurpose shelter containing HEPA filters, Air Conditioner heat exchangers, water storage, etc.

It is very near the Appalachian trail that had to be rerouted around it. In high school it was a game to go up to the mountain and get the fat guards frazzled by approaching the security fence.

There are various motion and video detectors in the area. has information on it.”

I absolutely love getting emails from readers that are local to locations such as this that we cover here at Top Secret Writers. There are very few better ways to really get insight about a facility or a location than simply driving around the area and making very simple, innocent observations.

How heavy is the surveillance? Are there many guards? How advanced is the perimeter security technology? All of these things can offer a clue to just how “top secret” the facility is for either the government, or to a private corporation. Of course in some cases, the two are one and the same – such as a facility for a top secret defense contractor.

This particular facility in Boonsboro appears – according to this MCI – to be very well known in the area as being fairly well secured and with the perimeter well-monitored.


Of course, the presence of “fat security guards” doesn’t exactly suggest that the facility is extremely secure. It suggests that the reader’s suspicions – that the facility is staffed by FEMA – is probably pretty accurate.

MCI goes on to share even more information from his brother.

My brother (now a Major in the [—-]), saw a false covering to a silo cover when he was hiking there (years ago). Many people in the area claim there is some type of missile on the base.

I believe it was an emergency communications satelite rocket that is (was) in the silo.

Years ago, a bus marked “National Geographic Society”, would roll thru Middletown Md, at midnight with a weekly change of staff for the bunker, now I believe it has a skeleton crew that drives to work.

Nothing like insight from locals!

My friend also followed up with an email exchange, and offered a little more information from his own personal research about the facility.

“Here are a few more articles about the Boonsboro/South Mountain bunker. It seems to be dormant in it’s Continuity of Government bunker role.

The FAA seems to have built a medium size building on top with a huge rotatable, directional, yagi antenna (see photos). The article claims it is a FAA communications facility.

All this is likely true, but all the emergency command resources are still in place and maintained in dormancy by FEMA. I would guess that the FAA has not really taken over the bunker, it has just built a comm. facility next to the tower.

Could it be that the bunker is one of those reserved by the government during a time of national crisis? Is it really simply a FAA communications facility, or is that only a weak facade?

It is hard to say, and almost impossible to find out. Can the official claims about the facility be trusted?

The level of security at the facility suggests that there is something there that someone does not want the public to know about, and the mix of buildings and equipment at the facility suggests that it is potentially being used for multiple purposes, by multiple organizations.

Thanks to MCI for the excellent background, insight and resources about the top secret facility located in Boonsboro, Maryland.

Image Credits and References:

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