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Four Facts About the Chinese Stealth Fighter

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Four Facts About the Chinese Stealth Fighter

China’s new stealth fighter is causing a stir in the American intelligence community.

According to an analysis by the Jamestown Foundation, a conservative DC think tank, the J-20 Chinese stealth fighter will rival the United States’ best stealth fighters.

Here’s what we know about the mysterious J-20 Aircraft.

According to an ABC News report, some in the Defense Department believe the development of the J-20 shows that other countries are trying to develop technology that will challenge not only the United States’ F-22, but also its capability to attain air superiority in any conflict.

Officials at Lockheed say the development of the J-20 Chinese stealth fighter highlights the need to continue enhancing the F-22, which have yet to fire on a single enemy, and come with a $143 million price tag.

Not a Threat To United States Mainland

According to the Jamestown Foundation, the new Chinese stealth fighter does not have the range to make unsupported strikes against the continental United States.

However, allies and military bases are all in the area of a potential target zone. The J-20 is also larger than the F-22 and could carry a larger payload.

Earlier this year, when pressed about China’s fighter, Defense Department Press Secretary Geoff Morrell said the U.S. doesn’t know much about the capabilities of the J-20, but warned against speculation concerning the plane’s abilities.

There is still plenty to learn about just how effective the J-20 could be.

stealth china

F-22 Further Along In Development

Even though it hasn’t been seen in combat, the U.S. F-22 is much further along in terms of development.

The fleet is grounded due to oxygen system issues, but once those problems are fixed, the United States will have 160 operational F-22s in service.

The J-20 Chinese stealth fighter is still speculated to be in earlier phases of development than the F-22, and there’s still no word on just how many J-20s China is building.

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