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Georgia General Assembly Attempts to Secretly Settle Discrimination Claim for $80,000

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Georgia General Assembly Attempts to Secretly Settle Discrimination Claim for $80,000

Recently, news broke about the state of Georgia cutting a secret $80,000 check to settle a discrimination a lawsuit.

At this point, not much else is known. Through an open records request, the ABC affiliate in Atlanta Georgia, WSBTV 2, was able to confirm that the Georgia General Assembly cut the check to a law firm that specializes in discrimination.

Any other attempt made by the news station was redirected from the state accounting office to state Senate Pro-Tem Tommie Williams, who was unavailable for comment.

Through the political rumor mill, it was learned that a long time secretary was fired, possibly because she was African-American. However, to date, this has not been confirmed.

On September 22, 2011, The Democratic Party of Georgia Chairman, Mike Berlon,demanded that Williams and Attorney General Sam Olens release the details of the secret.

We ask Senator Williams to tell Georgia what the allegations are, which senators were involved, and why $80,000 in taxpayer funds are being paid in secret. We will formally ask Attorney General Olens about his involvement in this situation and for a legal opinion on whether any laws were broken.

The Georgia state Senate is doing its best to keep the suit as secret as possible. However, the general consensus is that this secrecy is not to protect the victim.

Sen. Vincent Fort told WSBTV 2, “I don’t think the primary consideration was for the victim. I think it’s about protecting people in high places.”

Politicians’ protecting their own is nothing new to politics. However, it is a safe bet that this $80,000 did not come out of the pocket of just one individual. The lump sum was probably paid out using taxpayer money.

If so, the people of Georgia have a right to know what their tax money is being spent on.

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