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5 Scary Pictures of Freaky Parts of the World

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5 Scary Pictures of Freaky Parts of the World

The old adage, “truth is stranger, than fiction,” is definitely a true statement when it comes to the following scary pictures that you’ll find in this article.

Around the world, there are famous cities and little-known nooks that boast some of the strangest histories of death and murder.

These unusual, and sometimes wicked histories lead to tales and legends that can chill you to the bone. The stories about these places are so chilling, that many believe that these locations remain haunted to this day.

5 Scary Pictures of Freaky Places

Whether or not you believe in ghosts , these 5 places will definitely give you the creeps.

Aokigahara Forest, Japan

Also known as the Sea of Trees, the Aokigahara Forest is a popular tourist destination; for suicides.

It is reportedly the second most popular location to commit suicide in the world. Only to be outdone by San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

aokigahara forest

Death is not a modern phenomenon in the forest. It is widely believed that Ubastute was commonly performed in Aokigahara Forest. Ubastute was an ancient practice of abandoning an elderly family member in some remote place, such as the Sea of Trees, and leaving them to die.

Many believe that the ghosts of the suicide victims and the ancient victims of the Ubastute still roam the forest today.

Chillingham Castle, England

Described by its owners as the most haunted castle in Britain, Chillingham began as a monastery.

However, it was during a renovation of the castle that the bodies of a man and a young boy were found behind a 10-foot-thick wall. Documents found with the bodies dated them as being placed behind the wall during the time of the Spanish Armada.

chillingham castle

However, markings found on the inside of the wall indicate that the two were buried alive behind the wall. The markings on the wall appear to have been made by the young boy as he tried to scratch his way out.

Overtoun House, Scotland
The Overtoun house was constructed in 1859 and is reported to be haunted. However, the real mystery
involving the estate is with the bridge.

Starting during the 1950s, and continuing today, a large number of dogs have thrown themselves from the bridge in what appears to an act of suicide.

overtoun bridge

Even when some of the dogs survive the 50 ft. fall, they returned to the bridge only to jump again. To date, there is no definitive answer as to why the dogs are jumping to their deaths.

However, it is believed that a strong concentration of mink urine is the culprit. The dogs follow the scent of the urine, even over the side of the bridge. It still remains as one of the most popular, top scary places to visit

Paris Catacombs, France

The Paris Catacombs is an ossuary, a site for the final resting place of human skeletal remains, which contains the remains of nearly 6 million people. There are countless scary pictures of the Paris Catacombs throughout the Internet.

It is actually an abandoned stone mine that was converted into an ossuary in 1788 in an attempt to alleviate Paris’ overcrowded cemeteries.

paris catacombs

At first, the remains were just simply placed into the mines; however, Louis-Étienne Héricart de Thury took over the renovations to the catacomb to make it less of a dumping ground and more of a mausoleum.

It was under his supervision that the skulls and tombstones were put in the present places where they reside today.

Rose Hall, Jamaica

Home to the legendary “White Witch”, Rose Hall is the most famous house in Jamaica.

Annie Palmer arrived in Jamaica in 1820 as the wife of the owner of Rose Hall. However, soon after her arrival her husband died.

rose hall

Though an early death was not unusual during this time, several of Palmer’s other husbands also died under suspicious circumstances. Furthermore, Annie Palmer was known to practice voodoo that she learned from her adopted mother.

It was this history that led people to call her the White Witch. It is believed that she was murdered during the slave uprisings of the 1830. Yet, it is still unclear whether she was killed by the slaves in revolt or by her last husband; the only man to ever outlive Annie Palmer.

If you enjoyed this brief foray into creepy places in the world, complete with scary pictures and legends, let us know. Maybe next month we can explore even more freaky places in your back yard.

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