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Indian Intelligence Uses Hidden Spy Cam in Ladies Restroom

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Indian Intelligence Uses Hidden Spy Cam in Ladies Restroom

Three years ago, several female employees at India’s National Technical Research Organization’s (NTRO), complained about a camera being located in the ladies’ restroom of the temporary office.

It was later learned that the feed from the camera was being accessed by an employee ofthe agency’s counter-intelligence and security unit.

The spy camera was purchased using organizational funds and was placed in the restroom by an employee.

The NTRO conducted two internal investigations, but did not inform the police or the Prime Minister’s Office. It appears that there was some effort to keep the incident as quiet as possible.

Former NTRO advisor Anil Choudhary, who was involved in investigating the incident, stated:

“Since there were serious moral issues involved, we took strict action against the person we thought was the culprit. We decided to handle the matter internally and not go to the police.’’

The organization was successful in keeping the incident a secret until recently when the Indian Express reported on it.

V K Mittal, who headed the investigation and has since left the agency, told the Indian Express:

“I took the help of a lady officer who questioned four or five of the women who were victims. But I found that the hard disk of the computer where the feeds from the camera were stored had been overwritten and technically destroyed. I do not want to comment further.”

During an investigation, images of the employee adjusting the camera were discovered. NTRO discovered that the employee had filmed the restroom over the course of a month, but many involved in the investigation believe that the camera was in place for at least a year.

The individual was put under surveillance and eventually fired. However, since the police was not notified, the suspect has not been arrested or tried.

This scandal brings up a debate as old as spying itself. Not just for India, but for every country.

It is deemed necessary to protect national security for individuals to specialize in spying on others. However, the big questions are: “Where do you draw the line?” and “Who watches those that are charged with watching others?”

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