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What is Next for Libya and the Middle East?

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What is Next for Libya and the Middle East?

Over the course of the past several months, the Middle East has undergone and is still currently undergoing dramatic political change.

The wave of political unrest and revolution has led to the fall of some leaders, while others tried to tighten their grip on their respective countries.

However, when the dust of the revolution settles and the rebel yells against their governments are no longer heard, what will become of the Middle East? In What direction will these countries head?

It seems that analysts have a wide variety of predictions. However, in many cases, some analysts are not predicting what may happen, they are stating what should happen.

A Libyan Constitution

One such case is the viewpoint of Dr. Alon Ben-Meir, an expert on Middle East politics and affairs, about what should happen next in Libya.

He believes that with the fall of the Gadhafi regime, the next step is to write a Constitution.

Ben-Meir told the Iranian Students News Agency:

“The challenges are enormous and no one can predict with any accuracy what might or might not happen in post-Gadhafi Libya.”

He cites this reason and a few others about the importance of “building a unity government first and focusing on writing a constitution consistent with the culture and the politics of such a tribal country must be the first order.”

The Syrian Revolution

As for Syria, The New York Times reports, “Security forces continued their attacks on protestors, with crackdowns in four towns.”

Meanwhile, a political cartoonist was severely beaten for depicting Syrian President Assad hitchhiking and taking a ride out of town with Gadhafi.

Nevertheless, many in the region believe that this internal turmoil should remain internal, and that outside governments should not interfere.

Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said:

“We take one single position on Middle East and North African countries’ popular developments. We believe developments in regional countries came following discontent of their nations. Regional governments should be vigilant about foreigners’ meddling in their internal affairs. Current interference of foreigners in internal affairs of some regional countries particularly in Syria is clear cut to everyone.”

The fact remains that just about everyone has their opinions about the Middle East, from dignitaries to analysts. With these countries undergoing such political change so quickly, it is nearly impossible to actually predict what will happen in the region in the coming years.

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