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Released Air-Ground Transcripts of Flights Disprove Many 9-11 Conspiracies

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Released Air-Ground Transcripts of Flights Disprove Many 9-11 Conspiracies

The recent release of air-ground transcripts should bury some 9-11 conspiracy theories once and for all.

In the years since the government released air traffic control recordings from the four hijacked planes, the 9-11 conspiracy theorists are still going strong with daily posts on sites like, perhaps the web’s largest manufacturer of pseudoscience and unsubstantiated claims on the topic.

Many of today’s most popular 9-11 conspiracy theories were made popular by the documentary Loose Change. However, since its release, all of the “evidence” in that film has been picked apart and disproved.

The Pentagon Theory

As one example, one specific claim in the documentary was that a commercial airliner could not have hit the Pentagon, because the hole was allegedly too small.

However, air-to-ground recordings released by the government and published in the National Security Archives proved that particular theory as pure bunk.

Recordings from the flight that hit the Pentagon also show that it was indeed hijacked and flown directly into the Pentagon.

The released transcripts of other flights also provide details on information summarized in the 9/11 Commission Report.

The Harrowing Transcripts

At 9:23 a.m. Flight 93, which crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania received a warning:


At 9:28 a.m. Flight 93 sent the message “mayday” and “hey get out of here.”

Flight path studies further debunk the conspiracy theories, showing the actual routes of American Airlines Flight 11, American Airlines Flight 77 and United Airlines Flight 175 on that day.

The information was compiled from both recorded radar data and information from Flight Data Recorders. That information helped the National Transportation Safety Board determine takeover points, which was the point where the hijackers gained control of the airplanes.

Both science and fact have long dispelled the massive catalog of 9/11 conspiracy theories that are floating around out there, yet websites like 9/ and others continue to post their ludicrous claims.

Perhaps the “donate” button has become a profitable venture for the top-ranking 9/11 conspiracy theory websites?

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  • Anonymous


    You must be pretty desperate in your denial to believe posthumous Government ‘compilations’ piled high and deep on 911. Either that, or you are on the Pentagon Propaganda Payroll. Grow up and get a job.

  • Thanks John – to be honest I personally find most 9-11 theorists to be desperate in the stories they believe that defy all of the available evidence. And Ben actually has a job, do you?

  • Anonymous

    What readers need to do is their own research instead of
    believing the hype that coolaid drinkers like Ben and Ryan, (Ben’s surrogate)

    See documented evidence and reports regarding the whole matter of
    911 at Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth, (, or, (the same firefighters who
    were on the scene).

    The Pentagon Paper Boys want you to focus on irrelevant minutiae;
    we know that there were ‘Muslim’ terrorists involved in the drill—oh, you didn’t
    know there were at least five military drills in cooperation with the FAA?
    Watch a lecture by Webster Tarpley in Seattle in 2006, (,
    and learn how drills have been used as cover for live events.

    Go to—you see, the would-be debunkers on this
    site just expect that you are too stupid to do the research yourself, so they
    just parrot, ala Mockingbird, the crap that even six 911 commission members say
    is bunk. Go to the site mentioned and click on research tab. Or go to the
    Corbett, or Alan Watt Sentient and get some
    real analysis of evidence and you decide. Ben and Ryan are most likely military
    operatives, they are complicit in allowing for the destruction of our
    Constitutional Republic.

    Look up the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, look up
    the Military Commissions Act, and the DHS Domestic Terrorism Lexicon: on the
    back of the bogus 911 narrative, you and I, (Veterans, Gun owners,
    Constitutionalists), are all listed as “Unlawful
    Enemy Combatants” and “Potential Terrorists”  to be reckoned with by warrantless searches
    and arrest, no (habeas corpus), military tribunal, indefinite detention, even
    torture, (Obama has continued these policies).

    For the sake of this country and
    the Constitution, get off your knees and stand up to the impending and ever-broadening
    Police State that’s been implemented through the false 911 narrative perpetuated by paid presstitutes like Ben and Ryan.

    In a 2009 Assocaited Press Investigation it was found that
    the Pentagon was to spend 4.7 $billion Dollars and employ
    27,000 people just for recruitment, advertising and public relations — almost
    as many as the total 30,000-person work force in the State Department on what
    it calls Full Spectrum Dominance of Media, etc to win what it calls “the
    human terrain” of world public opinion.

    Do your homework and stop believing the hype.

  • Anonymous

    Be advised readers: this site now must first “Approve” comments. I just posted key information and it will not likely see the light of day….sorry

  • Anonymous

    Your spelling is as pathetic as your research.

  • Anonymous

    lol…paranoia much?

  • Anonymous

    A former professor with a Phd in philosophy is for some reason taken as an expert in metallurgy, physics, structural engineering, high-tech explosives and demolition theory!

    Yet another book from him released of course on the anniversary of the attacks.

  • vruce

    i suppose you’ll have an answer for the 3rd building next

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